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3+ 25th Anniversary Invitation Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

For the millennial standard, a year in a relationship is already one considered long. Younger generations are living a fast-paced life, where courtship only lasts a month or two and relationships are not as stable. That is why being in awe is a common reaction from younger people when discovering how there are people who can manage to stay together beyond the years they are accustomed to.

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For couples who are in such a disposition, the true test lies not with how long they can stay with each other, but with how willing they are to work together to be with each other. That is why, when they are able to go beyond the years that most do not expect them to or accustomed with, they celebrate their matrimony and one of these known events that married couples get to undergo is the Silver Wedding Anniversary or their 25th year of being together.

Corporate Anniversary Invitation

Origin of the Silver Wedding Anniversary Tradition

The tradition of celebrating silver wedding anniversaries date back to a custom of Germanic origin. Where a husband would often bring his wife a silver wreath on the day they are to celebrate their anniversary. Silver was chosen as it symbolized harmony, which was believed by people to be what couples need in order to sustain the relationship.

How Do Couples Choose to Celebrate Their Silver Wedding Anniversaries?

There are different ways a couple can choose to celebrate their 25 years of being together. Ways that greatly differ from each other but somehow share the same objective— to spend time together and celebrate the milestone of being together. Across the borders of the world, couples prefer different ways of celebrating their silver wedding anniversary, it might be because of preference or culture, but here are a few common ways couples celebrate their 25th year together.

1. They Give Each Other Gifts

Among all other options, this one, that is by simply giving each other gifts, is the more simple way a couple celebrates their silver wedding anniversary. Most of the time, couples opt for gifts that are made in silver to commemorate the occasion they are celebrating. For the husband, a wife can give him a silver cufflink, a silver bracelet or ring, or even a silver photo frame that contains a photo of the two of them. For the wife, a husband can gift her any silver accessories that range from earrings to necklaces, to rings and bracelets. This simple gesture of simply giving each other gifts is enough for others to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.

2. The Travel Together

Some other couples opt to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary by traveling together. Although it is an expensive option to go for, some see it as necessary to take a break from the busy lives and from the stress they go through as couples. This way they will be able to rejuvenate and reconnect as a couple, and more importantly see the world together as a couple. Commonly, to commemorate their silver wedding anniversary through travel, couples go to places that are named with “silver”. There are the Silver Lakes in Oregon, Indiana, Kansas, to name a few; there is also the Silver Sands State Park in Connecticut. Silver Bay in Minnesota, Silver Beach in Michigan, and Silver Strand State Beach on Coronado.

3. They Organize a Party

There are also couples who choose to organize a party with the people close to them (i.e. family, friends, and colleagues). This way they are able to make their 25th mark of being together more fun-filled especially when they ask their guests to bring with them stories and tangible memories. They sometimes create a slideshow of the photo of them through the years, to show their growth as a couple and also maybe poke fun at their most cringe-worthy photos back in the day.

4. Renew Their Vows

And the most common one is when couples choose to renew their vows in a church on their 25th wedding anniversary. Although couples can renew their vows at any time, some simply choose to do it on their silver wedding anniversary as it is a milestone that deserves another monumental affair. Couples choose to do so to reaffirm their commitment with each other.

25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Surprise Party Card

Invitation Cards for 25th Wedding Anniversaries

In the case you choose to throw a party or renew your vows, guests are needed in order for the event to be a success. How they see your event will determine its success. And in order to inform guests about your 25th wedding anniversary, you can simply opt for an invitation card as a means to invite them. The invitation card is a long-standing tradition that we all are accustomed to and it is a medium that has remained relevant and steadfast amidst the incrementing influence of technology and social media platforms.

But, why? If there is an option that is as easy as simply sending a chat or text and being able to already relay the information, why bother with invitation cards? There are a few benefits that invitation cards entail that a simple text or chat do not have. These benefits ultimately justify the very reason why an invitation card is still as ideal as ever.

1. Set the Tone of the Event

Being that invitation cards are the very first thing guests will see or know about your event, it has the capacity to set the tone for the coming event you are organizing. Whether you go for a grand celebration or a more simple one, an invitation card is able to relay that to your guests.

2. Help Guests Anticipate

Since an invitation card is first and foremost used as a medium to inform guests, it will be able to help guests anticipate for your coming event. With an invitation card formally relaying the information of what event is coming, it will give them the needed hype for your wedding anniversary. It can be simply thought of as a prelude to your 25th wedding anniversary, where they are given a hint of what spectacle to expect.

3. Inform Guests

Most importantly, an invitation card is a tool used to inform guests about your event, which in this case is your 25th wedding anniversary. It relays the event coming up and all the details it encompasses such as the date you will be having your wedding anniversary, the location of where you wish to hold it, and most importantly a set of contact information to cater to their inquiries. An invitation card will simply help your guests be better equipped for your event, which will, in the end, contribute to how smooth it will go.

4. Can be Kept for Keepsakes

One of the assets of having an invitation card is how your guests get to keep it for keepsakes. It will be one of the tangible memories they get to look back to about your wedding anniversary. Also, in moments of solitude, they have something to hold on to and just simply recall the beautiful memories they have made with you and other guests during the night of the event. Invitation cards can simply be looked at as a vehicle for nostalgia.

25th Anniversary Invitation, Faux Glitter/Foil Card

25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Invitations

25 years of being together are something worth celebrating. It is no joke with all that you have to go through: the hardships, the trials, the circumstances that tested your relationship and yet you still chose to stay together. All those are nothing, incomparable to the beautiful 25 years you have. Whatever way you wish to celebrate your 25th year of being together, the most important thing to remember is that you are celebrating love and the abundance of it. And most importantly, to make everything more special, celebrate it with the people dear to both your hearts, whether it be a simple or grand celebration, guests will truly make it more memorable and special.

If you find this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other individuals or couples planning to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary and is seeking the best invitation card designs and templates to use.

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