21 Coolest Things To Do With iPhone

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best marvels Apple has offered till date. A series of versions have been released and it seems that Apple is going a notch further with the launch of new version. The iPhone backgrounds is not just for talking or sending messages and there is a whole bunch of cool things to do with it, such as setting great wallpapers and screensavers of your choice.

It Tracks Every Location You’ve Been to

Your iPhone allows you to learn about places you frequent visit. In google map app you only have to turn on this service, a purple location service icon will appear next to an item that has recently used your location.

Its Performance is More Customizable than you Think

Have an iPhone, go to general settings, accessibility, and switch on the reduce transparency button located under the increase contrast option and turn off reduce motion. With these features, you can customize your iPhone’s performance according to you. Now, it runs smooth.

Turn Off All In-App Purchases With one Button

It Can Work Without a Power Button

That’s right. Your iPhone even works smoothly without the need of a physical button. Go to settings, general, accessibility and switch on assistive touch. This feature allows you to lock your phone without pressing the power button. Your phone will automatically turn on when you plug in.

It can Replace Your Leveling Tool

Ever you dreamed of a level around you to get those perfectly straight edges, you have always wished of? If you are on the positive side, pick this iPhone, it has a hidden compass that you can activate by swiping to the left.

Easily See a More Detailed View of Your Calendar

Its Battery Lasts Forever on Airplane Mode

You stuck somewhere, and need to save battery, switch to Airplane mode. You will be able to save more life out of a single charge. Turing this mode on also allows you to charge fast. Good to use this even after coming out of airplane.

Siri can learn!

Shake Your IPhone to Delete Text

It Tracks Popular Apps Near Your Location

Want to know most popular apps in your immediate area? Switch on “near me” button located at the bottom of the app. Usually these will show local news apps or bus schedule apps. For the newly arrived area, this can be very useful.

It Automatically Updates Apps

Your iPhone can now update apps automatically whenever they are available. Well, this may eat up its performance and battery. Would you like to shut it down? Visit settings, touch on the app store and turn off the update, located under automatic download option. So, easy to do.

See Which Plans are Overhead

It Changes the Contrast of Background Images to Make Text More Visible

Fear no longer, if your background images are brighter than your text. Your iPhone carry a feature that automatically adjust the contrast of such image for you to see the clock on the lock screen and the text below your apps.

It Allows You to Take a Picture Using its Volume Buttons!

You may have seen your buddies fighting with that white circle to take pictures. Now, click everywhere with its easy clicking facility. Say hello to everyone by your incredible pictures and clicks more and more with accessible volume buttons.

Have Siri Read Your Email Out Loud

It Can Tell You Exactly When You Received a Text Message

With this newly iPhone, you can access at what time your friend remember you and text you. IPhone does have this feature that explains you the exact time that texts were sent and delivered. It’s good one.

It Can Change Siri’s Gender.

Make a Passcode With Letters Instead of Numbers

Spotlight search is actually useful

It Has a Built in Back Button

Double Tap to Add a Period

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Have you too got a new iPhone cool backgrounds and looking to explore the latest functionalities it has to offer? Well, we have brought a huge list of coolest things that you would love to enjoy with your newly bought Apple phone.

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