Brilliant Design Portfolios To Inspire You in 2016

People associate artist’s block with painters, sculptors, and musicians, but never with graphic designers who have an equally creative and challenging profession. It’s 2016, and about time we addressed a similar problem faced by digital artists. Often, it is an easy source of inspiration to look at what your peers have done with their creativity and resources. 2015 has seen a handful of awe-inspiring product design portfolios that are sure to get you on the move in no time!

1. TheBeastisBack

TheBeastisBackMade by a famous designer from Los Angeles, it’s a very popular portfolio (thebeastisbackamong) clients who want designs of a maverick, retro, often unusual style – with burlesquely funny imagery and caricatures of characters and cinematic figures.

2. CleverBirds

CleverBirdsThis CleverBirds portfolio is specifically designed for clients requiring website designs for corporate work. You’ll instantly notice the serious grey undertone to the theme of the design with occasional use of yellow to ease the atmosphere. It’s also highly technically coherent and is a perfect place to grab inspiration for corporate-targeted design.

3. CastingMoscow

CastingMoscowA versatile design portfolio that fits into a variety of genres for application. The signature of this design lies in the immaculate use of photography to impart a certain connotation to the picture. (CastingMoscow)

4. NeverCrew

NeverCrewA most exquisite design idea for the next generation of graphic artists! The portfolio takes inspiration from the likes of Banksy and make street art their theme of design. Check out there brilliantly colorful and expressive base of design graphics. (NeverCrew)

5. BuildFilms

buildfilmsThis Canadian design artist may be hailed as the Steve Reich of graphic design. Their speciality is minimalism. Take a look at the beautifully open and unbridled nature of their portfolio and be inspired. This kind of design is perfect for travel websites, website offering courses and coping services aimed at stress reduction, among others. (BuildFilms)

6. TheGeekDesigner

TheGeekDesignerAs the name suggests, the designer of this portfolio is… a geek (The Geek Designer). You’ll find references to comic book characters, fantastic creatures, historical figurines (such as the night in the picture below) with striking accentuations to the elements of your website made along with.

7. FishFriday

FishFridayDutch design portfolio aimed primarily at event promotions. The graphics are designed in a way that would draw your eyes to the areas of the webpage that are important. It has a very clean look to it and is one of those most commonly referred-to design websites from Europe. (FishFriday)

8. Yeedor

YeedorOwned by Doris Yee, this portfolio is a breakthrough in the area of simplistic and understated designs. There are numerous examples of their trademark style for you to draw inspiration from, with the use of handwriting in an otherwise abstract and often lurid or bleary background clearing up one’s head once the page loads. A truly remarkable design strategy that is in accordance with the latest trends in the field. (Yeedor)

9. OddBee

OddBeeA hilarious and entertaining design portfolio. The moment the screen loads, you get to an aeroplane that you can fly up and down with your cursor – something to instantly grab your attention and make you interested. Once you exhaust your interest in the plane, you’ll notice the tiny switch in the top right corner that gets you into the website’s actual home page! A classic example of the use of animation in website design. (OddBee)

10. Hulse&Durrell

Hulse&DurrellTwo design artists have together formed this portfolio to grab your attention to their talents. You’ll be once again, presented with a two-dimensional blend of the abstraction and realism in the highly illustrated website of their page. (Hulse&Durrell)

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