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Prints have now been converted into digital formats to adapt to the revolutionary changes brought upon by the Internet. People have the option to purchase and download the file of the magazine and view it from any mobile device or in the computer or laptop. But, despite this giant leap towards the modern ways, companies still produce actual magazines to keep the tradition burning and to cater to those who still want to have a tangible print to hold and read. Some would say that the age of prints is coming to an end. While that may be a frightening truth to ponder on, at least that as of now, it’s still holding its torches high and keeping the flames blazing. You may also see beautiful travel magazines.

Magazines are still relevant today despite the domination of various online platforms catered for different kinds of digital prints. If your company is planning to release a magazine issue, you can choose a template from the list that we have curated below. These templates are accessible online, so you can view them and download anytime and anywhere using your computer, laptop, or any mobile device. Let’s now wait further and let’s dive right into the list of InDesign magazine designs and templates!

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Minimalist InDesign Magazine Template

minimalist indesign magazine template 788x524

Adventure InDesign Magazine Template

adventure indesign magazine template 788x525

Square InDesign Magazine Template

square indesign magazine template 788x524

Why use Adobe InDesign?

The Adobe products cater to different needs. The Adobe Photoshop is perfect for editing photos or images and small graphics. The Adobe Illustrator does the right job in terms of editing graphics, images, and text that may need to be resized without losing the quality of the element. But what about the Adobe InDesign? What is it good for? We have created a small list of strong points of the Adobe InDesign.

1. Creating Multi-Page Designs

While Photoshop’s strength lies in single-page edits, the InDesign program is highly capable of handling multi-page designs such as magazines, brochures, and books. It has a certain functionality that allows the user to set the number of pages, properties of Master pages or spreads, and add more pages if needed. You can even easily navigate through the pages, which is extremely useful for creating magazines. You may also see creative magazine templates.

2. Control Over Typography

InDesign is a program that specializes in publishing. It has been optimized to give maximum control over the correct application of typography. It has a comprehensive range of menus designed for creating various typographical effects which some of them might not be available in Photoshop. There’s a function called Optical Margin Alignment that allows you to align all your text precisely against the edge of the text frame. You may also see college magazine templates.

Wonder how the first letter of the article is multiple sizes larger than the rest of the text on the page and it looks submerged on the first few lines of the paragraph? Some of you might know it already but for the sake of those who don’t, it’s called Drop Caps and you can use it in InDesign. It’s a common design applied to most of the magazine’s content but hate it or not, it is pleasing to the eyes despite being overused. You may also see news magazines.

The Adobe InDesign also has another function that allows you to join individual letters together called Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer which is helpful for languages like Arabic. This is great option to use if you don’t have the language-specific version of InDesign. You may also see art magazine templates.

But the most important function of the InDesign with regards to text is to be able to set typographic styles which allows you to repeat text styles throughout a long document. With this function, you don’t have to repeat the steps of formatting different texts with various styles. You may also see business magazine templates.

3. Easy for Beginners

You may have been designing prints in your spare time, but applying the skills you learned during those times might be inadequate when it comes to creating print designs for a magazine company or any company that releases prints. Some print designers use InDesign the most since it’s a great all-rounder, as you can edit images and text as you go. You may also see magazine portfolio templates.

What sets InDesign apart from Photoshop and other Adobe products is its accessibility for new users and that it encourages the holistic designer’s workflow. InDesign allows you to experiment with the different basic design layouts and these can be easily learned with time and patience. The road is rough at the start but it will eventually be a smooth ride as you move along the journey. You may also see corporate magazine templates.

Purpose of a Magazine

1. To Inform

In a stream of published works, the magazine stands at the top. It is packed with information that it may sometimes be too much for some people. But, we can assure you that all the information printed in the magazine will help you in one way or another. Since a magazine can cover a lot of topics, there might be content that you will get inspiration from and will aid you in certain situations. These contents are not just created on a whim. They are all written by writers who made intensive research on each topic so they can create quality content for the readers. This is also the reason why some people prefer magazines over newspapers because although the latter gives fast updates, the former provides in-depth content that the former may have lacked due to the lack of time. You may also see magazine layout templates.

2. To Entertain

How does a magazine entertain the readers? Simple. Its content can contain celebrity news that people would like to gossip about; stunningly beautiful photos of people’s travel across the world that will leave the readers in awe; different cooking tips and recipes that any enthusiast would love to learn; hotels and resorts that the readers may want to have a vacation at; clothes, shoes, and gadgets that the readers may want to purchase; or condo units and houses that the readers may want to own. There’s so much content packed inside a magazine that it can cover a lot of interests that will entertain people. You may also see magazine PSD templates.

3. To Communicate

With the great amount of information and entertaining elements that a magazine have, it has the power to communicate and reach people. This is true especially for sections of the magazine that the readers can relate personally. For example, in a lifestyle magazine, there may be a topic that tackles about losing weight. Those people who are aiming to shed some pounds will be able to relate to it and may get to be influenced by the article. Another example is for a women’s magazine. There may be an artcile that talks about women empowerment that may encourage the readers to stand up for women’s rights even if they are not women. There’s so much that a magazine can do and offer for the readers that it has the power to communicate and influence people’s perspective and decisions in life. You may also see food magazine templates.

Multipurpose InDesign Magazine Template

multipurpose indesign magazine template 788x524

Sophisticated InDesign Magazine Template

sophisticated indesign magazine template 788x510

Travel InDesign Magazine Template

travel indesign magazine template 788x527

Chic InDesign Magazine Template

chic indesign magazine template 788x510

Neat InDesign Magazine Template

neat indesign magazine template 788x566

Fashion InDesign Magazine Template

fashion indesign magazine template 788x788

Interior Design InDesign Magazine Template

interior design indesign magazine template

Furniture InDesign Magazine Template

furniture indesign magazine template 788x524

Business InDesign Magazine Template

business indesign magazine template 788x510

Simple InDesign Magazine Template

simple indesign magazine template 788x566

Dark InDesign Magazine Template

dark indesign magazine template 788x510

Elegant InDesign Magazine Template

elegant indesign magazine template 788x525

Contemporary InDesign Magazine Template

contemporary indesign magazine template 788x510

Professional InDesign Magazine Template

professional indesign magazine template1 788x525

Stylish InDesign Magazine Template

stylish indesign magazine template 788x510

Rose Gold InDesign Magazine Template

rose gold indesign magazine template 788x524

Flexible InDesign Magazine Template

flexible indesign magazine template 788x510

Types of Magazines

A magazine may focus on one subject or it can tackle multiple topics in one issue. In this section, we have enumerated various types of magazines that you may want to purchase for your company. You may also see blank magazine templates.

1. Photography Magazine

As its name implies, a photo magazine contains sets of photos that feature any field within the sphere of the company’s business. It is the most commonly used type of magazines because pictures sell more than words. People are more attentive in viewing the photos of any print than reading lengthy or even brief compositions. The world of photography is broad, so we will just select a few of the subjects or themes that a photography magazine commonly have.

  • Wedding

A wedding photography magazine showcases photos of weddings gowns, suits, tuxedos, jewelry, flowers, and other wedding-related content. This magazine may exclusively be made for a couple and have its content be all about them. Or, it could be used as a brochure that exhibits multiple gown creations from respected and upcoming designers.

If you are going to use this wedding photography design for personal consumption, you can include captured moments before, during, and after the wedding and the reception. It would feel like an album full of precious moments from such a special event. Display pictures of stolen shots that highlight the gummy smiles of people dancing or the exact moment the couple’s lips touched each other and the crowd goes wild with loud cheers. You may also see wedding magazine templates.

However, if you are planning to make a business-centric wedding photography magazine, the energy of the magazine may change. It may have a serious tone as it focuses more on advertising the wedding items rather than moments of the actual wedding. Remember that even though the wedding photography magazine may be tweaked a little to act as a semi-brochure, it is commonly observed that the items don’t have prices attached to them. You may also see health magazine templates.

  • Travel

Travel magazines feature various tourist spots and even the hidden and less crowded parts of a certain place. For an airline company, this is the perfect medium for them to advertise their services and promos. For tourism agencies, they can also advertise their famous tourist destinations and hotels and resorts where the guests may want to stay for their trip.

Other than photos of the tourist attractions, the travel magazine may also contain articles from different personalities such as bloggers and vloggers who are sometimes called “influencers” or content creators. Their input may encourage readers of the magazine to try out whatever food or destination that these content creators have suggested. You may also see magazine cover templates.

You can do a lot of things with a travel magazine since there’s so much to talk about the wonderful and scenic parts of the world. This type of magazine is what inspires people to travel. Their urge to explore where their feet have never set upon makes them thrilled to start saving up money so they can tick the list of places they want to travel to. You may also see free magazine PSD mockups.

  • Fashion

From the simple and classic clothing to bold and daring ones, a fashion magazine is never dull to read. The bedazzling and jaw-dropping clothes and accessories that are featured in a fashion magazine is entertaining as it is inspiring. For those who aspire to make it big in the fashion industry, you can expect that they have a lot of fashion magazines on their shelves. The inspiration that they draw from it helps them stir their creative minds so they can produce a masterpiece of their own.

In this magazine, the creations and their respective designers are featured. There is even a section of the magazine where pictures of their work are on a runway, worn by handpicked models that exude beauty, poise, grace, and confidence. To add more substance, you can include interviews with the designers. This will help the readers understand the reason behind the creations of each designer. You may also see cooking magazines.

2. Lifestyle Magazine

The lifestyle magazines focus on personal wellness and development. The content is composed of health tips, relationship advice, weight loss or gain, exercise routines, inspirational stories, and mental health.

The content of this magazine needs intensive research since most of the topics are related to health issues. If you are planning to create this magazine, make sure that you consult with professionals and authorities before you create the content. Well-researched articles about personal wellness and development will help people achieve their personal goals for themselves. The influence has a great impact, so be careful with your words. You may also see marketing magazines.

3. Home and Design Magazine

Have you ever took a glimpse of a beautiful house along the driveway and wonder who lives there and how more magnificent it is on the inside? There are moments when get stunned to see that such a well-designed house exists and wish that we could have a house such as theirs. You may also see architecture magazine template.

A home and design magazine satiates your eyes’ visual hunger for aesthetically pleasing houses. It covers a lot of house styles and designs and it even provides images of the different rooms of the houses. Page after page, the readers will be entertained of the design of the houses, the rooms, the furniture, the backyard and front yard, and everything else that’s part of the house. It’s satisfying to look at their beauty and be astonished by it. It even makes the readers want to pursue harder so you would be able to build or own a house such as those that are featured in the magazine. You may also see news magazine WP themes.

This type of magazine is also the perfect platform to advertise condo units and houses on sale. Companies can pay to obtain a certain section of the magazine dedicated solely to their offers. Since this type of magazine is one of the most profitable, the ads will surely reach a wide enough audience to promote their business. You may also see food magazines.

Monochrome InDesign Magazine Template

monochrome indesign magazine template 788x788

Modern InDesign Magazine Template

modern indesign magazine template 788x538

Creative InDesign Magazine Template

creative indesign magazine template 788x510

Clean InDesign Magazine Template

clean indesign magazine template 788x524

Nature-centric InDesign Magazine Template

nature centric indesign magazine template 788x510

Sleek InDesign Magazine Template

sleek indesign magazine template 788x510

Gardening InDesign Magazine Template

gardening indesign magazine template 788x510

Lifestyle InDesign Magazine Template

lifestyle indesign magazine template 788x524

Circle InDesign Magazine Template

circle indesign magazine template

Kids Station InDesign Magazine Template

kids station indesign magazine template 788x533

4. Women’s Magazine

Just because women are invested in makeup, it doesn’t mean that that’s all there is to them. As the owner of a magazine company, you have the power to deviate from the stereotypical content and focus more on women’s achievements and contributions. Celebrate their success by featuring their struggles and the sacrifices they have made to reach wherever they are right now. This will inspire women of the world to resist any kind of scrutiny from the patriarchs. They are strong, skilled, and talented and they do not deserve to be undermined because of their gender. You may also see studio lookbook magazine.

Women have fought for their rights for decades and even centuries. Continue the battle by encouraging women to stand up for themselves. Inspire them to be brave and strong while maintaining their grace and beauty. The kind of mistreatment they get from being sexualized through catcalls and rape jokes are leagues beyond disgusting. This misogyny should stop and that can only happen if women and their allies stand up and fight it. You may also see free magazine & book cover fonts.

Some parts of the world are changing for the better but it doesn’t that the war has ended It’s still the beginning of the battles scattered around the globe and women need more support now than ever. Stand alongside them and fight with them. With your magazine, you could spread the word and make people aware that this is a war that we must all win for the women and for humanity. You may also see clothing magazines.

5. Men’s Magazine

Most of the content of a men’s magazine is all about wellness and development. Different trendy hairstyles are featured and fashion that men can follow for different occasions. Sure, these can be of help. But do you know what can be more useful and helpful? It’s calling them out on their problematic behaviors against women and genders other than their own. You may also see a business magazine.

You may argue that calling them out for their wrongful actions will only bring a negative effect on the magazine, but we think otherwise. This is the time where people should be more socially aware of the problems that have existed ever since men have ruled everything. The self-centered mindset that men are above everything else has caused massive issues and concerns that are surfacing up until now. Let’s dice them one by one, shall we? You may also see printable magazine templates.

Catcalling. Undermining women at work thinking men are more capable than women. Slut-shaming. Misogyny. Homophobia. Toxic masculinity. The list could go on. We are not pinning everything on men as some of the issues may arise from other genders as well. This goes for everyone but most especially for men because these are commonly seen in them. We are now living in an era where equality has already glimpsed the light of day and we are slowly moving away from the dark past. These behaviors should be corrected to create a brighter future for everyone, especially for the younger generations. It is our duty to be a great example of showing respect to anyone regardless of gender. It’s time for change, and let’s start it within us. You may also see magazine advertisement templates.

6. Sports Magazine

Obviously, the sports magazine is famous for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Have you seen the intense game between the Golden State Warriors and the Cavaliers? How about the tight match between the New England Patriots and New York Jets? Did you witness Serena Williams winning smash? These can all be featured in the sports magazine. You can also include exclusive interviews that you arranged with some of the famous athletes in different sports. This will surely compel the enthusiasts and the fans to buy your magazine in a heartbeat.  You can also showcase merchandise like clothes, shoes, and accessories that have similarities with the athletes.

Are you ready to publish your magazine?

The magazine templates that we have shown you cater to your different needs. Some of them focus on a certain subject but there are others on the list that are multipurpose, so you can pour in different subjects in one issue. If you are confused on which template to choose, just stick to the purpose of your magazine and everything else will follow. In terms of design, your chosen template should be relevant to the subject of your magazine. If it’s for a travel magazine, then the template should be able to show such image. If the magazine is a multipurpose one, then you can mash up various elements on the different sections of the magazine. You may also see magazine ad templates.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the perfect magazine template for your company. If you found this article helpful, bookmark this page and share it with your family and friends as they might need it too. We wish you all the best in your simple business and may you have a great day!

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