10 Inspiring Web Design Trends for Digital Success in 2015

Are you planning to launch your website soon or are about to re-design your existing site? Well, your website is like your digital representative to your online audience and hence you must be really particular about an updated portal in sync with the dynamic trends of the current online scenario. The post here offers a brief on 10 web design trends to be followed in 2015.

Big Background Images


Source – Themeforest

Big background images are a top favorite of the latest websites today, which are to be used alongside subtle parallax and rich typography effects. Massive brands like Google Nexus and Apple have already taken the lead here and hence it’s smarter to follow suit.

Card-Based Content Design

According to experts, cards assure an easy way to fit contents on various screen sizes and types. Thus, card-based designs are a hit this year.

Digital Branding Primarily

In this modern digital world, the primary contact between customers and companies is essentially digital. Thus, there is the increasing need of improving branding digitally first before taking to traditional channels.

Responsive Design

With the rise of small-screened browsing devices such as tablets and smartphones for everyday browsing activities, there is the increasing demand of responsive websites. A responsive web layout assures smooth view and easy readability across all browsing devices, regardless of screen size. Almost 70% of the web audience today takes to the small-screened devices for regular browsing and you are going to lose a huge chunk of traffic if you cannot assure a convenient experience for them.

Bold Graphical Exciting Designs

The bet is on bold graphical and exciting page designs, powered by unexpected bright shades deftly contrasted with muted & subdued ambience. Meaningful animation, big typography & soft-directional light & shadow effect are important today.

Go for Open Data

A lot of digital portals prefer a closed-data approach but the latest trend is more towards openness – leading to more availability of data & content to public. The experts feel that this open-data attitude will leverage the consumption rate by the audience.


The online audience is getting more conscious about the security of their data shared to websites and hence you must be very careful about a solid data security on your website. You have to assure strong privacy for your visitors so that they can trust you with their details.

Isomorphic JavaScript

The expert are also talking highly about use of Isomorphic JavaScript in web designing as it improves the performance of the site, its SEO-compatibility & boot maintainability. Twitter and Airbnb have already taken to it & it is always wiser to follow the big guns.


The latest trend also stresses on iteration. It implies enhancement on existent technologies and concepts- with emphasis on more sophisticated website layouts, improved typography & better designing in browser.

Adaptive Design

The experts are emphasizing on the need of smart adaptive development accompanied by flexibility of the web components– that can together create responsive, mobile-first, one-site-for-all-devices.

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