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15+ Magnificent Examples of Websites With Blurred Images

Blurred image backgrounds not only enhance the look of a website but also help in loading the pages faster. Because of these multiple benefits, the trend of using blurred images in designing websites is now on the rise. These are being used in designing websites as headers, sliders, banners or even as a full-width website background. When used correctly, blurred images can be a part of a contemporary and attractive design. You can also see Examples Of 3D Design Websites.

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Fat Dragon

Fat Dragon is among those restaurants who successfully used the blurred image technique on their website. The famous Asian Diner has opted for this technique to attract the visitor’s attention. On the whole, the website stands as a great example to showcase the hidden power of blurred images.

The Cook App

When you look at Cook App’s website, you can get a demonstration on the usage of the blurred image technique. Here, they have blurred the entire background so that the visitors’ focus is drawn to text and other details placed on the webpage.


Maestro has used the blurred image theme on their homepage, which displays their core competency in a pleasing manner. On their website, they have used an image wherein, a couple is dining. Though they have blurred the image, you can still see what this image contains. This gives the website an awe-inspiring look.


Nextr, a transport related app, has used a blurred image on their website, which blends in perfectly with the other contents of the website. They have used the blurred image in a manner wherein visitors will focus more on the content, than the image itself.

Income io

Income.io is an app that helps you to keep track of your hefty expenses. On their website, they have tried to highlight this point through a blurred image of a happy family. They have used an image of a tablet on the page, which shows how the app can be used.

Dickson Fong

This website stood as a benchmark for blurred image backgrounds. The banner on the homepage has a bold look with a powerful slogan, which locks the visitor’s attention in its very first look. With the stunning and captivating theme concepts, it is on its way to compete with the best in business.

Piction App

You can’t ignore or underestimate the value addition of the blurred images technique. Knowing the technique is one thing, using it effectively, is another. And Piction App has made appropriate use of the blurred image technique to enhance the overall look of their website.

Asylum Marketing

You can apply your creativity to anything and everything. And Asylum Marketing agency has done exactly the same thing with their website. On their website’s homepage, they imposed the blurred images in the form of automatic sliders. These banner-cum-images not only double the look and feel but also give the visitor a pleasant view to browse.

Daniel Filler

While designing a website, there are a few things that need to be looked into like, branding, color theory, typography etc. And prominent web designer, Daniel Filler, has summed it up beautifully on his official web page. On the website’s banner, a blurred image of Daniel Filler has been used and it syncs perfectly with the information on the page.

Note Shelf

Team Geek


Data Driven London

Video Guard

Hipstamatic Oggl

There are numerous ways to use the blur technique effectively for web design projects. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is, you should opt for a blurred effect that blends in seamlessly with the rest of the design. You can blur the image more, if you intend to give your design an abstract look and use minimal blurring effect to create a subtle contrast and create focus. Blurred images technique has indeed added a new dimension to the skills of web designers.

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