7+ Inspiring Museum Brochure Templates

Brochures plays a very important role when it comes to places that have frequent visitors. Museum, for instance, require brochure design to inform the visitors about upcoming exhibition or to just put general information about the museum. But designing a brochure is not an easy task and can be expensive if they are required frequently. The easy way out is to use brochure templates available online. You can find brochure design specific to museum also. We have put up some amazing museum brochure template designs that you can use. Checkout the list and find the best templates for yourself.

Contemporary Art Museum Brochure



This template comes with a contemporary design which is perfect to be used as a Art Museum. The layout that you get is of a three fold brochure. The design is subdued and subtle and can be edited and customized with images and text of your choice. The template come in high quality and is print ready.

Pottery Museum Brochure



The brochure template given here is suitable for pottery museum. The design is also earthy and rustic and gives a quick reference to pottery. You will only require to change text and images, the design is appropriate and requires no kind of change.

Natural History Museum Brochure



If you are looking forward to creating a brochure for a natural history museum, we have a template ready for you here. The link has been provided and once you have downloaded the template you can easily edit it on photoshop and use it. You can use it as a two fold brochure or a single fold brochure.

Museum Information Tri-Fold Brochure Template



This tri-folder brochure template is great if you want to make it a text heavy brochure, given detailed information about the museum. Download the template from the given link. And upload the information text via photoshop. And use the default layout to save time.

Museum Rack Brochure Design



Another well designed brochure template that you can download and use instantly, without having to create a brochure from the beginning or hire a professional designer to design it for you.

Museum Information Bi-Fold Brochure Template



This here is also an informative brochure with bi-folds. If you want to create a bi-fold brochure for displaying museum information you download the given template which is absolutely easy to use of you have basic knowledge of Photoshop.

Creative Museum Brochure



The template given here is more colorful and creative than the other templates given in the list. Generally brochure are not very brightly designed but you can always make an exception depending on the demand of the client. Luckily, with the template being available, you don’t have to create the brochure all by yourself.

Designing brochures can be expensive and time consuming. Especially when it has to be done regularly. The templates given here are easy to work with. These templates come with smart layers which makes it super easy to edit. You can add images and text and also change the background if required. Use these templates to make things easy for you and save your time and efforts.

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