5+ Attractive Rustic Invitation Designs


Rustic designs center on natural beauty, specifically trees and wood. Rustic designs in architecture are mostly seen in wooden furniture and house interiors. These designs are the essence of relaxation, reminiscent of an evening with dogs sleeping near the fireplace and family members laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Rustic, based on its definition, is also associated with the countryside.

When it comes to invitations, rustic invitation designs are commonly used for outdoor events and rustic parties. There are no limits on where to use rustic designs as long as it matches the event. The beauty in these designs lie in their simplicity and rural vibe, so if you’re planning to host an outdoor get-together, think of using a rustic design first. Here are some very attractive rustic invitation designs. Haven’t found what you’re looking for here? Check out these other rustic invitation templates.

Rustic Baby Shower Invitation

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This rustic baby shower invitation design perfectly incorporates a wooden table and a stag. The table provides a natural backdrop with its worn-out and dark brown color while the stag silhouette acts as the central image in the design. Buntings hovering on the top most part of the invitation provide an extra kick to the invitation design. The stag is perfectly used to represent the baby boy in the shower. Additionally, a lighter shade of blue matches well with the dark brown color of the backdrop.

Baby showers, which originated during the 1940s, have grown exponentially in popularity ever since and are now celebrated in different countries around the world. Although it started as a formal celebration, baby showers have grown to be more casual in recent years. Baby showers these days mostly consist of sharing baby stories, gift giving, and playing games. Baby showers are also great venues for family members of the expectant parents to get together and bond.

Rustic Floral Bridal Shower Invitation

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This rustic floral bridal shower invitation has an interesting design of potentially conflicting elements, yet somehow it all works together to create an attractive whole. The main design elements used in this invitation are two things which are not usually associated with each other—flowers and bricks. The lighter color of the flower designs used matches the plain and repetitive brick designs. The rustic look more or less takes a back seat as the flowers tend to dominate a viewer’s attention. But despite the flowers being the center of attention, it is a beautiful design nonetheless.

Bridal showers are the feminine equivalent of bachelor parties. Though there is usually some kind of etiquette to be followed in bridal showers, it’s not the case for all events. These celebrations can be as wild as bachelor parties. So if you’re going for a rustic-themed bridal shower, choose this design and plan for a crazy night with your girl friends.

Rustic Wedding Tree Invitation

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This rustic wedding invitation is the perfect type to use for any wedding. The invitation design consists of a beautiful, hand-drawn tree which exudes elegance while the addition of sparkling lights illuminates the entire invitation. No detail is left out as each branch, leaf, bark, and shadow is excellently sketched. The initials of the couple are carved in the center of the tree for that extra touch of romance and this invitation can be used for either indoor or outdoor weddings.

There is a process when it comes to making wedding invitations, whether it be for a church or a country wedding. Numerous factors need to be considered when choosing your intended design, which include getting the approval of the couple before the invitations are printed. Although there is no rule of thumb in invitation-making, just be mindful that each wedding needs to have a beautiful invitation and all the important details should be readable.

Read more on how to avoid wedding invitation mistakes when making these precious wedding invitations.

Mason Jar & Lights Rustic Wedding Invitation

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This is another rustic wedding invitation design. Although trees are still an attractive design element in the design, it is only second to the mason jar and sparkling string of lights. Beautifully edited to create a night time illumination effect, the lights and mason jars stand out perfectly to light up the invitation.

Rustic Blue and Gold Birthday Invitation

screenshot from 2017 09 26 16 32 57 788x403

This rustic blue and gold birthday invitation design matches the colors and images pretty well. The gold-colored anchor and sparkling lights stand out from the blue-colored wooden table. This is a beautifully crafted invitation which emphasizes the golden anchor but does not take away too much from the actual purpose of the invitation. The blue gradient in the top part of the invitation is a nice touch that complements the wooden table effect of the background.

Since birthday parties are annual events, the theme in each birthday celebration can be changed every year. Infants and toddlers usually have superhero or animal-themed parties. As they get older, the creativity in these birthday celebrations are upped to another level, with the themes ranging from movies, music, or even decade-based themes although superhero and animal-themed parties are still the most common ones.

Autumn Season Rustic Invitation

screenshot from 2017 09 26 16 49 18 788x406

Attaching photos to the invitation is an easy way to add some color and style. As long as the photo if of great quality and high resolution, then it can become the main attraction of the invitation. This autumn/fall season wedding rustic invitation consists of a photo in the upper frame of the invitation. The said photo is a beautifully captured shot of trees during autumn season where leaves turn red and yellow. Trees during autumn are a sight to behold since their usual green colors are replaced with striking reds and yellows. And when the autumn leaves fall to the ground, it creates a perfect photo opportunity.

When searching for rustic designs in making invitations, always have autumn-inspired designs on your priority list. There are numerous designs to choose from and there is not one bland design when it comes to autumn due to the variety of colors (unlike the whites for winter or reds for summer). Even if the occasion is far from autumn, an autumn-inspired invitation will certainly bring back memories of cool and relaxing weather.

Tips on Making Rustic Invitations

  • The essence of rustic invitations are their simplicity. But there is no limit on how these invitations should be made. Create numerous designs and choose the best that perfectly fits the event. Even better, have a presentation and let some other folks help you decide on what invitation design to use.
  • Nature should always be incorporated in the design. Rustic is meant to portray natural beauty or the beauty of the countryside. But don’t include images of a tree or a flower just for the sake of it. Make sure these images fit perfectly in the invitation. Flowers can be used as borders in the invitation, as they can add to the design. Leaves are also great options to sprinkle around the invitation. Furthermore, using a wooden table is a common rustic backdrop but you can replace the table with a tree instead.
  • Mix and match colors. Rustic invitations center on brown and other dark colors. Mix and match colors to create a more visually appealing invitation. Brown can be paired with yellow or a lighter shade of blue to create a nice contrast. Additionally, a combination of orange, yellow, and green can be used in rustic invitations as well.
  • Don’t forget the details. Focusing too much on the design may cause you to omit some important details such as the date and venue. If you are pressed for time, make sure you get it checked by someone else before you print out those invitations. Printing a second batch of invitations after you see glaring errors in your first print will be very costly on your end.
  • Use photos if necessary. Having a tree as your invitation background is a good choice. But if it’s a wedding or birthday invitation, try having the faces of the celebrants in the main frame of the invitation since the celebration is about them.


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