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10 Best Packaging Illustrations

The package plays just as important a role as the product itself. It’s one of the very first factors that gets people interested about what you have to offer. How you present your product is one way of presenting your brand, and eventually drawing the right customers to your business.

Thus, the need for unique packaging designs is one that cannot be ignored. Because of this, we’ve scoured the internet for some of the best packaging illustrations that are sure to inspire your artistic mind. Formulate ideas and creative concepts from these awesome designs, and design a product packaging of your own.

Take a look at these designs to get your creative juices flowing!

Aromayur All-Natural

aromayur 788x

This identity and packaging design for Aromayur makes use of fun and engaging colors to represent their line of all-natural products. Because it’s concerned with fragrance and organics, using friendly and natural designs is an effective way of drawing people’s attention, and encouraging them to try something new.

Brava Origem Chocolate

brava origem 788x

Brava Origem‘s design for their chocolate packaging is just as alternative as their methods. As a way to highlight the cacao’s Brazilian origins, the abstract illustrations on the packaging serve as the statement piece of the brand. It represents the unique flowing movement of the rivers throughout the forest, and sets a high standard to all other chocolate packaging designs out there.

Moomin & Moomin Shop

moomin and moomin 788x

If you’re looking for cool packaging ideas, then this comical illustration design for Moomin & Moomin is sure to inspire. Moomin & Moomin is an established international brand that originated from a Finnish comic book series. Its quirky and unique designs are representative of the diversity of their products.

D’Luwih Organic

d’luwih 788x

If minimalist packaging designs are more your thing, then this D’Luwih Organic packaging is one effective source of inspiration. Simple and authentic, its designs coincide with the brand’s all-natural and organic characteristic. The colors and illustrations are soft and delicate to induce a calm and inviting feeling.

Electric Ink Tattoo Care

electric ink 788x

The packaging for Electric Ink Tattoo Care contains one of the best and more creative illustration designs. Because ink on skin has long been considered a taboo, the packaging illustration depicted here effectively shifts that image into something more appealing and positive.

Otoño Ham

ontono 788x

A completely unconventional food packaging design, the Otoño Ham makes raw meat look like a work of art. Because the brand stand for a sustainable and natural environment for pigs, its packaging illustrations are that of trees and the autumn climate. Not only it is an effective way of standing out as a brand, but it’s also a creative way of informing consumers about the company’s commendable methods.

Amour & Cacao

amour and cacao 788x

Amour & Cacao‘s wonderful abstract illustrations for their packaging could definitely pass off as editorial pieces. With romantic and distinct flavors, packaging for chocolate should be just as artistic and unique.

Helleo Natural Soap

helleo 788x

Soap packaging designs are often overlooked because of their being common household products. But the packaging for Helleo Natural Soap refuses to blend in. It’s designed in natural earth tones with simple illustrations to create a distinct yet recognizable brand for its target market.

TIQLD Spice Blends

tiold 788x

This packaging illustration design for spice blends could very well be a magazine editorial with its quality finish and luxe look. Also a household product, packaging for spices tend to be very bland and generic. Thus, this design is one source of inspiration that can be of great help to designers and illustrators alike.

The packaging design for Macondo Chocolate is adorned in lovely summer illustrations and it’s hard to fall in love with them. From Aztec to abstract, using unique and vivid patterns for packaging is one way of encouraging people to buy your product.

Don’t run out of inspiration for our own designs. Whether they be for your products or simply for personal gift-giving packages. There are plenty of packaging ideas, illustrations, and illustrator tools to help you create a unique look of your own. Keep browsing and stay updated with designs.

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