9+ Inspiring Sports Imagery Ideas To Brand Your Product

Whatever your brand is, inspiring sports imagery can give it the necessary push it takes to reach the next level. Strength, speed, teamwork, stamina, passion etc are a few things about sports that connect to the audience well and such sports imagery provides brands with an ideal opportunity to use sports in selling their products and services.
Here in this post, we are going to go through various sports imagery that has helped in the enhancement of brands. You can also see Sports Freebies for Olympics.

Adidas & Lionel Messi

Adidas & Lionel Messiflickr.com

Popular brand Adidas has roped in world’s most popular soccer star, Lionel Messi, during the 2014 Soccer World Cup. And their steady association with Messi has paid rich dividends as it has helped Adidas reach the top spot in the sports apparel market.

Tag Heuer & Cristiano Ronaldo

Tag Heuer & Cristiano Ronaldoflickr.com

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed athlete on social media with over 160 million followers. Tag Heuer, a premium watch production company, opted for Ronaldo as their brand ambassador and they hit the jackpot with it. Ronaldo updated 6 times on his Facebook account about an ad campaign ‘Don’t crack under pressure’ and it resulted in 35 million views and 2.4 million likes and it resulted in a profit of $380,000 for the brand.

Puma and Usain Bolt

Puma and Usain Boltflickr.com

Top sports apparel brand Puma has teamed up with Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth, and their association has helped the brand go a few notches above in ranking than before. Usain Bolt is nearing the end of his illustrious career wherein he has achieved so much. What will be his impact on the brand once he hangs up his boots is left to be seen!

Gatorade & Serena Williams

Gatorade & Serena Williamsflickr.com

Serena Williams will go down as arguably the all-time great female tennis start with 21 grand slam titles in her kitty. Off the court too, Serena has achieved tremendous commercial success by being associated with many brands. Her association with Gatorade has been a profitable one for both the parties.

Moet & Chandon & Roger Federer

Moet & Chandon & Roger Federerflickr.com

Roger Federer is not only the king on the tennis court but off the court as well. He has been a huge hit among the masses with so many lucrative endorsement deals. Most recently, he has been appointed as the brand ambassador for Moet & Chandan. You can also see Awesome Olympic Ads.

IWC Watches & Lewis Hamilton

IWC Watches & Lewis Hamiltonflickr.com

Lewis Hamilton, the British Formula 1 driver is one of the most marketable sports personalities around and he has endorsed many brands over the years. The watchmaker brand IWC have profited tremendously by getting hold of Hamilton as their brand name.

Nike and Tiger Woods

Nike and Tiger Woodsflickr.com

Tiger Woods, the ace golfer, has been a brand name for more than a decade. He has been associated with various brands and his on-field, as well as off-field activities, have always made headlines worldwide. He has been a favorite sports person for brand Nike and recently Nike has roped in Tiger Woods for a deal of over $100 million for a period of 5 years. You can also see Sports Website Themes & Templates.

As you can see, these athletes are internationally reputed and they have transformed the image of the brands through endorsements. Sports have this unique ability to go beyond what happens on the field and it has the potential to reach people and countries where that sports may not even be played. Sportsperson brings that unique sentimental feeling which inspires people worldwide to use the products and services endorsed by their favorite sportspersons. This trend is there for quite a while and as it looks like, it’s going to stay here for a long time to come.

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