8+ Vintage Icons


Tired of your ordinary icons? Looking for vintage-inspired icons? You’re on the right track. Say goodbye to your worries. Vintage, as a theme, is favored because of its historical and timeless characteristic. They are the little things in life that we will surely love.

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In line with this, we have an array of vintage icons that will help you develop the marketability and creativity of your work. Our designs are of high quality. Your search for vintage icons must be hassle free. Start downloading our templates, and you’ll surely satisfy your artistic preferences. Aside from our vintage icons, we also have other set of icons that will sweep your hearts away.

Flat Vintage Icons

flat vintage iconsDownload

Vector Vintage Icons

vector vintage iconsDownload

Music Player Vintage Icons

music player vintage iconsDownload

Retro Vintage Icon Set

retro vintage icon setDownload

Vintage Social Networking Icons

vintage social networking iconsDownload

Varieties of Vintage Icons

Vintage icons come in various shapes and sizes. They are also applied in a wide array of fields. In line with this, it would be best to get to know more some of our featured icons:

  • Music Player Vintage Icons. As you can see from our icons, it is evident that they showcase the transformation of music players in the course of time. From the classical gadgets to the most advanced and recent ones.
  • Vintage Social Networking Icons. Even social networking sites need a sprinkle of vintage love and passion. You’ll see that the icons are popularly used by social networking sites.
  • Vintage Fashion and Clothing. In terms of fashion, the vintage theme is loved by many because of the original and eye-catching designs. According to some fashion experts, vintage-themed clothing will never be obsolete because of the meaning and substance behind it.

Hence, these are just some of our featured vintage icons that are of high quality. They will make you remember the good old days. Aside from them, we also have retro icons that are also in great shape and quality.

Vintage Fashion Icons

vintage fashion iconsDownload

Retro Vintage Style Alphabet Font

retro vintage style alphabet font

Vintage Clothing Icons

vintage clothing iconsDownload

Nature of Vintage Icons

In a globalized and highly advanced world, icons are important especially in terms of web design. They also take part in the design making process. Here are some of points you can use dealing with vintage icons:

  • Easy to incorporate. It will always complement the message and content of your design. Because of their high quality, they will empower and enrich more the innate beauty of your content. According to research, the language of icons are almost universally accepted. People associate similar meanings to a particular icon. 
  • Nostalgic designs. Vintage icons have the tendencies of taking you back to memory lane. The designs are strong and empowered that make the audience channel their memories may it be the happy memories or the sad ones. It will give more edgy and dramatic effect on your work.
  • Never boring. They are not boring because every icon reminds you of something which is close to your heart. They are never boring nor ordinary. You will never get tired of them because of the attached memories and emotions.

These are just some of points to remember about vintage icons. They are truly fascinating and incredible. You can also check out our fashion icons which are also great and fabulous.

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