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In designing an interface, a framework is created showing the guide to how an interface’s visual layout is achieved after integrating the necessary elements and set of icons that depict particular purposes. This blueprint is what web designers call a wireframe.

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Wireframes are different from mockups due to the fact that they lack the style, the color, and the graphics seen on mockups. The following downloadable wire frame icons can be incorporated in the wireframe of the interface design you are working on. They cover different functions and styles that may fit the schematic compositions necessary in a wireframe.

Mobile Wireframe Icons

mobile wireframe icons Download

Vector Wireframe Icons

vector wireframe icons Download

Wireframe UX Icons

wireframe ux icons Download

Free Wireframe Icons

free wireframe icons Download

Types of Wireframe Icons

The wire frame templates presented on this website show the following essential wireframe web icons used in various types of user interface wire frame designs:

  • Mobile Icons – These icons apply to mobile wireframe designs. Icons have that small size outline fit for a sleek but simple mobile interface design.
  • Vector Design Icons – Icons under this category has more detail in terms of the design on the icons showing its functionality as if it were the actual item.
  • Simple Outline Icons – These icons depict functions of icons outlined in simple lines and curves. Basic image of a function is clearly indicated on the outline.
  • User Experience Icons – User experience designs entails the process of improving the user satisfaction of the product. Thus, to indicate what parts of the interface design will have this function, these user experience icons can be used in making the wireframe of the interface design.
  • Toolbar Icons – These icons pertain to the toolbar functions integrated on the design.
  • Standard User Interface Design Icons – Icons under this group are the most common icons used in user interface wire frame design.
  • Flow Icons –  This pertains to icons depicting a structural flow of items, processes or people which can be used in business-related wireframe designs.

Wireframe Toolbar Icons

wireframe toolbar icons Download

Wireframe Icons for UI Web Design

wireframe icons for ui web design Download

Wireframe Flow Icons

wireframe flow icons Download

Wireframe User Interface Icons

wireframe user interface icons Download

Purposes of a Wire Frame in Web Design

A wireframe must be created in designing the web interface because it serves the following purposes:

  • To determine the available range of functions. A wire frame shows a structure of how a web design will turn from a concept into the surface of the site. Wire frames indicate the functionality of the design structure, enabling designers to manage integration of these functions.
  • To know the effect of various scenarios on the display. Since functionality is the focus of creating a wireframe for an interface, different situations are created. This entails new pages and sets of UI icons to be incorporated in the design. The transfer between these pages can be noticed by users.
  • To distinguish priority information and functions. By creating a wireframe, web designers will know what icons will do certain functions and what information will be generated by applying those functions. Segregation on how information will be displayed is made with less difficulty with the use of a wireframe.

Similar to a mock up, a wire frame is an essential tool in the creation of interface on web designs. By integrating the following downloadable set of wire frame icons on your schematic interface blueprint, you can make the wire frame with ease and develop a well-designed web interface.


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