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9 Baptism Invitation Card Designs & Templates

With every pulse and kick, you always feel your baby’s enthusiasm to explore the world outside. You frequently wonder what he or she is going to look like, or more accurately, who he or she is going to resemble more: you or your hubby? And, after nine months, your little bundle of joy is ready to conquer the world! Now that he or she is out, it is time to prepare the sample invitation cards for his or her baptism.

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As parents, you only want the best for your child. And, with an important event such as a baptism, everything needs to be perfect, especially the invitations. An impressive invitation card design can hype up the guests and make them look forward to the event. Designs for the invitation may vary; they can be cute, elegant, or sophisticated. With different ideas in mind, it can be quite vexing to choose your favorite. So, in order to help you out, we have prepared a list of creative and impressive invitation card designs for your child’s baptism. Let us take a look at them below!

Stylish Baptism Invitation Template

Floral Baptism Invitation Card

Simple Baptism Invitation Card

Printable Christening Baptism Invitation

Blue Christening Baptism Invitation Card

Elegant Baptism Invitation

Why should you make a baptism invitation card?

A baptism is an important event where you welcome your child into the Christian world. In order to share such a special event with everyone, you need invitation cards to let them know that you want them to be part of this momentous occasion. We have listed below the points explaining why making baptism invitation cards is essential.

1. They are informative. Where is the venue for the event? What time should the guests be there? Do they need to bring anything? Is there a dress code for the guests? Put all of that on the sample invitation! It is better for the guests to come to the event informed about everything that is needed to know for the occasion than to come clueless and empty-handed. You also do not want to blindside them in case they need to bring or wear something specific.

2. They make the guests feel valued. In this digital age, people commonly send invitations through emails, texts, or chat messages. You can also create a Facebook event where you can enter the names of who you want to invite and they can just respond with a single click of the button for ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ‘Maybe’. But, even with this convenience and efficiency, it lacks a personal touch. Free invitations are beautifully and creatively tailored for the guests and, by sending those cards out, you make them feel special.

3. They set the tone for the event. When you send an invitation, you are getting the message out. For example, if you want to throw a party for your child’s baptism, the design for your simple invitation card should reflect the emotion of the occasion. Put in all ornamental designs relating to babies like cute little baby bottles and pacifiers. You need to let the guests know what event they are going to once they see the invitation.

4. You get to let out your creative side. Since free invitation cards set up the tone for the event, you do not need to skimp out on the details and its design. Whether you design it to be handmade or in digital format, you should take time in designing the card and make sure it appropriately represents the event that you are setting up.

5. They create anticipation. Once your guests receive the printable invitation card, they will joyously prepare for the event as they go about deciding what to wear or what gift to bring. They will get excited to not only attend the event but also to see you and your baby, especially those who have not yet seen your little bundle of joy.

6. You get the message out. Giving out invitation cards for your child’s baptism is one way of telling people that you are happy and thankful for the blessing that has been bestowed upon you. Your home is going to be filled with joyful smiles and waves of laughter, and also with stinky diapers and midnight cries. But it is all still a blessing that you will forever be grateful for.

7. They are memorable. Our social media accounts are flooded with notifications and messages from all our virtual interactions, and a sample invitation sent through there will just be covered by all of it and will be forgotten for a while. What is great about a tangible invitation is that once you receive it, you would likely put it in a place where you can easily see it—whether on a pinboard, refrigerator, or memo board—to remind you of the event every now and then. Even after the occasion, you can keep the invitation as a piece of memorabilia so you can look back at the memories you have made.

Creative Christening Invitation Card Template

Watercolor Christening Invitation Template

Church Christening Invitation Template

How to use and edit baptism invitation card templates

You do not need to be a graphic designer or need assistance from one to be able to use these invitation card templates. It will only take your determination to create the design that you want for your child’s baptism. We have provided easy steps for you to follow below.

1. Download a photo editing software program. It is great if you already have a photo editing software on your PC or laptop. But if you do not, then you need to download one that is capable of handling multiple image formats so you do not have to switch between different programs. You can either buy a physical installer for the software or buy and download them online. When you choose to get one online, just be careful of sites that are disguised as trustworthy sources; they might only be phishing for your data.

2. Download the template. After going through each template, choose one that you think will be appropriate for your invitation card. Each template on the list has a button that will lead you to the site where you can view and download the template. You may also see christening invitation templates.

3. Use the photo editing software to open the template. Now that you have the software and the template, it is time to let your inner artist do the work. You may also see invitation template samples.

4. Edit the template. Let the fun begin! Tweak the elements of the template that you think need to be changed to fit your preferred design. There is no limit to what you can do with it. Customize what you need to customize. What matters most is that you achieve the design that you want for your invitation card. You may also see baptism invitation templates.

5. Save it! Even if it is the last step listed here, always remind yourself to save any significant progress that you have made while editing the template. You will never know if a blackout happens or your computer whacks out unexpectedly. In saving the design, you can choose to overwrite the original or create a different file for it. So, if you are planning to reuse the original design in the future, you might as well save a different file for the design that you have created from it. You may also see sample invitations.
An invitation card is a great tool to use for informing your guests of the necessary things to take note of when they attend your child’s baptism. Having a creative design for it will make an impression on the guests that you are not holding back on making this occasion a memorable one for everybody. There are more than a handful of designs that you can choose from this list, so picking one can be quite difficult. Just remember to choose the template that will complement the overall theme that you are going for. Now, get back to planning and make sure that this event will be a successful one. Have fun! You may also see vintage invitation templates.

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