22 Best Baby Shower Invitation Templates


Baby showers are celebrations for expectant moms. They are occasions spent with close family members and friends to share baby stories and prepare the soon-to-be mother’s entry into motherhood. The practice of giving baby showers began in the early 1940s and it has evolved ever since. Despite some cultures considering baby showers as a religious and formal event invitation, these showers have become more casual in recent years.

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Start planning your baby shower with these cute and affordable baby shower invitation templates. Your guests will surely appreciate the invitation, and will also most likely keep the invitations as souvenirs. Looking for other designs? Check out these baby shower cards and baby shower banners.

Free Baby Shower Invitation Template

free baby shower invitation templateFree Download

Princess Baby Shower Invitation Template

princess baby shower invitation templateFree Download

Free Editable Baby Shower Invitation Template

free editable baby shower invitation templateFree Download

Couples Baby Shower Invitation

couples baby shower invitationFree Download

Floral Baby Shower Template

floral baby shower templateFree Download

Watercolor Baby Shower Invitation

mockup 788x524

This rabbit-and-flower-inspired baby shower printable invitation has an adorable and charming design. The rabbit and flowers surrounding the borders of the invitation are colored with mostly pink and blue, providing a child-friendly feel. This invitation is particularly fit for a baby girl due to the designs and color combinations.

Floral Baby Shower Invitation

floral baby shower invitation

Baby Shower Card Invitation

baby shower card invitation

Baby Shower Invitation Template

preview 4 788x524

Baby strollers are the highlight of this invitation. A perfect symbol to represent babies or children in general, baby strollers can also be incorporated in kids’ party invitations. Two colors are available to choose from in this template: pink and blue. Buntings occupy the top-most part of the invitation to signify the celebratory nature of the event. The addition of hovering bird and butterfly silhouettes enhance the cute aesthetics of the invitation.

Rustic Baby Shower Invitation

rustic baby shower invitation

Gold Baby Shower Invitation

gold baby shower invitation

Simple Baby Shower Invitation


This invitation is filled with a humongous whale and all-you-can-eat fish. The whale is rightfully placed in the center of the invitation, with a number of different colored fish families moving in different directions forming a creative look. Both the whale and fishes have a toned down and cartoonish design to complement the event.

Elegant Baby Shower Invitation

elegant baby shower invitation

Tips on Making Baby Shower Invitations

Have a baby shower to-do list before you start making those invitations. It will save you time and unnecessary stress.

  • Choose bright colors. Baby showers are events filled with fun and laughter. If an event centers on food and gifts, don’t expect the mood to be serious. The soon-to-be mom also needs to be relaxed despite the number of people attending the shower. Use a lighter shade of blue (for baby boys) and pink (for baby girls) since these colors represent love, tenderness, and calmness. Avoid the darker colors (red, black, etc.) since they usually represent danger, aggression, and anger. Yellow and orange can also be options since the former represents joy and happiness while the latter represents energy. Feel free to combine colors if you want variety in your invitation templates.
  • Add baby pictures. Since showers are also celebrations for the upcoming baby, why not add some baby pictures in the invitation? You can either google some baby pictures, sketch your own baby, or use some app that predicts what your baby will look like and use that in your invitation. Try creating a college if you’re planning to use multiple pictures. Another option would be using the expected mom or dad’s baby picture in the invitation.
  • Use animal pictures. Baby showers are synonymous to kids’ parties, so the design of kids’ party invitations can be easily used for unique baby shower invitations. One option is to have animal designs. Baby animals such as puppies, kittens, chicks, and ducklings are cute options to add in your invitations and will definitely make your guests melt from all its cuteness. Matching the color you’ll use in the invitation with an animal (for example: having a whale design in a blue-colored invitation, or a cub in a yellow-colored invitation) is also a great way to enhance the final product. There is an entire animal kingdom to choose from, so be sure to pick images of the cutest, fluffiest baby animals for your invitation.
  • Sketch your invitations. There is no better way to decorate your invitations than to draw some cute images by hand. You can always tap a friend or designer if you lack sketching skills. Sketches are more personalized and your guests will appreciate the work placed in a sketched invitation. Although beautiful in their own right, sketches become more visually appealing when they are colorful, so grab some crayons, watercolor, or acrylic paint, and unleash your artistic side.
  • Incorporate nature. Having nature take over your invitations is a nice way of enhancing the designs in your baby shower invitation designs. Nature symbols are even considered as good luck totems for some people. For example, trees represent strength and wisdom, grass represents health and wealth, flowers represent hope and love, and water represents purity and innocence. Animals also symbolize different meanings: bear or elephant (strength), dolphin (love), rabbit (comfort), and monkey (charm) to a name a few.
  • Add icons that represent professions. If the expectant parents are already thinking 20 to 30 years ahead of what they want their child to be when it’s all grown up, the invitation can include cute icons or images relating to professions. A baby wearing a safety helmet, a baby holding a basketball, or even a baby wearing a miniature corporate suit are options to choose from. With the numerous professions to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Creative Baby Shower Invitation

creative baby shower invitation

Creative Baby Shower Invitation


This simple elephant herd-inspired invitation is a good fit for a simple baby shower event. Three elephant calves following their parent is a good symbol for the real-life mother and child. Brown colors are assigned to the elephants and text, but gradients are also added to bring more life to the invitation.

Girl Baby Shower Invitation

girl baby shower invitation

Baby Shower Invitation

baby shower invitation2

Chalkboard Design Invitation for Baby Shower

babychalk 788x524

Chalkboard designs have always stood out when used in invitations. The versatility of the designs can be used in multiple events such as birthday celebrations, casual seminars, and even weddings. In this free baby shower invitation, chalk calligraphy is applied to the event details and other designs. In contrast with other chalk designs, this invitation is clean yet beautifully done. The hosts can even use the invitations for games such as “charades”, “Pictionary”, “taboo”, and others to be played later during the shower.

Editable Baby Shower Invitation

editable baby shower invitation

Printable Baby Shower Invitation Template

printable baby shower invitation template

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