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14+ Animal Themed Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

On this planet, we humans are accompanied by a variety of species or creatures that we call animals, though many scientists also refer to human beings as animals. According to the Bible, animals were created by God during the fifth and sixth day before He created Adam for the earth to be inhabited. Even if you aren’t religious, it is still safe to say that the presence of animals makes the world a great place to live in. You may also see farm invitation templates.

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As rational beings, we should always love and respect animals simply because they deserve it. And to show how much you love animals, you may even want to incorporate it as a theme for your events. Below are some animal-themed invitation designs and templates that we have gathered if you are indeed planning to throw an animal-themed party.

Hand Illustrated Animal Invitation Template

Do you like hand-drawn inspired designs? If you do, then you might also like the cartoonish baby shower invitation above.

Giraffe Illustration Baby Shower Invitation

Facts that You May Want to Know about Giraffes

What do you know about these creatures aside from the fact that they have a very long neck? Giraffes are indeed beautiful creatures and are even considered to be one of the world’s most gentle giants. Below are some awesome facts about giraffes that you might want to know. You may also see printable baby shower invitations.

1. A common myth has stated that giraffes have two hearts, but this myth has long been debunked. Giraffes only have one heart, like all of us, but a giraffe’s heart is very powerful that it can pump blood all the way to its brain and legs. You may also see free birthday invitations.

2. Giraffes are considered to be the tallest land animals because of their very long necks. An adult male giraffe can grow to over five meters, which is equivalent to around three adult humans. You may also see carnival birthday invitation samples.

3. Giraffes are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants, and their favorite are the leaves of the acacia tree. Giraffes use their long necks to reach the leaves of the trees, and their long tongues—which can grow to a length of over 50 centimeters—to pull down the leaves. You may also see photo birthday invitations.

4. Giraffes don’t drink a lot of water, they only do it once every few days. The reason behind this is that they get their needed hydration from the plants that they eat. You may also see kids birthday invitations.

5. Female giraffes give birth while standing up and actually just drop their newborns to the ground. While it may seem brutal to think that the newborn giraffes get their first taste of life outside the womb by falling several feet, they are actually able to get on their feet in less than thirty minutes. You may also see beautiful kids birthday invitations.

Zoo Themed Animal Invitation Template

Rustic Bear Baby Shower Invitation

Animal Birthday Party Invitation Template

Tips to Planning an Animal Themed Party

It’s always good to teach children to appreciate animals as early as possible, and they may even bring that level of appreciation towards other people. According to experts, the way a person treats animals will most likely reflect how they treat their fellow humans. One way that you can make children love animals is by holding animal-themed parties, and we may just have a couple of tips for you. You may also see birthday invitations.

1. Greet the arriving children by putting on an animal-printed or any animal-themed party hat on them. Party hats are actually very easy to make, but if you want to save yourself the stress, you can also buy them from party stores, and they are not expensive. You may also see print invitations.

2. Be sure to decorate the venue appropriately, print out some animal pictures or posters and put them up on your walls. If you are willing to spend some money, then you can go buy some animal plushy or stuffed toys and scatter them around the room. You may also see birthday invitation formats.

3. To help complement the ambiance, play some upbeat jungle-like beats while the party is ongoing. There are actually a lot of them that you can find on the internet, and the most commonly used ones are those that involve drums and percussion instruments. You may also see personalized birthday invitations.

4. If you’re hosting a birthday party, the birthday cake should be animal themed as well. If you have what it takes to bake your own birthday cake, the easiest way that you can make it animal-themed is by adding animal prints or animal decorations on top of the cake. Otherwise, you can simply buy one from a store and just add on some animal-themed elements to it.

5. Make your invitations animal-themed as well. If you like, you may even use the birthday invitation card template shown above.

Jungle Themed Birthday Invitation Template

Some of the World’s Most Amazing Jungles

Our world is full of jungles where most of our wild animals inhabit, and aside from the animals, it is also where you can find some of the most exotic plants and the tallest of trees. Also known as rainforests, it is very important to preserve them in order to provide wild animals with a place to live in and to make the world as green as it needs to be. Below is a list of some of the most amazing jungles in the world. You may also see birthday invitations in PDF.

1. Borneo. Somewhere off the coast of Malaysia is the island of Borneo, which is the third largest island in the entire world, and is almost entirely made up of a jungle. The jungle in Borneo is the perfect destination for many wildlife enthusiasts. You may also see kids invitation templates.

2. Brazil. The Amazon in Brazil is one of the most-renowned jungles in the world, and is home to over 10,000 species. Though the Amazon covers over nine countries, it is more prevalent in Brazil. You may also see birthday invitation templates.

3. Malaysia. The Kinabalu National Park is the first national park in Malaysia and is also the first one to be named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The size of this jungle is larger than Singapore, and surrounds Mount Kinabalu—which is the world’s youngest non-volcanic mountain—and is home to over 4,500 species. You may also see party invitation templates.

4. Africa. The Congo Rainforest in Africa is considered to be the second largest tropical forest in the world, and is home to around 10,000 species of plants, 1,000 species of birds, 500 species of fishes, and 500 species of mammals. You may also see sample onesie invitation templates.

5. Papua New Guinea. The entire country is 75% jungle, and is inhabited by over a hundred unique species. Because of relatively close distance to Australia, you will also be able to find native marsupials in this rainforest. You may also see kitty themed invitation cards.

Safari Ticket Birthday Party Invitation

Circus Themed Birthday Party Invitation

Brief History of the Circus

A lot of us have probably seen the recently-released movie “The Greatest Showman”, which is a fictionalized story of the origins of modern circus, but we can’t help but ask how the circus was really invented. Below is a brief history of the modern circus that we are now familiar with. You may also see kids party invitations.

1. The modern circus was invented by a soldier-turned-entertainer named Philip Astley, who was incredibly talented at training a horse. By 1768, Astley opened a school in London where he taught amazing feats of horsemanship. You may also see rustic invitation templates.

2. By 1770, Astley became more famous at being a performer than being an instructor which inspired him to bring some more novelty to his performances. This led him to hire jugglers, acrobats, and tightrope dancers. You may also see baby shower invitation designs.

3. In 1782, just as Astley opened a circus in Paris, a former member of his company named Charles Hughes opened his own circus in London. You may also see rustic invitation designs.

4. In 1793, a British equestrian named John Bill Ricketts opened the first circus in Philadelphia, USA. Ricketts was one of Hughes’ pupils in London. You may also see invitation card formats.

5. In 1871, an impresario and former museum promoter named P. T. Barnum invented the first traveling circus which doubled as a museum for animal and human oddities. This traveling circus was under the association of William Cameron Coup, who is a circus entrepreneur. You may also see funny wedding invitations.

6. The equestrian circus ended after World War I and was replaced by trapeze artists, tightrope performers, acrobats, and star clowns—who served as visual gags of the show. You may also see formal invittaion templates.

Winter Penguin Party Invitation Template

Wild Ones Animal Invitation Template

Baby Shower Animal Invitation Template

Cartoon Animals Kids Birthday Invitation

Cartoon Bear Baby Shower Invitation

Under the Sea Birthday Invitation Template

Interesting Facts from Under the Sea

What else do we know about the ocean life aside from those that we commonly see on the television? We do know that it is the home to a many species of fish, but what else is there? Here, we will find out some interesting facts from under the sea. You may also see sample invitation flyers.

1. You think dinosaurs are one of the world’s first inhabitants? You may have been misinformed because jellyfishes have actually been around for over 650 million years. You may also see dinner invitation templates.

2. The electric current that an electric eel can produce is powerful enough to light up ten electric bulbs.

3. One survival instinct of dolphins is their ability to sleep with only half their brain as well as one eye open. This allows them to be alert in case of predators and other threats. You may also see baptism invitation templates.

4. Unlike most animals, the octopus anatomical structure is very unique, they have three hearts and blue-colored blood. You may also see formal dinner invittaions.

5. Blue whales have the ability to make extremely loud noises, reaching up to 188 decibels. These noises—which they use to call other whales—are the loudest sounds made by any animal on the planet. You may also see business invitation templates.

Adorable Animals Birthday Invitation Template

Make the child’s birthday party worth remembering by incorporating an animal theme, and the event invitation design above may be what you need for that party.

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