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4+ 80th Birthday Party Invitations Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

We all aspire to reach a certain age and when we do, we celebrate it in the grandest way we can think of. We can only dream of reaching a hundred years old as it is indeed a rare occurrence not most are privileged enough to reach. 40 is when you are in the prime of your life, 60 is a milestone, beyond 70 (like 80) is an achievement, an achievement ought to be celebrated. So, if you know of someone turning 80 perhaps one of your grandparents, celebrate their life. Throw them a party, invite people and celebrate their beautiful 80 years alive.

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Importance of Invitation Cards

In this world where technology and social media platforms are incrementing its influence over people, invitation cards are seen as irrelevant and obsolete. No one can deny the fact that a simple text and chat with people to relay the message of an upcoming event is so much easier, but with its ease comes repercussions of informality. Here are reasons why invitation cards are still used by some other people, who continue to see its relevance and value.

1. Invitation Cards Set the Tone of the Event

Invitation cards are one of those features in any event wherein it is able to capture the essence of the organized event and relay it to the intended guests. With such occurrence, it helps people to get an inch of an idea of what to expect about the event. If you plan to organize an 80th birthday that has a sophisticated theme, an invitation card is able to cohere to that by having, for example, gold designs or glitter designs helping it look grand. And with that, it just helps set the tone for the coming event.

2. Invitation Cards Help Guests Anticipate for the Event

Since invitation cards are mainly used as a medium to inform guests about a coming event you are organizing, it will be able to help guests anticipate for the event. In a way it works as something that hypes people up, with the hint you are providing your guests about the event it for sure will most likely make them look forward to it. It can simply be thought of as a prelude to your event, where guests are being shown something slight to a bigger spectacle.

3. Invitation Cards Inform Guests

This is what invitation cards are meant to do: to inform guests about the event itself and all it encompasses. It is a medium that can effectively do such thing, without having to worry whether it will be relayed to the guests it is intended for. Invitation cards as a whole, inform guests that there will be an upcoming event that you are organizing. And then there are the details which it encompasses, that help better inform each individual about the event. There is the location, the date, what dress code is, are gifts mandatory, are there any parking spaces for guests who wish to bring their cars. There is just a lot of information that you can pack in an invitation card that will help for the event to go as smoothly as possible.

4. Invitation Cards Can Be Really Memorable

Considering that it will be creatively designed, invitation cards will be most likely remembered by guests even in the years to come. Not only that, they will be able to keep it for keepsakes, where guests will hold on to the invitation card as a tangible memory of your event. They will be able to look back on it, especially in moments of solitude where they would often time recall past memories, and just simply remember the moments that entail the card. How fun the day was, what the feelings and emotions you and the guests felt during that day and so much more. It can simply be a vehicle for nostalgia.

Any Age White Rose Floral 80th Birthday Invite

Invitation Cards in a Time of Social Media Platforms

We are in an age where social media platforms are at the center of every individual’s life. Every hour of every day, you can see people in front of the screens of their gadgets scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds. With this, inviting has been made tremendously easy for people, just one click away and the message is simply relayed to the people it is intended for. And with this phenomenon, people have most notably resorted to such option, often times pushing invitation cards to the side—disregarded and unnoticed. However, there are still a few people who see the value that invitation cards have, how even in this social media age, it is still as relevant and important as before.

Even if some have grown more fond of simply sending texts or chats to people they wish to invite, there are some that see invitation cards as an incomparable medium to use for inviting. Because it is! There are still people who prefer to use mediums that are more tangible and that can serve more than just relay the information, and an invitation card can evidently do just that.

Invitation cards are a long-standing tradition that people from all across the world have grown accustomed to. It is present in any kind of event whether birthday parties, weddings, bridal or baby showers, to name a few. People who organize events just look for a way to make their event as unique as possible in a way best reflects and represents them with an invitation card.

80th Glitter Confetti Surprise Party Invitation

Burgundy Pink Country Rose 80th Birthday Invite

Premade Invitation Card Designs and Templates

Although there are tons of ways one can acquire their very own invitation card, choosing to simply buy pre-made designs and templates that are readily available online is a far more ideal option. And there are reasons to justify why premade designs and templates or the premade option, in general, is an ideal choice to go for.

1. Affordable

Because the graphics artists who make these designs create them in a way that is not based on any demands and requirements, the fee for these are commonly more affordable. The main reason for this is how not much labor is being put into to create the designs and templates. Graphics artists simply create the design they most prefer at their own pace and time. Compared to that of a custom-made invitation card wherein it can really be expensive because of how intensive the labor is to meet your demands and requirements.

2. Workable

Premade designs and templates can easily be created, even if you do not have the most advanced knowledge about different design software used to create such mediums. Even if you only have basic knowledge, you can already create your own invitation card of your liking. Also, since it is premade, which means there are designs already laid out initially, you can either simply finish what the graphics artist started or use it as an inspiration to base off of.

3. Editable

Premade designs and templates are generally editable and customizable to your preference. You can simply edit the texts, the fonts, the colors, the sizes, and few other elements in the design that best satisfies your preference. At times, it comes with smart object layers or vector files that enable you to move around elements in the design to create a more unique and personalized invitation card.

4. Design Variation

With the pre-made option, there is an array of options you can choose from. An array that varies and caters to different tastes and preferences of different people. There are simple designs, minimal designs, modern designs, fun designs, and even printed designs that come with floral prints, stripes, glitters, polka dots and so many others. There is definitely one for every different preference.

Elegant Gold 80th Birthday Party Card

Gold Foil Chalkboard Eighty Birthday Party | 80TH Card

We have reached a point in our lives where we have become so dependent on anything social media-related. That most of what we do revolves around it. However, things that stem from tradition are still an option as relevant as ever despite the continued modernization of this generation and as such are invitation cards, which proved to still be as useful and effective even with chats and texts being primary options as a medium for invites.

If you find this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other individuals seeking birthday invitation card designs and templates to use for 80th birthday celebrations or any birthdays in general.

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