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8+ Women’s Day Icons

Icons are symbols that represent or stand for an object of interest, a company, or even tools and applications in order to help a user quickly identify its functions, identify a company or even navigate through a system or tool. Icons oftentimes are depicted as pictures, images, or other representations.

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They are also useful in a sense that they provide emphasis to a particular object they are representing. A great example are the icons that you can see on your mobile screen. With just one look, you already know what an application does. Icons are significant in their own way, hence we’ve created a very special icon list with women’s day designs to commemorate the celebration itself. Each image contains sweet and charming designs and is perfect for the celebration. To all women out there, these are all for you. Check out our Flat Women’s Day Icons and more icons on our website.


Women’s Day Icons Vector


Women’s Day Sign Icon


Free Women’s Day Icons


Let’s Commemorate Women’s Day

Women’s Day, or International Women’s Day (IWD), and basically called as International Working Women’s Day is celebrated every March 8 annually. The main focus of the event in different regions varies, but the general celebration is to show respect, gratitude, and love toward women for their social, economic, and political accomplishments. The very significant and effective celebration of Women’s Day, which also paved the way for the first female president in history—Vigdís Finnbogadóttir—happened in the 1975 Icelandic women’s strike.

In other regions, the day dropped the political aspect of the celebration and became an occasion for people to show their love and thankfulness for women in a way somewhat similar to Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. In some regions, nevertheless, the civil rights and political significance in the IWD as labeled by the United Nations governs strong political and social awareness of women’s hardships and struggles globally and are carried out and checked in an optimistic way. There are also people who commemorate the celebration by wearing purple ribbons.

Women’s Day has been celebrated since in the early 1900s, a moment of great development and agitation in the modern world that saw flourishing population increase and the rise of profound beliefs. Women’s Day is a collective day of global celebration and a call for gender equality.

See more Women’s Day Abstract Icons if you’re looking for more nonconventional designs.


International Women’s Day Icons


8th March Women’s Day Icons


Printable Women’s Day Icons


The rich, diversified World Wide Web unites women from all around the world through business conferences, government activities, and networking events through the local women’s craft markets, fashion parades, music performances, and a lot more. So make a difference, think and act as a whole! Make every day a Women’s Day, a day of empowering women’s capability and worth.

Make it More Worthwhile

Since we celebrate Women’s Day, we’ve created this very special list of Women’s Day icons, perfect as parts of banners, streamers, and even stickers you could send out during this wonderful day. These are ideal not just for women but also for all people who value women’s worth. Let us make this celebration more meaningful by utilizing these Women’s Day icons. Each image contains a beautiful design that really matches the event. The colors used are lively and sweet at the same time. You can easily download them to any device. They are all in a good quality resolution too. Plus, they all come in adjustable formats, which means you can edit them if you want for a more personalized touch.

Celebrate Women’s Day with these icons and make it more meaningful and lively. So go ahead and download them now. Have fun!

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