Useful Color Resources for Designers

Colors bring spark to the design. Are you not the one who considers pink as feminine and blue as masculine? Well, everybody is. Colors convey moods, if it were not for color scheme; organizations of all types could have painted themselves white. This is why; choosing a correct color scheme is very much important to convey a lot about the spirit that any website, or for that matter, an organization carries. Listed here are certain colors resources which can help the designers pick a particular mix-and-match and make the statement, loud and clear. [Colour Pallet Tools]

> Mudcube Color Sphere

This resource allows a designer to develop a color scheme from a specific shade of the color. It has named colors as hex format and provides umpteen combinations of shades which can be mixed and matched to create a perfect color scheme which the client will find difficult to say ‘no’ to. It is additionally provided with a drop-down menu which helps you pick a certain color scheme related to specific feel.

> Adobe Color CC

This resource has plethora of readymade themes to pick from. Designer may also create a shade of his own choice. The resource is a part of creative cloud developed by Adobe. You can get access to the latest of the themes created by various designers and have a wheel which help you blend and create color themes artistically.

> Color Combos

This is an online tool for generating various color combinations and schemes. Its core strength is a color combo tester which gives fair idea about how color combinations will create the desired impact when exported to various kinds of screens.

> ColourLovers

The idea of learning about colors was never so enriching as well as interesting. A conglomerate of designing moguls interact over this medium which is actually a community for discussing and sharing ideas pertaining to colors, palettes and varied combinations. It is also provided with a library where various colors are expressed in hex figures.

> Color matters

A very comprehensive tool available online, which allows exploring deeply, the world of colors from a variety of perspectives. It discusses everything related to colors and talks a lot about the psychological effect of color. Also equipped with color wheel, you get complete guide here on colors and their uses as well as effects.

> Paletton

This is an absolute delight for beginners who are not well-acquainted with color theory. The color wheel provided in this is handy, rich and very much comprehensive and allows the designer to experiment with the colors beyond restrictions. You can drag colors to the variety of palettes and allows exporting too.

> Pictaculous

Pictaculous allows you to extract the colors from an image and create a palette of your own. If you are falling short of ideas on color combinations, just drag an image onto this tool and you get the colors of that image extracted in a pallete in no time. It also allows you having alternatives to your color idea by giving you access to other tools like Color CC etc.

> Colrd

This tool has a seasoning of social media flavor. Here, designers and other contributors pin their works and ideas on a message board, quite similar to what you see in Pinterest. It allows you to create as well as collaborate the color schemes and other ideas pertaining to colors as well as colorful images.

> Check my Colors

This tool is focused on the navigation needs of color deficient people. It has al algorithmic approach towards building a color scheme in order to determine how a color deficient person will perceive the output of various color combinations. Internet is flooded with varieties of color resources which designers can tap to accentuate their work in proper tone. Content, color and concept are the three pillars of successful web-designing, none of which can be taken lightly.

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