Top Ten Techniques to Enhance Your Painting Abilities

Art has no limits, its way beyond our imagination. You cannot learn the art but by following the footsteps of your predecessors, you can create your own version of it. Its very difficult to define the exact techniques of the painting as it has so much variations. You need to be extremely passionate about it and try to work out your own style of adoption that suits you better. Here are the top ten techniques or tricks that every painter must try and conquer it to become a better artist, for this year 2016. You can also see Amazing Digital Painting Collection.

Engineered Work Space

Engineered Work SpaceTo create a motivational and inspirational work atmosphere, is quite a general idea but for painters it is way more integral than the others. It has to be special and comfortable enough to entice you towards creativity. You need to figure out your optimal level of productivity which requires a specific environment and that what you need to do to your place.

Picturize the Idea Before

Picturize the Idea beforeIn Painting, you need to visualize the overall idea way prior to initiate your project. It is better to plan it in your head, the finalized picture of you are trying to achieve. This is necessary to find out the directions. Although, it is the basic technique but you need to be more conscious about the future. [Abstract Oil Painting Collection]

3. Composition and Symmetric

Composition and SymmetricIt is the technical point for the painters to adjust the composition. It is actually a process of putting all the attributes of the picture, confined into a single place. In other words, draw an overall sketch of your painting. It is the positioning of the features of your picture.

4. Point Out Negative Features

Point out Negative featuresFor a technical painter, it is important and integral to identify the negative shapes in the picture that is being portrayed. The painter must sense the spaces between the different objects because the exact proportion of them is the key to the symmetry of the picture. It should be sorted out.

5. Color Wheel

Color WheelThe painter must know these color combinations and know how to mix each other to make a new one. Red, Blue and Yellow are the three primary colors and shades. By mixing them, you create new colors like mixing red and yellow, you get the orange color. They are the basics of painting. [3D Glass Painting Collection]

6. Warm and Cool Colors Distinction

Warm and Cool Colors distinctionA painter must know the difference between Cool and Warm colors. Cool colors are basically having the calming effect on mind and represent a peace and stability. The color tone is blueish. Warm colors are associated with the yellowish color tone and represents the violence or an aggressiveness.

7. Realization of Value

Realization of ValueTechnical term of value is used in the painting to determine the darkness or the lightness of the overall picture. It is the most important factor to determine the success of the painting and the painters should focus on it. It helps to determine the focal point of the picture.

8. Simplicity of the Picture

Simplicity of the PictureNo matter how intricate the picture is going to be, Painter must maintain the simplicity in its every brush. People should be able to comprehend the purpose and the objective behind the painting. Painting should reflect a cause that is understandable and firm. It can be special but not an orthodox.

9. Rhythm

Every art requires the rhythm and consistency to tell the story to the audience. Too much randomness is risky and doesn’t suits the artist. Painters should align their composition along with the consistency to make it a perfect portray. The usage of the patterns should be in a rhythm.

10. Enthusiasm and Passion

Enthusiasm and PassionEvery painter should possess the passion and the appropriate level of enthusiasm to craft a painting. Without these two elements, the painter would not be able to reach its optimal level of creativity. Painter should paint that picture which satisfies him. It requires a patience as well to attain the passion.

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