10 Best Chocolate Packaging Designs


“Life is a box of chocolates.” That’s one phrase we’re sure everyone has heard at some point in our lives. Whether that points out to life’s unpredictability or its ability to taste bittersweet, life really does resemble chocolates in a way. And what does a box of chocolates have in resemblance to life? Well, every box is unique and a different experience to every person.

With this incredible list of art and design, take a look at just how awesome product packaging designs can get. We’ve listed some of the most excellent chocolate packaging designs, and they’re here to inspire. Find out all the best and creative ways you can design your own packaging and take inspiration from the quirky, bizarre, and elegant designs we’ve got here.

Complements Chocolate Packaging

complements 788x512 complements1

Think of the Complements chocolate packaging design as a book and what’s inside is the plot. Once you get to know the contents, the cover will finally make sense to you. Either way, the outer presentation is still amazing on its own.

From the name of the product itself, Complements, and its packaging design is reflective of the unique experience this brand has to offer: a combination of mouthwatering chocolate flavors in all one package. The packaging design is made of colorful organic patterns, geometric shapes, and subtle labeling so as to compliment the product itself.

The design tends to lean towards the abstract and is pretty relevant in not only raising the interest of its target market but in translating the beautiful and indescribable taste of the chocolate.

Mon Choco Packaging Illustration

>mon choco 788x504

The Mon Choco Packaging Illustration is definitely more than what meets the eye. It narrates a classic tale of culture and tradition translated in an intricate visual presentation of natural colors, digital illustrations, and more. A chocolate brand based in the Ivory Coast, Mon Choco’s packaging design tells the story of how people from the Ivory Coast harvest cocoa; how they respect their traditions and the process of locally crafting products, resulting in a high-quality luxury brand.

Thus, one of the best packaging illustrations came about. Mon Choco‘s designs showcase the values of the product’s origins—respect of the land, local and hand crafted work, and the keenness in attention to detail.

Dulcis Tropical Chocolate Packaging
>dulcis 788x502

dulcis1 788x485

Sometimes, in order to come up with cool packaging ideas, the most creative approach is by being direct. If all goes well, you might still be able to surprise your audience. That’s exactly what happened with Dulcis. Dulcis products are chunks of pineapple dipped in dark chocolate. That’s a unique enough brand on its own.

However, no one ever seemed to know or understand what they were, and that mainly had something to do with the packaging. Thus, the pineapple prints and cocoa fruits came to remedy the situation. The tropical vibe of the chocolate packaging more than does the job of informing its consumers. The design was able to successfully set Dulcis apart from its competitors, and it brought about a whole new vibe to chocolate products (and everything related to it).

If you’re currently looking for ways to pull off a vintage or retro packaging design, this C by B Vintage Packaging is one you can study and take inspiration from. More than taking a bold step by combining black and white vintage engravings with vibrant colored illustrations, C by B’s packaging design is one way of showing off the brand’s quirky and witty personality.

Moreover, the distinct and random illustrations of every product packaging is an embodiment of what it feels like to eat chocolate; unique, unpredictable, and always pleasant. There is still a coming together of the design elements in every design, albeit playfully, as each visual story is closely related to its designated chocolate flavor.

Avanaa Chocolate Packaging Illustration

avanaa 788x526

Promote culture and authenticity by using your product packaging designs to show off your origins. This Avanaa Chocolate Packaging Illustration more than does the job of producing high-quality products; Avanaa lets the consumer experience the beauty of chocolate-manufacturing and the culture it belongs to.

The typography on the chocolate packaging is telling of the product’s origin, weight, and cocoa concentration through a strong yet simple text style. Avanaa’s logo and visual identity is deeply inspired by fragmented chocolate bars and is an effective way of ensuring recognition among consumers.

The color combination and the overall presentation not only portrays the product’s origins, but it also emits a more vibrant and pronounced energy that’s unique to the product alone.

Conduru Wood Packaging

conduru 788x535

Product packaging designs are never just about trying to look cool and one of a kind. They contain relevant messages about the product its brand wouldn’t have been able to tell its audience otherwise. With Corduru Wood Packaging, its structure and design were based from the main material the farmers used to store the cocoa, the wood. Thus, the packaging design is composed of various types of wood to produce different types of packaging.

Its cylindrical shape gives the product an air of exclusivity since it’s also an exclusive chocolate planted only in Brazil. The color combinations, unbalanced typography kerning, and golden metal paper all express improvisation, authenticity, and exclusivity.

Historia Del Chocolate

historiadelchocolate1 788x525 historiadelchocolate6

The chocolate box packaging for Historia del Chocolate is as ornamental as it is historical and informative. Its design is deeply inspired by adventure books and the desire to travel. Thus, the illustrations used are that of navigation maps with metallic gold engravings of the cocoa plant.

Although showcasing the origins of cocoa may be a common theme among chocolate packaging designs, the way Historia del Chocolate approached theirs is completely new and unique.

Haughton Patterns

haughton 788x532

The Haughton Patterns are pretty awesome retro packaging designs that should gain more recognition. They are youthful and vibrant and are effective means to attract the right target market. What you can get from this packaging design is its boldness to stand out and to go for unpredictable designs.

From vaporwave gradients to abstract pastel patterns, show off your product’s different personalities by making your designs distinct and attractive.

Petit Plaisir Chocolate Packaging

petit 788x584

Petit Plaisir is a band of unique handmade chocolate products with tastes and fillings that vary from each other. Each flavor comes in a unique little packaging design with charming illustrations that tell the consumer what flavor they are holding. The chocolate wrapping exudes of minimalist French patisserie with adorable stripes to add a little retro vibe.

The combination of bright colors, minimalist layouts, and quirky packaging makes for an exciting treat. It definitely makes the consumer torn between unwrapping each chocolate package or just to admire it endlessly; which can be telling of an excellent design.

Kiseki Chocolate

iseki1 788x525 kiseki

Kiseki is a Japanese word for a miracle and is best emulated by this unique packaging design. As the designer aimed to make every chocolate bar a “small miracle of sweetness”, the designs, therefore, consist of sweet cotton candy colors, minimal shapes, and an altogether clean presentation. The boxes are also said to contain secret messages that can be deciphered using the patterns on each box. Stunning and interactive. What more can you ask for?

It’s very important for one to take product packaging designs seriously because it’s one way of presenting you and your brand to the public. With the list of chocolate packaging designs we’ve prepared, it’s clear enough that the most unique and daring are always bound to succeed.

Take inspiration from our list, and see how far you can go with your own packaging designs. Get to know your product, your brand, and your ideal image to be able to come up with interesting and out of the box ideas.

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