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Baby showers are everywhere. At some point, you get to invite and be invited in that fluffy and cute ceremony. The celebration is meant for expectant mothers and their babies, unborn, or delivered. It is an event filled with colors, gifts, and cuteness. As parents, you have to invite some of your closest friends to the ceremony. The invitation of your baby shower should look simple but packed with fluff and elegance. To get some fresh ideas, you can just go over our collection of templates and see what suits your taste.

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Invitation


Stylish Baby Shower Invitation


Editable Baby Shower Invitation


Designing The Baby Shower Invitation

Designing the baby shower invitation needs more time and concentration. There are a few things that should be taken into consideration when you want to design one. Here are some tips in designing a baby shower invitation:

1. Pre-made template vs. making own template

If you have more than enough in your budget, you can purchase a customizable template online. Make sure the price won’t hurt your pocket. Take a look if the template can run on your photo editing applications. If you have so much time in your hands, you can make the design yourself. Buying a pre-made template and designing one yourself is a case-to-case basis. It just depends on the situation. If you make your own design, you have total control of its overall look. When buying a pre-made template, you are limited to the default design and you can only do slight changes. You may also see a sample invitation.

2. Put important information

Information such as the name of the couple, venue, time and date should not be left out when you write the words in your invitation. The gender of the baby is revealed in the invitation card. Make sure all these information are present.

Zoo Baby Shower Invitation


Classic Baby Shower Invitation


Baby Shower Party Invitation

baby shower party invitation template
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Save the Date Baby Shower Invitation

save the date baby shower invitation
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Free Couples Baby Shower Invitation

free couples baby shower invitation template
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Baby Shower Invitation Example

Baby Shower Invitation Example

Pink Baby Shower Invitation


Chalk Baby Shower Invitation


Blush Pink Gold Oh Baby Shower Invitation


3. Be mindful of the colors

Baby shower invitations commonly use light and pastel colors to highlight the lightness of the occasion since it is for the baby. If your child is a boy, light blue and pastel blue would do. If it’s a girl, light pink and any feminine color suits the invitation. You may also see christening photo invitations.

4. Make the wording friendly

The invitation is about getting people to attend your event in the most cordial way possible. Make the words friendly and inviting to the people in your invitation. This gives them a sense of belonging to your party. You may also see onesie invitation templates.

5. Edit and save

Of course, it is a must to edit and save your work after the initial design has been made. Some details are not that perfect yet and saving your work every time you make the slightest change saves time and energy when the power suddenly stops. You may also see printable baby shower invitations.

Rustic Baby Shower Invitation


Simple Baby Shower Invitation

Simple Baby Shower Invitation

Floral Baby Shower Invitation


Marsala Baby Shower Invitation


Printable Baby Shower Invitation


Watercolor Floral Unicorn Baby Shower Invitations


Baby Pattern Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Pattern Baby Shower Invitation

Fancy Baby Shower Invitation

Fancy Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Showers: A Brief History

A baby shower is a celebration normally held to a mother expecting her first child or have successfully delivered her child. Mothers are “showered” with gifts from their friends. It is a celebration done for the baby during 32 weeks, or 7 months, of pregnancy. In the earlier traditions, the baby shower is only given to the family’s first child. However, this has changed over the years. Every baby that comes into the family is given a baby shower. You may also see free printable baby shower invitations.

The baby shower is hosted by a close friend rather than a family member. It is very rude for a family member to ask for gifts in behalf of another member. With a close friend in sight, there is no bias and unwanted pity in giving of gifts. However, this rule is not followed in certain countries. Pampering stuff are usually gifted to the mother. These include baby bottles, diapers, toys, clothes and blankets. The opening of gifts is also done in the party. You may also see baby shower invitation postcards.

Baby showers are celebrated throughout the world. In Brazil, a baby tea party is offered before the birth of the mother. It is also a common tradition in United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Baby showers are also becoming more common in the United Kingdom. In China, it is their tradition to hold the baby shower a month before the mother’s birth. In Russia, the younger generations start to adapt and hold baby showers. In this day and age, men can attend to baby showers. But in Guatemala, it is an event tailored for women only. Men are not allowed to attend this event. You may also see sample invitation cards.

Baby showers serve as a welcoming party for the baby. Having the party before or after birth is the parent’s call. As long as the party is done at everyone’s convenience, then nothing can go wrong with that. You may also see whale baby shower invitations.

How To Hold A Baby Shower

For mothers-to-be, holding a baby shower needs helping hands and extensive planning. The party for the baby should be good as it can be, since it only happens once. Here are the steps in holding a baby shower:

1. Set a budget.

In baby showers, a simple budget is the most important thing to consider. You can hold an intimate party with just family, relatives and close friends. If you have more than enough in your pocket, you can make it big and grand for the baby and for your visitors. The overall look of your party depends on your budget.

2. Pick a venue.

There are two options for this: your home, or another venue. You do not have to pay the per-hour rent of the venue if you choose to hold the party in your home. It saves you a lot of your budget and you can use it to bring in more food and entertainment. However, if you have a small space in your home, it is best to pick a venue for your baby shower. Make sure it can hold a large number of guests no matter how many you invite to the party. The venue is one of the things that matter in any party. You may also see baby shower photo invitations.

3. Get a host.

Get a close friend with excellent hosting skills to host your event. Set aside an amount for their talent fee for the whole event. You can host the event yourself if you want to save some money. In picking a host, make sure you know him well and you have seen how he conducts himself in front of the crowd. It is important to take note of that. A host is a crucial part of the party. He leads everyone and people pay attention to him throughout the whole party. You may also see invitation card designs and templates.

4. Choose a date.

Pick a date that is convenient for your family and close friends, especially those who will be traveling long distances before or at the day of your baby shower. This assures you that the people you want to attend will be there. If some can’t attend, you need to follow up and be informed in advance. You may also see twin baby shower invitations.

5. Make a guest list.

This is done after confirming who will attend the baby shower. Write down the names of the people attending the event. Through this, you can measure how many invitations that you have to send out once it is done the printing. You may also see baby shower invitations.

6. Choose a theme.

Baby showers go by theme. Consult your partner in this part of the planning process. Choose the best theme that you can afford as a couple, and what suits the baby’s gender as well. The theme will set the party’s mood and guests will dress appropriately depending on the theme. You may also see baby shower invitation samples.

7. Make the invitations.

If you have the gift of making good graphic design outputs, you can design the invitation yourself. If you have more than enough in your pocket, you can hire a graphic designer to design the invitation. You can also go for a pre-made template that you can buy online for easier designing. Make sure to do some final edit after finishing the initial design of the template before printing it out.

8. Send out invitations.

Send out the invitations two weeks or a month before the party. This gives guests enough time to prepare gifts for the baby and the mother as well. Check if all the guests on the guest list have been sent an invitation.

9. Plan the menu.

The next thing that you have to do is plan the menu of the party. Consider the fact that some people can’t eat certain kind of food due to their allergies. You have to be there when you plan the menu. From the appetizers, main dish, down to the desserts, drinks and finger foods, you should have a say on what will be served in the party. If you plan to include alcohol, the best you can offer are wine, beer, and champagne. Common as it seems, these drinks have low to moderate alcohol content. Make sure your guests drink moderately to avoid any conflict under the influence of too much alcohol.

10. Get some help.

Ask for some help from your partner and your closest friends in putting up the party. Assign some people to prepare the games, contacting the caterer and buying the appropriate drinks for the party. Getting the help you need allows you to work on other aspects of the party with so much ease. The extra hands make planning easier. You may also see invitation formats.

11. Prepare the giveaways souvenirs.

The giveaways and souvenirs must be prepared before the event. Prepare more than enough souvenirs and giveaways for the attendees of the party. Make the design cute and memorable. They can use it as a keepsake for a night to remember. You can also prepare games for the party, as long as it does not embarrass anybody. You may also see formal invitations.

12. Clean up.

Do the cleaning yourself if the party is held at home. If it is held at a certain venue, you can stay and help the staff in cleaning up. Clean up all the mess after the guests have gone home. You wouldn’t have anyone to worry about when there are only you and some people willing to help to stay in the house. You may also see free invitations.

13. Send thank you notes.

Show your appreciation to your guests by sending them to thank you notes a day after the party. It shows your gratitude of their time to attend your party. A thank you note should have a simple design and short message inside it. Put a lot of thought in your message and let the words flow on its own. Always be sincere when writing your message. You may also see invitation template samples.

Cute Baby Shower Invitation

Cute Baby Shower Invitation

Printable Baby Shower Invitation

Printable Baby Shower Invitation

Flat Baby Shower Invitation

Flat Baby Shower Invitation

Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Why and When To Hold Baby Showers

There are factors as to why and when to hold baby showers. These factors affect how the ceremony would be held as a whole. Here are some of them:

1. Family bonding

Baby showers are an opportunity for the family to have a bonding time with each other. Each member wants to have a part in the baby’s life and it is about time for them to show their love to the little one. Whatever the baby’s gender is, he or she is showered with gifts and much more love from the people around him. You may also see sample invitations.

2. Thanking people

Baby showers are a good time to thank people for their participation in the event, especially if it is done before the birth of the child. It is about thanking the people for attending the party before the sleepless nights begin. Newborn babies are very sensitive to everything and they should be taken care of any time. Parents are bound to lose sleep when their child cries in the middle of the night. This party goes beyond thanking the people for being a part of the baby’s welcoming in the world.

3. Showing sincerity

The guests show their sincere wishes to the couple for the safe delivery of the child. If the child has been delivered, the baby shower can be an opportunity for the guests to wish for the child’s healthy growth. After all, the party is for the child.

4. Timing

Some factors affecting the sample schedule of the baby shower is the schedule of the mother’s birth. If the mother is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, it is better to hold the baby shower before the child’s birth. It is also best for mothers to give birth first when she is carrying more than one child. Bed rest can also be a factor for the schedule of the baby shower. If you have been in bed rest for a long time, the baby shower would surely get delayed. You need time to recover and get your limbs moving like it used to.

Do’s And Don’ts In A Baby Shower

In baby showers, there are things that you must do and not do. This list is applicable for the parents holding the party and visitors attending the party. Here are some of them:

1. Do involve the father in the planning process

While the baby shower is about the mother and mostly on the baby, the father still needs to be included in the planning. He still has a lot to say about some aspects of the party. He should be involved as much as the mother does. The father also makes a good foundation in the family, even if he will remain in the sidelines during the party. The friends of the father and the kids should also get invited in the party as well. You may also see word invitation templates.

2. Find the perfect present

If you are attending a baby shower, the best thing to do is find the perfect gift prior to the event. Find anything that the mother can use and would make the baby look good. No matter how simple or expensive, the gift comes off as sincere when it is given with the best intentions. You can also find a gift suitable to the theme of the party. To save money and for the mother-to-be to avoid stress in receiving too many gifts, consider giving a group present. You and your friends can talk about what to buy for the mother to be. A collective gift also saves you time and energy than buying gifts individually. Personalized items work well for the mother-to-be as well. You may also see event invitations.

3. Serve finger food

Finger foods should be served at the party. It urges the guests to eat tidbits of food before the main course. Finger foods can also serve as appetizers. Some guests also bring sweets to the party so that saves you time and energy. Mini sandwiches, cupcakes, and biscuits are those finger foods that you can serve in the baby shower. You may also see butterfly invitation templates.

4. Don’t be insensitive

Some guests that you have decided to invite might have experienced miscarriage or death of their child in a short span of time after giving birth. Sometimes they opt not to attend the event and you don’t have to force them to do otherwise. Welcoming a baby will surely bring up emotions that they have been suppressing for the longest time. Ask them first if they want to attend the event before anything else. Extra care in words and actions must be done for mothers who have experienced unfortunate cases during pregnancy. It shows your thoughtfulness for their well-being. You may also see sample dinner invitations.

5. Don’t throw a surprise party.

The last thing mothers-to-be want is being thrown a surprise party. The last stages of pregnancy is very delicate and throwing a surprise party could put the mother at risk. Emotions are heightened up and it’s not good for the baby. The mother should also be informed of the number of visitors who are confirmed for the party. Last minute stress always gets the mother scrambling on what to do. When the couple are the kind who can handle surprises, you can give them a surprise party if you want to. You may also see formal dinner invitations.

6. Do not take over.

This is applicable for event planners. They need not take over in the ceremony. They should just do their job in carrying out the plan and tasks in the baby shower. He can also celebrate with the couple and mingle with the guests, as long as he does not take over everything in the party. That feels kind of rude to the couple since the celebration is for the mother and the baby. You may also see printable party invitations.


Baby showers are fun to do when you there is enough time for planning. Get enough time to plan your baby shower for a party. It all starts with a beautiful and well-designed invitation.

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