Enticing Color Resource for Web Designers!

Are you finding difficulty with the colors? The color is a major concern for designers, it becomes a hard choice for designers to opt for the right color. The color selection is a complex process and finding shades of color is a bit harsh process. But you may drop all your worries related with colors from now. Through this post, we bring you the enticing Color resource for the web designers. These colors are worth your design interest. You can also seeĀ Online Freebie for the Web Designers.



Colourlovers is a community where people exchange the colors and patterns and all the latest trend in the color market. This website has got informative articles on colors which are worth a read. It has patterns for all like digital art, craft, wedding, web, fashion, print and craft. This website keeps scoring and have been followed by a large number of people.

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC is the popular website where you can balance the color. It comes with a customise themes.it has got tabs which display color rules like analogous, shades, compound, complementary, triad and monochromatic. You can create and explore existing themes as well click below on the link to explore the website.



colRD allows you to create best of colors for your designs and you can share it with the world for inspiration. It is filled with inspirations and beautiful pictures which speaks nothing but color choices. It even allows you to edit pictures and change colors according to your needs. It enhances the look of the object it is being implemented on.



0to255 is a website which contains the plethora of shades of color. If you are a designer, this website can be a good friend of yours in delivering your needs. This is a tool where you will find different variations of the colors. You can put and adjust any color of your choice accordingly. Check this coolest website right away.



Colormunki is a software through which you can create and custom the color platelets. You can select the various colors from Pantone and implement in your designs. It has got powerful features and it can extract colors from the images, enables the users to search the color, capture and many other features. It is enriched with the advanced display of calibration. Hit this useful link to experience the website yourself.



Pictaculous allows you to upload your pictures from the gallery and tells you the color palette. It tells you the color you should be using with the image. It has a collection of suggestions from Kuler and colourLovers. You can also download adobe swatch files from the website. Visit this simple website for all your color solution needs.

Color Hunter


Color Hunter is a lets you find color palettes and also extract the same from the images. It is easy to search through images, tags or color codes. When a user extract color from the search bar, It extract colors from the Flickr. You need to login to have a list of your favourite color palettes. Click on the link to know more.


mobile colorotate

Colorotate is another website exclusively for iPad. With this tool, you can edit the color palettes and share them across Evernote, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook or simply to your library. It has 3D color scope through which you can control colors palettes. It can also work with the Photoshop.



CheckMyColours is an amazing tool which checks the background color. It also provides certain contrast if the subject is in need. It is developed by the author Giovanni Scala who is a web developer based in Italy. The test are based on algorithms aiding with W3C.



Paletton is another website which helps you with color. It is backed by enriching features and it is said to be the encyclopedia of colors. It has all the answers to you color queries. Click on the link below to know more about the website.

These were the top ten Color resource for web designers. It has got solution related to color issues. You can improve your designs with these beautiful colors and implement them on the website. Find the best one here and play with colors. See thisĀ Freebies & Bundles for Web Designers.

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