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A birthday is a very important occasion in a person’s life. Aside from getting older by the numbers, it is a welcoming thought of having gone through another fruitful year and looking forward to what’s in store for him. Some years of a person’s birthday is marked special, as he is deemed to become a wiser person later on. One of these years is the 21st birthday. It is significant for people around the world as it is the coming of age and is considered independent in the eyes of the society.

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An invitation is a representation of the occasion. To make it attention-grabbing and flashy, check our template collection for some fresh ideas. You may also see birthday invitation templates in PDF.

21st Birthday Invitation Sample

21st birthday invitation sample

Birthday Celebration Invitation Template

birthday celebration invitation template

Black and Silver Birthday Invitation

black and silver birthday invitation

How to Throw a 21st Birthday Party

A 21st birthday party is a big call for celebration. Mostly, it is a grand and intimate party with family and close friends. It should be a memorable and worthwhile celebration filled with love and laughter. Throwing a party is hard and mind-wrecking. These tips will help you in throwing a good and flashy party.

1. Plan Ahead

Throwing a party means planning it way ahead of time. Give yourself 3 to 6 months before the day of the party. This will give you enough time to plan out everything smoothly. When you plan ahead of time, the changes that will be made are taken care of right away. There are also many changes and alternatives that can come along the way as you plan the party. You may also see email birthday invitations.

2. Think of a Theme

The theme should be something related to the celebrant. It might be his favorite movie or a cartoon character that he loves. It helps if you know the celebrant very well since you know his preferences and obsessions. Out of a given theme, you have to think of ways on how to make it lively and very creative. You may also see party invitation templates.

3. Pick a Venue

Before picking a venue, make a guest list for the party. Depending on the final number of visitors that you have listed, you can now look for a venue that can accommodate them fully. Make sure the venue you pick has complete and functional amenities. Consider its safety measures and security matters. You have to think of the guests’ safety as you choose the venue. If it’s a big party, choose a venue that can accommodate all your guests. If it’s a small and intimate party, you may have it in your home. You may also see photo birthday invitation templates.

4. Pick the Right Caterer

After the venue, pick the right caterer to provide the food for the party. Think of the food the majority can eat. In this way, you won’t have to think if people can eat a certain food or not. They can choose whatever food they want. For the drinks, you can either keep the alcohol to a minimum or give them out to the after party. Have an agreement with the caterer on the food and what time it gets to be delivered to the party venue. If you are having an intimate 21st birthday party, you can cook the food yourself to save some money. You may also see birthday invitation designs.

Rose Gold Birthday Card

rose gold birthday card

Woman’s 21st Birthday Party Card

womans 21st birthday party card

5. Prepare the Formalities

The formalities in a party include the speeches and giving of gifts. The parents usually have a special gift for their son or daughter. If the guests bring their gifts to the party, provide a separate table where they can put them while having the party. For the speeches, parents and close friends usually give them. They wish good health and spill some silly information about the celebrant. This gets the audience laughing and keeps the party interesting. Arrange the people who would do the formalities and make sure they have prepared themselves well. You may also see first birthday invitation templates.

6. Request for Assistance

Get some helping hands from the people around you in organizing the party. This helps in smoothing the execution of each part of the plan. It saves you more time if you request help from others. You may also see postcard birthday invitation templates.

7. Photo Documentation

You can either hire a photographer or do it yourself during the party. If you hire a photographer, make sure you agree to the payment terms and other conditions related to his job in the party. Photos keep good memories alive over time. You may also see birthday invitation templates.

8. Create Games

For the party to be more alive, create games that involve the celebrant and the guests. You may have a trivia quiz to the guests, in which all the questions and answers are all about the celebrant. It will surely light up the party and makes you see who knows the celebrant well. One or two games are good enough for the party. You may also see surprise birthday invitation templates.

9. Enjoy the Party

Because that’s what matters. Enjoy the party and allow yourself to loosen up a bit. Be a social butterfly and entertain the guests when needed. Make sure everything goes well and provide a quick solution if something happens. You may also see first birthday invitations.

Modern Rose Gold 21st Birthday Card

modern rose gold 21st birthday card

Typography 21st Birthday Party Card

typography 21st birthday party card

21st Birthday Celebrations Worldwide

People celebrating their 21st birthdays have several ways of celebrating them. Some throw parties while some adhere to cultural sensitivities. Here are some of the ways people all over the world celebrate their 21st year:

1. United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the celebration of the 21st birthday is said to be rooted in the culture of knighthood. When men turn 21, they are promoted as knights. In the modern times, British people give speeches dedicated to the people who helped them become who they are now. A little party is held with friends and family. You may also see outstanding surprise party invitations.

2. Holland

When a person turns 21 in Holland, he or she gets treated like a royalty by having a special chair decorated just for him by his family. He gets to eat pancakes topped with powdered sugar and a cup of hot chocolate for that day. You may also see vintage birthday invitations.

3. Brazil

Brazilians hold a colorful celebration for the 21st birthday. Fruit and vegetable shaped candies are eaten for that day. The celebrant gives a piece of cake to the special person that he chose. After that, the cake is served to everyone. You may also see baseball birthday invitation templates.

4. Philippines

In the Philippines, only men celebrate the 21st birthday as some sort of a “debut”. The party is not that lavish compared to the women’s 18th birthday, which is the more familiar kind of debut in the country. The party is grand and filled with speeches and other formalities.

The 21st birthday is the time where a person becomes an adult and can handle the responsibilities of being one. In the eyes of the society, he is accountable for everything he does and should be able to stand by himself. This party is significant to the celebrant and the people around him. It is his first year of stepping into the world of adulthood. You may also see sample birthday invitation templates.

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