12 Web Designer Portfolios which you must Follow on Instagram

A good website design means a solid planning and implementation of ideas.Web designers are the creative people who beautify the content we see on the internet every day. They all are impeccably unique in their sense of designing style. They add magic to the fonts, tabs and how the website look. Not just this, they take great effort in making the website user-friendly, accessible and easy to navigate. You can also see Online Freebie for the Web Designers.

Becca Clason – @beccaclason


Becca Clason knows how to showcase her work on the social media. She has worked with the top clients. She has made modern day designs which we can see in her profile. She has a collection of designs which she has worked on. Her posts are equally inspiring as her work is. Follow @beccaclason for all the trendy design you are looking for.

Joshua Noom


Joshua Noom is a Designer and illustrator. Joshua has the wonderful marriage Noom creates between bold illustration and organic hand-crafted typography. His black and white illustrations are simply stunning. He has got an artistic design in his range of works he portrays on Instagram. Follow him to know his art even more.

Tad Carpenter


Tad Carpenter Designer is an  illustrator and partner of Carpenter Collective which is a design and branding studio. He and his studio Carpenter Collective’s are lead by his wife who work together. He has top clients like overall Target, Macy’s, Coca-Cola, RayBan, Nick Jr, MTV and Adobe. Tad’s work has been published in several places. He has also written children’s books and he teaches graphic design at the University of Kansas.

Jessica Walsh


Jessica Walsh is a multi-talented designer, art director and color lover. She is based in New York City. She is a  partner at Sagmeister & Walsh creating campaigns, branding, web, film and more. Her Instagram profile is as beautiful as she is. She has a collection of work displayed there. Her recent work with Appy Fizz featuring Priyanka Chopra has caught attention. Follow this talented lady to know her

Zachary Smith


Zachary Smith is an illustrator and a designer. This handsome young lad has the best of typography style at his credits. His designs are extremely unique and remind of the vintage era. He has a collection of styles on his Instagram profile. Follow him to get the best of his typography fonts.

Leta Sobierajski


Leta Sobierajski is an art director and graphic designer. She is based in New York City. Her designs are extremely different. Her posts just not talk about her but her work and personal life as well. She is a strong woman and she is trying to spread it differently with her partner Wade Jeffry. You can not ignore to follow her.

Rodrigo Corral

Rodrigo Corral

Rodrigo Corral has created some of the most iconic visuals in publishing. He is a famous designer worked with talents such as Junot Diaz, Jay-Z, Deepak and Sanjiv Chopra, Chuck Palahniuk, Tory Burch, Gianna Angelopoulos, Gary Shteyngart, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and organisations such as the Criterion Collection, New York Magazine and The New York Times. His Instagram profile speaks volume about his work.



Every Hey focuses on the basis of transforming ideas into communicative graphics. This is a graphic design studio based in Barcelona. They specialise in brand identity, editorial design and illustration. They love geometry, color and direct typography which can be seen clearly in their work. Their clients include Apple, Vodafone, Three, Turkish Airlines, General Electric, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, The Wall Street Journal, Mr Porter, CBS, Film Commission Chile, Inditex, Fortune Magazine, Design Studio, Monocle, MACBA, CCCB, Penguin Random House and Oxfam.

Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton is a part time designer and an illustrator based at New York.—which adds up to a full-time Designy Illustrator. He has experience of over 12 years now. He’s done a lot of work in for clients such as Converse, ESPN, Target, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and Esquire, among others. He has won awards from organisations for his designs. He has Masters degree from the great Kent State University in Ohio.

Sergi Delgado

Sergi Delgado

Sergi Delgado is a graphic designer, artist and typographer. His Instagram page is full of designs and narration of his work, Delgado has a sense of strong style and aesthetic in his design. He works with unique shapes which he turns them into typographical or illustrative manner.

Margherita Urbani

Margherita Urbani

Margherita Urbani is a  native of Italy. Her work is is intrigued by the balancing cultures, whether it is of her hometown of Udine or her present home in the United States. With a sense of humour, her comics and illustrations often explore the challenge of linguistics. You can also find her travelling and photograph signage at her Instagram account. Follow this talented artist right away.

June Digan

June Digan

June Digan is a painter, illustrator and she does lettering also. She creates the most delicate and beautiful  watercolor pieces with her 365-day project. What started out as a simple “daily therapeutic” activity snowballed into a massive design undertaking, garnering countless Her work has been featured in  design blogs. She has generated thousands of followers from around the globe. Add  her to your Instagram to see the best of her work.

The general notion of the Instagram is that people think it is for models, actors and celebrities. We see all the posts regarding beauty, glossy selfies, travel and food. Here we present you the top 15 web designers which are changing the trend of Instagram. They are unique and their posts define them. Their profiles are more than selfies and filtered set of pictures. They have the best of design to showcase and get inspiration from. You can also see Talented Artists To Follow On Facebook.

These were the 12 web designer which you must follow on Instagram. Their art, designs and illustration are beautiful. Their Instagram profiles are telling the stories which are worth following. They keep posting about their personal and professional life. They have regular updates about their designs and work. Their work can inspire you for a better design. Follow them you never which of their design can motivate you.

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