25+ Brilliant Cigarette Boxes Artwork That will Inspire you

Yes, I do agree that cigarettes are not something we should have as a part our lives. However, there are people around us that have made cigarettes as the part of their daily routines. One thing that we can do to save their live is to stop them. Secondly, we can also make use of the boxes of cigarettes and make beautiful, cute, and unique things out of them. Those things can be used to decorate our houses. Below discussed are some of the ideas to use the cigarette boxes. You can also see Creative Key Holders

Shoes From Cigarette Boxes

campusmercante.com Similar to the earlier one, you can make the shoes from the cigarette boxes that you are about to through. These shoes can be either used by your child or you can also use them to decorate your house.

Perching Blue Parrot With Cigarette Boxes


Bracelet of Cigarette Boxes

Source You may use the cigarette boxes to make the bracelet. This bracelet may look like a colorful watch. On the other hand, the bracelet may be made similar to a normal one. You may give it to your child and make him happy!

Dress of Cigarette Boxes

Source Yes, this is something that is not familiar to most of us. We can use the boxes of cigarettes to make a complete dress. This would not be similar to a normal dress as it would be a delicate one. However, the best part is that you will have a new dress in the least possible cost.

Car of Cigarette Boxes

Source This is something incredible! This picture shows that the creative art work has no limit. Moreover, you may be creative with anything that is around you. This car can be placed in the room of your child because children do love cars the most.

Colorful Lunch Box of Cigarette Boxes

cigarettepackart.weebly.com This is the best gift for your school going kid. This colorful lunch box will be liked by the children the most. It is because children love the colorful things the most. Secondly, you can give your child a new lunch box in the lowest price!

Chair of Cigarette Boxes

The cigarette boxes can be used to make the chair for your sitting room. The cigarette boxes can be joined together tightly with the help of tapes and glue to make the chair a strong one. It will definitely add beauty to your cozy room.

Batman Logo from Cigarette Boxes

cigarettepackart.weebly.com This colorful batman logo is something your child would love to have. It is very simple and easy to make. You just have to draw a sample sketch of the batman logo on a piece of paper. Then, just paste the cigarette boxes on it. So simple, isn’t it?

Mushroom From Cigarette Boxes

cigarettepackart.weebly.com This cute looking mushroom is not poisonous at all! You may use it to place on the corner table as a decoration piece. This mushroom is the best example of the creative art work that a house can have.

Pyramid from Cigarette Boxes

Source Similar to the chair from the cigarette boxes, you can even make a pyramid from them. You can deliver the message to those who smoke cigarette that the future of the smokers is eventually a pyramid.

Photo Frame of the Cigarette Boxes

Source Photo frames are the part of every household decoration and most of the time we go for the most expensive ones as well. However, you can now have a very unique, beautiful, and different photo frame free of cost.

Jet plane By Cigarette Boxes


Tramp Art or Prison Art Cigarette Pack Circle


Sketchbooks of Cigarette Pack


Mid Century Tramp Art Prison Art Handbag And Bowl


Cigarette Box Blue Elephant


Red Starfish of Cigarette Boxes


Green and White Turtle Made by Cigarette Boxes


Recycled with Cigarette Boxes Lamborghini Reventon


Penguin with Cigarette Boxes


Cigarette Pack Typography


Pot Pops Pot Candy Packaging with Cigarette Boxes


Cigarette Box Colorful Mushrooms on a Triangle


Exceptional Prison Art Cigarette Pack Box


Cigarette Boxes Heart Decoration


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