7 Inspiring Video Ad Campaigns for Olympics 2016

The modern Olympic Games or Olympics is considered to be the world’s leading international sporting event, in which thousands of athletes from more than 200 countries participate in a variety of competitions. And it is an opportune time for various brands to promote their products. Some brands have gone out of their way to make a statement with their innovative advertising campaigns. You can also see Creative Animation & 3D Movies.

Nike Looks To Boost Brazil’s Morale with “Tomorrow Starts Now” Ad

Nike’s new ad “Tomorrow Starts Now” is aimed at boosting the morale of Brazil, for their next global event: The 2016 Olympics. The one-minute long ad features eminent sportspersons from diverse fields – track athlete Ana Claudia Lemos, beach volleyball players Clara and Carol Salgado, basketball players Leandrinho and Anderson Varejao, and bronze medalist in modern Pentathlon, Yane Marques. Nike has captured the perfect moments that celebrate the unparalleled power of the world’s best athletes. Check the ad below.

Ad by McDonald: Friend’s Win

McDonald is celebrating the spirit of friendship that is at the heart of Olympic values. They are rewarding 200 kids from around the world, with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the opening ceremony, through the McDonald’s Olympic Kids Program. Their motto is to bring these children together, so that they can enjoy the spirit of unity, understanding, and friendship.

Olympic Promo by Channel 7

Australia’s premier broadcaster, Channel 7 has launched its ad campaign for the Olympics in a grand style. In their ad, they have tried to show the spirit and enthusiasm among the supporters and how they perceive winning. They have shown many groups of people supporting different countries, which shows that anyone can win if they play to their full potential on a given day.

That’s Gold: Coke’s Olympics Ad

Coca-Cola has been sponsoring the Olympic Games since 1928, and yet again they have come up with a heart-touching ad campaign aptly titled “ThatsGold”, for the 2016 Olympic event. In this ad, they have used footage of 79 athletes from 23 countries across a variety of sports. They have compiled the footage of the gold-winning moments and tried to capture the euphoric expressions on the faces of the athletes.

Samsung Debuts Global Rio 2016 Olympic Games with “The Anthem” Ad

Samsung, the Olympics’ worldwide partner in the Wireless Communications Equipment, has launched its own advertisement campaign titled, “The Anthem”. Through this ad campaign, they have intended to break down barriers of geographic borders and unite the world by combining the national anthems of several countries and make one anthem, which athletes and fans across the globe can connect with.

P&G Thank You, Mom Ad Campaign

P&G has outdone their previous attempts in a bid to promote their brand for the 2016 Olympics with an awe-inspiring ad. The ad follows the Olympic Games journey of four mothers and their children. It further showcases the moments wherein a mother’s strength of character makes all the difference and how it inspires each child to summon their inner courage and stand up on the world’s biggest sporting stage – the Olympic Games. P&G pays a tribute to all the mothers for their contribution.

“Perfect Isn’t Pretty” Ad Campaign by Gillette

Gillette has stormed into the world of ad campaigns with its “Perfect Isn’t Pretty” Ad Campaign. This ad provides a glimpse into the training sessions, for the 2016 Olympics, of Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr, Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao, American decathlete Ashton Eaton, and English cyclist Andy Tennant. You can see the behind-the-scenes work that these guys put in every day to be the best in the world.

The Olympic Games unite nations throughout the world, unlike any other global event. While the Olympic Games are about competition and winning, they also provide an opportunity to be a part of other countries’ culture.

We all wait for four years for the Olympic Games, and top-notch brands try to tap into the emotion of the common public through various ad campaigns for a better brand-positioning on a global scale.

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