20+ Google Search Commands & Functions

Google is primarily used for searching websites online. But it’s to stress here that this famous search engine allows you to search more than websites. Yes, there are various search commands that you can enter on the Google engine to incur information. We have come up here with a broad list of Google search commands and functions that will help you to make the most of this search engine.

> Unit Conversion

Unit-ConversionIf you are not aware of the formula of unit conversion, you might find it hard to convert a given figure from one unit to the other. But, thanks to the Unit conversion function of Google, you can actually do this in a jiffy by filling in the figure and selecting the relevant units.

> Package Tracking

Package-TrackingIn the recent times with e commerce and courier services ruling the roost, online shopping and ordering have become a norm. But if you think that keeping track of the package is not easy, think again. With the Package tracking function, you just have to type in the package number and you get the whole details about the delivery.

> Currency Conversion

Currency-ConversionIf you are a trading pro and play with number off and on during the course of the day, it is important that you keep track of the currency values too. Just can’t remember them? Don’t worry, using the Currency conversion function, you can now convert a given currency value into another within seconds.

> Flight Tracker

Flight-TrackerFinding it hard to keep track of the flight timings, thanks to continuous delays and weather changes? Well, don’t worry. You can now keep track of all your flights using flight tracker. All you need to do is type in the flight name and number and all the information would be presented within a few seconds.

> Weather

WeatherKeeping an eye on the weather of any part of the world is now child’s play, thanks to the Weather function developed by Google. Just type in Weather and then the name of the city or country and Google will present with the whole information before you can bat an eyelid.

> Stock Quotes

Stock-QuotesIf you are a stock pro and prefer to keep track of your stocks amidst your busy schedule, then Google can come to your rescue with its Stock Quotes function. By just typing in the ticker symbol of the company into the browser window, you can get a sneak peek into the stock details.

> Zip Codes

Zip-CodesDon’t know which location a particular zip code belongs to? Fret no more! Thanks to the Zip Code function from Google, you can now easily find the location, the name of the city and the country just by typing in the Zip code. This is sure a very helpful function.

> Census Data

Census-DataWith the growing population of the world, keeping track of the latest changes is just not an easy task. However, if you are looking for some authentic data, Census Data is the best place for you. Just key in what you are looking for and Google is sure to present you with all the relevant information.

> Calculator

CalculatorThanks to the Google Calculator, calculating even the most complicated figures is now easy. The calculator not only helps you to accomplish the basic functions but also offers advanced calculations which include trigonometry, exponential forms and what not. You will never be stranded with huge, complicated figures ever again.

> File Search

File-SearchThe world is a small place now, thanks to the World Wide Web and Google. With easy file sharing options, you can now share files and download the files sent by others. Don’t know how to find it. Use the File Search function. Type in the command with the filename and extension and the file will be displayed on the screen.

> Website Search

You will get the results from similar Domains. Use the Command “site:” den write the domain name.

> Dictionary and Spell Check

Dictionary and Spell Check
It checks the Spelling Mistake and appears with Meaning.

> Search

For Exact Phrase use Quotation Marks.

> Blank

Use * (Blank) symbol to complete the sentence. It Helps to find Missing Word in a phrase.

> Intitile:

To find the Pages whose title contains similar word in the title or appears the websites.

> Allinurl:

Find the pages with the search mentioned in the URL.

> Location:

Find Maps and News realted to a particular Location.

> Range

Search for a number range with the gadget or etc.

> Translation

Translate any word in many Languages.

> Date:

Type Time: area, city name appear a search to any Timeframe.

Our list here covers searches encompassing almost every purpose, ranging from education to entertainment. While there are Google search commands to find definitions or meanings, there are also search commands to know about the show times of the currently running blockbuster movies.

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