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This world is full of people and stories. Everyday human goes through drastic changes, emotions, sorrows and happiness. Art is a form which takes you to a lighter world. The world which is full of expressions. An expression which you can escape. And the escape which allows you to find your solitude.

No matter where you come from art unites everyone. Humans tend to relate with it more than the usual mundane things that they see everyday.Modern day art can be witnessed in the form of a movie, picture, sculpture or a stunning painting.  Art allows a person to alter reality and reach to another world. You can also see Arts by Famous Artists.

The era has gone through a plenty of artist from the past. All of them unique, vintage and classy. Even today there are so many people who are contributing to the art in their own fields. They all have unique ways to work. They work continuously and contribute in different fields.

It is important for a human being to be surrounded with the beautiful things. Artist contributes in their adorable ways doing that through their mastered arts. we see great paintings and sculptures illustrated by the famous artists. We walk to the art gallery and get awestruck with the kind of work they do.

Here are the 10 artists around the world whom you must follow on facebook. They are contributing immensely to the field of art. They work in different professions and their work speaks volumes about their art. They share interesting posts and stories which are worth a watch. See this also Ancient Greek Artworks by Greek Artists.

Heather Rooney

Heather Rooney Art

Specializing in illustrative and photorealistic colored pencil and graphic drawings, artist Heather Rooney has really made a name for herself. She has been creatively-inclined since her high school days. Back then, she was passionate about for portrait and figure drawing. As time went on, she shifted her focus and drew inspiration from a broad range of cultural figures, such as sports athletes, media personalities, and entertainment professionals. Her works have got over 60 million views on her YouTube channel.



Shilin is a freelance artist. She spends most of her time working on personal art and her series, Carciphona. She also does contract work for other people’s projects. She considers art is her life and blood. She has been in this field for the past 15+ years. She also offers things such as layered PSDs, high-resolution images, time lapse videos and work in progress screenshots. Visit and follow her website to know about her more.

Alexander Jansson

Alexander Jansson

Alexander Jansson is a digital mixed media illustrator. He specialises in 2D/3D animation and mystery scientist. He is the manager of Orchestre de Mystere and Resident of Gothenburg. He has got an incredible imagination. You can not keep your eyes off with his beautiful illustrations. His art is full of details.



Cyanparade is an artist and illustrator based in Malaysia.Having been a fan of comics from a very young age, kiDChan has always found her place in art early in life. After finishing her SPM, she applied for a scholarship to The One Academy under the Star’s scholarship program in Malaysia which prompted her first online presence through a deviantArt account. Years after, her place amongst the artistic community has risen dramatically. She has spent much traveling the world at the invitation of multiple organizations and fans, lending her works to the face of events, artbooks, and various designer apparel. She draws much of her inspiration from her own experiences. Her breathtaking compositions, vivid colours and graceful lines are a blend of stylistic influences from art nouveau, Japanese pop art and modern design.

James Jean

James Jean

James Jean was born in Taiwan and graduated from New York City’s School of Visual Arts. His critically acclaimed illustration and fine art career has led him to create covers for DC Comics, collaborate with Prada, and to exhibit his work worldwide. Follow his facebook for the latest updates on his work.

Audrey Kawasaki’s

Audrey Kawasaki's Art

Meet Audrey Kawasaki. Her work’s appeal and attractiveness is etched its contradictions. Sample this: her works are often a swing between innocence and erotica. In most of her works, her subjects are presented in a disturbing manner, however the end-result is attractive. Her style is precise, and her technical abilities are inspired by manga comics and Art Nouveau. She mostly draws or paints combined with the natural grain of the wood panels.

May Ann

May Ann Licudine

May Ann Licudine is an illustrator from the Philippines whose style screams to be used to illustrate fairy tales and children’s stories. This is an official fan page of May Ann Licudine aka Mall. Please follow her latest news, progress and artworks here.

David Mack

David Macks


David Mack is one of the only creators to be listed in both the Top Ten Writers List and the top ten Artists List in Wizard Magazine. Mack’s writing and art work on KABUKI, have earned him international acclaim for his innovative storytelling, sophisticated content, mixed media painting techniques and page design. Mack has toured and exhibited his work throughout Europe, Asia, and America with numerous gallery shows, and book signing tours at premier bookstores in over a dozen countries. He was the first American to be nominated for Germany’s most prestigious Max-Und-Moritz award in the category of Best Imported Comic.



Jurikoi likes to draw and paint. She is Currently working hard on her art. Her Digital artwork is incredibly stunning and badass. It has the feel of both Japanese animation and western comics. Her Facebook page is full of inspirations. Follow her to get the latest updates of her work.

Asa Ishino

Asa Ishino

Asa Ishino also known as ‘Earther’ is an artist living in Japan. She works with watercolor. Her illustrations are cute and innocent. She has a collection of them on her page. Follow her to get all the latest updates from her.

> Follow them to Get Inspired

These are the 10 people you must follow on facebook. They hail from different backgrounds and geographical area. Their arts are the inspiration to everyone. Their work is unique and trendy.Some of them even interact and respond to the queries. You can also have a word with them to get more inspiration. A few artist listed here have already won several awards in their respective fields. Their posts on facebook are inspiring and worth an applause. Click on the link and follow them right away!

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