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14 Excellent Branding Graphic Designs for Inspiration

Branding is an essential part of your business taking off and reaching the heights of success. It’s something that should be thoroughly planned and excellently translated into your works. Your brand is not merely embodied in one physical structure but in all aspects of your business—from stationeries to product packaging to events paraphernalia.

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As you go on seeking inspiration and formulating ideas on how best to go about branding identity and designs, we’ve listed some of the best branding graphic designs to aid you in your creative flow. Know the hows and the whys behind the success of these branding designs, and be inspired to build your own brand.

After this wonderful treat, you can grab branding templates from our site and let inspiration transform into action.

Estudio Reál

A branding identity design that is as stunning as it is rare, Estudio Reál is a brand to emulate. The jewelry and arte moderno created by the designer of this brand traces its origins between Austin and Real de Catorce, Mexico. Using natural materials from the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range—such as wood, stone, and bone among others—makes the brand a home for precious wearable art.

Thus the designs for the stationery, packaging, label tags, etc. should embody the rarity and unique delicateness presented by their pieces. Its collateral is composed of letter pressed posters, folded into product packaging and business cards.

This collaborative and initially unbranded cocktail is an embodiment of the modern botanical beverage. Superfly Modern Botanical was designed and set out mainly to attract and intrigue consumers with its vibrant floral illustrations. The lack of branding label and the emphasis on the botanical illustrations raised desirability among potential consumers to get to know the actual taste of the drink itself, regardless of the brand (or lack thereof).

Apart from the design hinting at the ingredients of the drink, it also reflects the appropriate occasion and setting for the drink itself: an evening occasion in a bar environment; telling of its cocktail nature. An extremely smart and inspiration brand design, indeed.

Grilled Cheese Wonderland

Frau Dr. Schneider’s Grilled Cheese Wonderland is the epitome of the post-modern dream wave. With psychedelic graphic design posters, bold trippy fonts, and awesome patches, nothing can top this out-of-this-world branding for sure. This branding identity definitely suits the youthful and eclectic personalities who just happens to love grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s definitely bold and is an effective way to pique the interest of the spontaneous youth.

This is definitely the type of branding you can’t just go halfway. You’d need to see it all the way through. Use this rad branding as a source of inspiration if you want your brand to be just as outlandish and remarkable.

Lone Wolf Vodka

BrewDog’s LoneWolf designed by B&B Studio is one authentic design that’s destined to lead the pack. It’s distilled brand logo of a wolf’s head is representative of the product’s purity and standout brand. It’s branding design and product packaging is definitely direct and profound, a quality that can be pretty challenging to accomplish.

Hopscotch Party Planning

The corporate identity of Hopscotch aims to portray the excitement and vibrancy of party planning for children’s birthday parties. And it definitely did not disappoint. The branding designs of Hopscotch—from poster designs, hang tag thank you designs, to invite layouts—exudes fun, inspirational, and playful.

When it comes to establishing a solid brand, your image has to be translated into all aspects of your profession. That includes your website, business cards, stationery and more. The seamless functionality and style embodied by your works are not only seen but experienced by your target market. Make sure they’re on the edge of their seats waiting for the encore.

RFRM Jewelry embodies the vintage modern style of hand crafted jewelry. Thus, its branding should be in line with that sentiment. A mixture of classical and modern, the typography, textures, and colors have resulted in a unique and distinct brand that can be very well identified as RFRM.

Because the nature of the product is handmade, its branding design successfully translates that through the stamped logo, handwritten tags, and handsewn drawstring pouches. Their website is also designed to highlight the uniqueness and quality of every piece of jewelry; with a minimalist and elegant web layout.

Denym Allcaps


Minata Footwear

The Minata Footwear is one fashion branding design that proves unconventional is beautiful and absolutely effective. The design of this particular brand is solely inspired by the idea that roads are meant to be discovered and trails should be vigorously explored. Thus, its designs are created to encourage the wanderers to keep wandering and exploring.

The geometric and dynamic patterns are representative of constant movement; while the never ending lines translate to the unlimited series of events that unfold as one keeps exploring and discovering. The colorful palette and unconventional nature of the brand design and product itself is also reflective of the culture it belongs to.

Wedding Suite

Brands and Identity are not only limited to businesses. They can be very well applied to events and special occasions as well! This awesome Wedding Suite branding is proof that art and design really do make the world go round, aside from love, of course. This branding design features adorable illustration designs that look like they came out of a fairy tale.

With this wedding, in particular, the brand and identity revolve around the wedded couple and their theme. This is then translated into the designs for the food trucks, retro Duck Hunt, street beer pong, tattoo parlor, and a VW Microbus Photobook, to name a few.

Bougatsa Authentic Greek Pastry

The Bougatsa bakery product packaging is a welcoming change to the overly sweet packaging designs of pastry and baked goods. Although it’s still very much over the top, the Bougatsa Authentic Greek Pastry, with its kitschy gold foil and Greek-lish language, perfectly embodies the vigor of life and the exceptional nature of the brand.

Pita For Good

An effective branding graphic design is one that people can happily look at and experience at any time of the day. This means coming up with designs that are unique and refreshing while being reassuring of quality. The Pita for Good food truck is a one of a kind Mediterranean food experience with a one of a kind branding graphic design.

It features hand drawn typography, heavily stylized characters, with other-worldly and whimsical food packaging designs that are as soulful as they are absolutely delicious.

Bicnic Fast Good Mediterranean

The idea that Mediterranean “fast-food” is both natural and healthy is one of the key elements that drove Toormix to come up with such a distinct design for Bicnic. Aiming to design a new and edgy street food culture brand, the branding graphic design for Bicnic shows off how it pays close attention to detail and is completely fresh and creative.

Because the products are made locally, there is a large emphasis on it being fresh and of high quality, while showing off the brand’s origins and culture in a uniquely modern way to catch attention.

We Ar Finefolk

Finefolk is one elegant and sophisticated brand that sets the standard on sharp and chic identity branding. With fine print against amazing portraits, there is a boldness in the statement, “We ar Finefolk” that’s hard to ignore. Designing your brand with as much finesse as this one entails impeccable taste and a good eye for art and aesthetics.

Branding graphic design, as you’ve already noticed, requires a lot of thorough planning, detailed goal-setting, and a whole lot of skill. The best branding designs are those that are not afraid to stand out, not just in look but in quality. Keep yourself inspired by branding designs that are just as eccentric as they are professional.

You can make use of free branding identity templates, mock up generators, and other design tools to help you come up with your own design, and for you to play with your ideal themes and aesthetics.

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