21+ Cool Video Players for IPad

The Apple is considered the best one when we talk about the hi-tech products that include the iPhones, iPads, personal computer, laptop computers, and others. The best part of the iPad is that the number of different video players can be downloaded on it. However, each video player application has some advantages and disadvantages as well. It may also depend on the priorities of the user as well. Below are some of the best and the coolest video players for the iPads that you are going to love after using. You can also see Top Mockups for iPhone 6 and 6S.

OPlayer Lite Video Player Application

Source OPlayer Lite is liked and appreciated by most of the current iPad users. It is because this application is the most responsive one. So, you can play any video of any format in this particular video player application. OPlayer Lite also supports MKV format as well.

Free Video Player Application

Source Free Video Player application is considered the second best option by almost all the iPad users. It is much similar to the previous one as it also supports most of the formats of the video. The best of this application is that it is absolutely free and the user can download it without paying a single cent.

PlayerXtreme Media Player Application

Source The PlayerXtreme Media Player application is used by those iPad users who want extraordinary result while playing the videos. Similar to previous video player applications, this application can also play almost all formats of the video. The best part in the PlayXtreme Media Player application is that it can play the videos that are more than 4GB.

VLC Media Player Application

Source This video player is not new for most of us because VLC is one of the most used media players. VLC is not only the iPhone or iPad users but it is also used by all the users of Windows and Androids as well. The number of users tells us about the credibility of this application.

Infuse 3 Video Player

Source If we say that Infuse 3 is the best video player application for the iPad users, it would not be wrong. It is because Infuse 3 is like a bridge between your iTunes and other documents.

MoliPlayer Video Player Application

Source Similar to Free Video Player application, MoliPlayer is also a free application which is used by many iPad users. Moreover, unlike most of the other applications, it does not disturb the users by displaying advertisements.  Furthermore, it also supports all the formats of videos.

Joobik Player Application

Source This video player application is designed for the iPhone and iPad users as well. It helps the users in synchronizing the videos, the music files, and other documents from other iTunes. The user may play those files instantly.

8Player Lite Video Player Application

Source The 8Player Lite video player is not a free application but it is like by most of the iPad users. It is because of the distinctive features that this application has and also because of the excellent results that it gives while playing a video.

PowerHD Media Player Application

Source PowerHD Media Player is a unique video playing application. It is because it is the only application that supports the Picture-in-Picture mode for iOS 9 iPad. Moreover, the user may continue working while watching the videos on this application.

WMV HD Player Application

Source The WMV HD Player is an application for the iPad. The best thing about this application is that is allows the user to play the video from any folder. Moreover, the user may also import the videos via this excellent application.

Flex Video Player Application


Playable and Playable Pro


nPlayer App for Ipad


CineXPlayer and CineXPlayer HD


MCPlayer HD Application


Media Player HD Pro Application


Rock Player2 HD App for Ipad


AirPlayit HD Application


GoodPlayer App


Video Stream Application


It’s Playing App for Ipad


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