10 Amazing Things Which Google Can Do & You did not Know

Google is the most popular search engine. It solves our problem in such a way that it has become a part of our life now. From finding a restaurant nearby to reaching the new place through GPS. we have adopted Google to our lives and accepted its services in a way that we are dependent on it now. But this post will tell you 10 amazing things which Google can do you did not know. You can also see Products By Google.

Play Games

Play Pac Man Doodle

Yes, you can play games. Google has got interesting games to play like Pacman and Atari breakout. These games are super interesting to play and kill your boredom. Hit to google images and type Atari Breakout and start playing this game. You can play Pacman similarly by hitting the same on the search button.

Writing through Google Translator


Do you know that you can write text in your own handwriting? Yes in google translator you can write in your handwriting and get the amazing result instantly. It detects your handwriting and produces results. This is ideal when you are working on character based languages.

Number Pronunciation

Number Pronunciation

Google is the best tool to teach you the number pronunciation. It can help you in your maths homework or any work related to the pronunciation. You need to type the number into the search bar and use “=” after the number and add English after it, you will get the number. It is a great aid for the people who are related to the field of maths and numbers.

Helps in Calculation

Helps in calculation

Google is a good aid for calculation. Are you finding the trigonometric calculation difficult? Well, here is the Google for the solutions which are helping you to solve your trigonometry. Try solving your trigonometry problems using google. It comes with good suggestions which are highly useful. Check your problems yourself.

Currency Conversion

Currency conversion

Google is a good help in currency conversion. It is simple to use and extremely useful in emergency situations. You can get the results in seconds with an ease. All you need to do is type the conversion like “10$ in pounds” and you will get the results instantly.

Units Conversion

Units conversion

The process is same as the currency conversion. Google can convert the units like mass, length, time, volume, area etc. Type the conversion you need in google for example 1Kg in pounds and hit the enter and you will get the results instantly.

Language Translation

Language translation

If you are on a trip to another city which does not speak your language. Google can help you with the language translation. It is easy and you can take help of it using small sentences and phrases. If you want to translate ‘how are you’ into French it will give you the answer instantly.




Google gives a good service for the weather forecast. If you are an android user, Google will automatically tell you the weather report for your city including the current temperature. It also shows the current time of the country you are looking for information.

Flight Status

Flight status

This is great to people who travel frequently. Google tells you the flight details in a few seconds. All you need is to type your flight number and you will get the results with an ease. It will also detail you about departure and arrival time with the time taken and the details of the terminals. Keep it in your mind when next time you are travelling or you need details of someone to receive from the airport.

Distance and Time Calculation

Distance and time calculation

Google is a good tool to calculate the distance and time taken to reach a particular place. It will help you with just not GPS, it can show you the time and distance to travel to a particular place. All you need to do is type the city name and add distance and it will load with results.

These were the easy hacks for making your job easier. Hope you find this post useful and implement in your own life. Use this techniques and get the answers in just a click!

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