350+ Mind Blowing & Attractive Nail Designs for your Inspiration

Nail-art often goes either too overestimated or too underrated. Actually it is seen to be an art-form which can only be afforded professionally. But the truth is quite different from what it apparently seems to be. There are some prerequisites that need to be clarified:

  • You can design your nails paint design on your own and that too with an effort that your pocket and perseverance can afford.
  • All you need is a certain amount of creativity (you can also look for designs online) and most importantly patience (perhaps the most precious resource of this era).
  • Just always have a nail-polish remover around, to correct the mistakes you’ll make.

Why are Girls Attracted Towards Nail Designs?

Who doesn’t want to get noticed and if bold nail-paintings are enough to nail a party, who else can sit idle? So is the tendency for girls to come up with their sleek fingernails painted up all in unique styles-ranging from polka dots to rosy patterns, from hearts to elegant stripes, they are all in the game!

Nail Design Tips

Nail designs are not a big deal at all. It’s a quite easy and affordable if just a few points can be taken care of. Here they come:

  • Use petroleum jelly to moisten your nails before the paintings to make the undo easier.
  • Use a white base under the actual polish to get its true color.
  • Don’t paint freehand when more than one shape have to be ingrained: use shapes instead, for draw the outline.
  • Mix pigments with your base polish to get your custom shade.
  • Dry your design faster dipping your hands in ice water.
  • Undo the deep stains with cotton-soaked nail polish remover.

Nail Designs Step By Step

Nail designing is a vast field where lots of techniques can be used to produce different effects. But in general they all fall under a few steps which are almost necessary for every design you want to bestow. And here they are:

  • First of all, apply petroleum jelly before painting, to make it easier to remove.
  • If your nail needs to be partially colored with some hue, then obstruct the undesired parts with something like transparent tapes.
  • If you need to add some beads or other small 3D objects, use your eyeliner to adjust them on the right spot.
  • Use nail polish removers for quick removal of the former stains.

Nail Art Designs

Nail art is a new emerging art-form for real! Alternate fingers having contrasting designs, glittery Nail art designs that shine like true gems or five nails with different designs which appear to be communicating with each other—having a look at these designs you’re very likely to buy your girlfriend a new set of polishes right away:


Nail Design Ideas

Ideas are the silk route to innovation: that’s quite a known story. Is your wife or girlfriend tired of her gross nail polishes? Suppose, she has painted her nail all pink, that’s quite commonplace; now, before the nails have dried up, wrap each nail with a net-like material and get her a dice-designed set of nails! She’ll be excited for sure. Here we Have few Nail Design Ideas for you.


Acrylic Nail Designs

Bored with your clichéd nail designs? It’s the time to change and Acrylic Nail designs not only present you with an aesthetic aura, but also helps to accentuate the shape of your nails. Your nails are long enough, but you’re in a hurry? Don’t worry, just paint the elongated parts with white acrylic, keeping the rest unaltered—the party is entirely yours!


Creative Nail Designs

Be your polishes be glossy or matte, just don’t make them look gross! A little bit of creativity can win over this issue. Just for example: Try Creative Nail Designs, shade four of the fingers in a different shade, coloring the other with black. Things are just as easy as this, try the others too:


Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween deserves to get a bit creepy, but your plain nail paintings can’t just stop resisting it! So try these Halloween Nail Designs. Paint your nails alternately orange and black, this combination is by itself spooky! Or you can also draw haunted houses, ghastly trees and ghostly graveyards to tune up the mood a bit more!


Toe Nail Designs

First people notice your face and the stare just follows your toes. So don’t underestimate the power of toe nail Designs, paintings. Just paint three of the nails cobalt blue and make the other too polka-dotted; or design all of the nails in a typical floral pattern. Now who can turn their eyes away?


Gel Nail Designs

Gel nail Designs can provide you with an edge over the traditional nail paintings and these deserve to be used quite differently. For example, paint your nails all in a neutral color like soft pink or cream, then just sprinkle some golden hue on the nail-tips—you’ll become exclusive almost effortlessly!


Fall Nail Designs

Fall nail designs have to be different from all the other seasonal designs. You can make your nails go exclusive with motifs of maple leaves or bare trees in silhouette; they’ll signify the climatic surroundings and help you gel with the season and the parties as well. Here are more to come:


Nail Polish Designs

Enhance your position in a party simply by wearing unique but simple Nail Polish designs on your fingernails. You can just paint all of your nails in different colors rather than the conventional usage of the same color throughout. If you make all your nails spotted with a palette of colors, you’ll get spotted by each and everyone for certain!


Valentines Nail Designs

Going to meet your valentine on this very day? Then he deserves to feel special and he’ll only feel so, if you feel special yourself. So, sit down and paint your nails uniquely with Valentines Nail Designs for this special occasion. It’ll be cult if you paint all your nails with a reddish heart on a black background—now does he smile!


Flower Nail Designs

Choosing cute, curly, classy and catchy floral nail designs is always a smart choice for fashionable girls. Right from short and cute petals to elongated leaves, from colorful and bright flowers to sexy ivies – these floral nail designs explore several amazing themes, ensuring that your nails look like those of a diva.


Wedding Nail Designs

To look exquisite and different on your wedding day, you can choose soothing and plain nail designs or go for ultra smart and unique ones which are multicolored and are a perfect contrast with your getup. Named letters, smart shapes, different colors and other things make great wedding nail designs.


Glitter Nail Designs

Getting a mix of nail color along with additional glitter and shiny add-on is the best way to make your nails look stunning. By mixing glitter with nail paint, making cool shapes, writing initials, making creative designs and mixing colored glitter you can get sparkling and unique glitter nail designs.


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