Free Websites to Write Your Diary & Secrets Online

Diary is said to be the human’s best friend. You express and write every bits and piece about yourself in the diary. It is a place where we are not judged by our actions and decisions. Diary accepts us just the way we are. It knows in and out about you and shares your breakups, hardships and success stories. But it becomes a pain in the wrong places when it is read by somebody else. You can also see Online Freebie for the Web Designers.

They might not understand you and can be judgemental about yourself, after all, they are not your diary. With the technological advancement, we can write the diary online and encrypt it with the password. So that the secret remains the secret. Here are the Free Websites to write your Diary and secrets Online.



With Penzu, you can write the diary online. It is mobile and can be used at a go. It is very secure and can be used as an app. It is available for android and ios and you can customise it for reminders to write, through your email. It focuses on privacy. It comes with an exclusive customs, backgrounds and covers. It is easy to search through journals and tags. It is one place which gives a lot of options to explore.



LiveJournal is one of the popular online diary-writing websites which is used by celebrities, politicians and popular personalities. It allows user interaction and it allows to comment, post and share. You can write whatever you want and share it with the community and the world. It comes with a set of custom privacy settings where you can share your post with friends, community or keep it personal just with yourself.

diary com is another platform you can share the things you want with your friends. It allows attaching pictures along with the content. It has got basic filters in-built where you can post things you like. It allows sharing your textual content with public and friends. You can custom it according to your needs. The best thing about this website is that it arranges your diary next to each other in an appropriate manner. It is simple and very user-friendly. So go and express yourself either with words or pictures.


It is one of the sophisticated websites in the journal world. Though it allows the users to share and custom your privacy settings but it is useful for those people who are just looking to write stuff in a simple way. There are no complexities at this website and it allows the users to write the content the way they want to write. If you are looking to write things with simplicity. This is the right place to go.



DearDiary allows the user to add videos and pictures to the content. It has got the same privacy as other platforms. It can only be shared if you allow the access to the users. It has got many instincts of social networking websites. It is super easy to use. You must try an account here if you are interested in writing which needs pictures and video embedding.



WordPress is considered as one of the popular websites for bloggers. It allows the user to make a website of their own. It is widely used for commercial and noncommercial purposes. It is a good tool to publicise your product. You can share thoughts, stories and make a blog using this incredible WordPress website. It comes with the free 3 GB storage. The users who use it for free has an access to use this website with limited options and tools.


Blogger is hosted by google and one of the easiest way to write blogs and diary. It has got the option to upload pictures, videos and text. It comes with incredible features and it is one of the famous ways to blog. It has got a huge following and usage all around the world. It has got lesser themes than WordPress but it does not stop the user to use it. It has got its own charm and hosts the bests of the blog in the world.

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