9+ Stroke Icons


Stroke icons are retina ready icons that are inspired by the IOS 7. These icons can be used for personal and commercial purposes depending on the needs of the designer who will be incorporating the stroke icons in the design of the material, medium, or platform that he/she is currently working on.

We have listed different kinds of free vector icons that you may use as a design item in any material that you would like to beautify. The variety of stroke icons that you can see on this post will allow you to properly select the stroke icon that is appropriate for your project.

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Stroke Gap Icons

stroke gap icons Download

Stroke Weather Icons

stroke weather icon Download

Flat Stroke Icons

flat stroke icon Download

Phone Stroke Icons

phone stroke icon Download

Thin Stroke Icons

thin stroke icon Download

Kinds of Stroke Icons

Stroke icons, just like flat UI icons, can come in different designs. Some of the stroke icons that you may download from this post are as follows:

  • A stroke gap icon is a collection of flat icons that have the blueish luminosity that will fully show should a dark background be used. These stroke icons can be used in websites for events and parties like electronic dance music festivals due to its lively and modern appearance.
  • A stroke weather icon can be used to provide information about the weather to be expected by a person. Most phones already have this feature so all you need to do is to activate it. Stroke weather icons are great to be used as people will be aware of the adjustments that they need to do depending on the weather that is being symbolized by a particular stroke weather icon.
  • A flat stroke icon is not only applicable to be used in electronic in digital mediums. Due to its cute and appealing designs, it can also be applied as a design item to different materials and actual merchandise. Graphic designers can fully make use of this material.

Free Outline Stroke Icon

free outline stroke icon Download

Minimal Modern Stroke Icons

minimal modern stroke icon Download

Valentine’s Stroke Icons

valentines stroke icon Download

Free Vector Stroke Icons

free vector stroke icon1 Download


Web Stroke Icons

web stroke icons Download

Guidelines in Using Stroke Icons

If you will use a stroke icon, you need to be keen with how you will place it in a material as a design. Some of the guidelines that you may follow in using stroke icons include these items:

  • A stroke icon can come in different forms. It can be a heart stroke icon, a calendar icon, a weather icon and a lot more. You need to make sure that you will appropriately use a stroke icon based on the purpose on why its specific design has been made.
  • If you incorporate a stroke icon in a web design or any other digital undertaking, consider the other items that are present in the entire design. Ensure that the color and size of the stroke icon is appealing when put together with the background, the available textures, and the other icons and information present in the page.
  • Be selective with the features of the stroke icons. Understand the usage of each features so you can appropriately place them in a design where they can provide additional visual value to the material.

With the different kinds of stroke icons, make sure to follow these guidelines so you can use these icons accordingly.

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