Top Ten Creative Web Design Concepts that will Amaze you!

Web designing has always been always been a creative job. There are plenty of designs on the web. Professional, creative and wannabe. Through this post, we bring you Top ten creative web design concepts that will amaze you. They are created by the top notch designers which will put you in the visual treat and inspire to try design for yourself. Each of these websites has got unique design consisting of different navigation, 360º views with interaction and a lot of visual and sound effects. Have a look. See This Free Websites to Write Your Diary.



Boligreisen is an amazing website which allows you to find the house. This is an interactive website which has got incredible navigation option. The navigation options will take you on a visual treat. This website has put the best of the creativity in it which will leave you with a delightful experience of searching the house. Have a look at this website which will inspire you for sure.

Mario by IGN

mario ign

IGN has made this beautiful Mario museum which will remind you of childhood days. This website has got all the stuff to visually please you. It is built by Intel’s HTML5 in collaboration with the IGN. This website has assembled all the generation of the Mario world in the single place. You can find the best of interactive experience through this journey. Do listen to the built in audio and find the hidden interactions.

Austria Tourism

austria info

Austria is a German-speaking country known for its beauty. This country has got amazing architectures, museum, mountain and villages. This tourist website takes you to Austria virtually. You will find a woman taking you to different places. The visuals are treat to the eyes. This website has been made with utmost care and detailing each and every stuff that attracts tourism. You will be mesmerised by the beauty of this website. Check this out yourself.


panic lv

Panic is a multi-purpose website which deals in creative designing. They are madly skilled with the way they work for their clients. They make amazing motion graphics, 3d and 2d animation and graphic design. Check this animation studio and have a look at their work. It will inspire you for best.



Lacoste is a known global brand. There Polo shirts are popular among the people but they also deal in high-end clothing, footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches and eyewear. Their advertising is famous for their creativity. This advertisement of them of 360-degree video is so creative that it will amaze you. They have gone crazy with their imaginations and it’s worth an inspiration. Check this out.



Norilsk is known for developing and improving in the sector of branding, design and communication systems. They strive to make the product useful and help in increasing the demand and they brand image attractive and live. This website features web documentary on their homepage which will tempt you to say wow at the first sight. This is the innovative way to display the work.



Fornasetti deals in the design. It has a homepage where it has a live game with the secret levels. This is another form of an interactive website. It is uniquely designed with a creative mind set. If you want to go different you must check this website for motivation.

Make me pulse


Make me Pulse is the most beautiful thing you will see today. Their home page istself is inspiring with each and every bit of the designs. You need to hold and release the mouse to see their creativity. If you are a designer you won’t leave the place without inspiration.


void hi res

This website has got ultra visual pleasing sights. Perhaps it is overloaded with all of the. Though the website looks a little slow but you certainly can not ignore the flow it carries. The visual effects will take you to another world. They have played with the design and word perfectly.

Social Bakers


Social bakers have brought you the statistics for Star Wars. They have a plethora of categories at their homepage which opens in an artistic way. The infographics, pictures and presentations are fabulously amazing. It has got top characters, top brands, social buzz, top hashtags, best twitter accounts etc. Check this website for play with the colors and infographics.

These were the Top ten creative web design concepts that will amaze you! We hope this post will help you to shake your inspirations. Apply any of these designs suitable to your needs or create your own and be solo with the style. You can also see Web Design WordPress Templates.

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