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In the Christian tradition, once a baby is born, they will need to undergo a sacred ceremony in order to officially admit the baby to the Christian church, and this ceremony is called baptism—otherwise known as christening. Though the baby is already given a name by their parents upon conception, it is only during their baptism that their names are made official and are documented by the church. The document referred to here is called baptismal certificate, which is an official document issued only by the church.

Just like any other highlight in a person’s life, baptisms call for a celebration. And since baptisms occur only once in a person’s entire lifetime, it is best to make the celebration memorable, but not necessarily extravagant. Congratulations to the couples who had just welcomed a new member to their family, the next thing that you will need to do is to get your baby baptized. Of course, you will need to invite people to witness this wonderful event, and we may just have a collection of PSD invitation templates below that you can use.

Beautiful Modern Baptism Invitation Template

beautiful modern baptism invitation template 788x650

Check out this beautiful event invitation template that we have for you, you can actually choose between two colors to represent the gender of the infant. This PSD template is double-sided, and if you look closely at the design on the back side, it actually contains a pattern of small crosses over a solid background.

Clean Rustic Baptism Invitation Template

clean rustic baptism invitation template 788x717

We are well aware that you, as a parent, are already excited and looking forward to finally get your child baptized and have a new Christian member in the family. But no one is more excited about it than the candidate themselves. Just take a look at that happy infant on the sample invitation template above, they too are looking forward to receiving the church’s blessing.

Floral Wreath Baptism Invitation Template

floral wreath baptism invitation template 788x1000

Significance of Baptism

1. Baptism is a command of the Lord, just like Jesus has been commanded by His Father to be baptized even if He did not have any sin, Jesus also commanded His disciples to be baptized as well. The same way, through His disciples who shared the Word of God to the world, we have also been commanded by our Lord to be baptized. You may also see christening photo invitations.

2. Baptism is the symbolism of our union with Christ. Though it has been said that it is, in fact, not through baptism that we are united with Him, but through our faith instead. By our faith, we are united with Christ, and our baptism symbolizes that union. You may also see christening invitation designs.

3. Baptism is the act of cleansing the child from the original sin that we inherited from Adam and Eve. Even if we were born pure and innocent, we have already been scarred by the sins of Adam and Eve after they have disobeyed God, and by baptism, we are cleansed of those sins. You may also see baptism thank you cards.

4. Baptism is also the symbolism or the reenactment of Jesus’ dying and rising from the dead. After the crucifixion, Jesus was taken down from the cross, buried, and rose from the dead after three days. The act of immersing in water during baptism is symbolic of the burial and resurrection from the dead. In way, when we are baptized, we are actually burying our sinful selves in the water and are then resurrected with Christ. You may also see christening thank you cards.

Minimalist Watercolor Baptism Invitation Template

minimalist watercolor baptism invitation template 788x743

Baptism Sunday Invitation Postcard Template

baptism sunday invitation postcard template 788x650

For churches that are performing regular baptism rites to their members, this would be an ideal invitation format template to use for that purpose. The design on this template is highly simplistic, yet it is able to convey the necessary details as well as symbolize the water that is used during the ceremony.

Chalkboard Style Baptism Shower Invitation Template

chalkboard style baptism shower invitation template 788x754

Water Border Baptism Invitation Template

water border baptism invitation template 788x713

Requirements for Baptism

1. Parents who want their child to be baptized will require at least two months of church attendance to where they intend to have their child baptized. These two months of church attendance will allow them to become registered members of that church, and church registration is one requirement for baptism. You may also see chevron invitation templates.

2. For children that are being baptized before they reach the age of seven, they will not be required to take catechism classes. However, the parents and godparents will take the classes instead, but this may still depend on their backgrounds. For parents and godparents who are practicing Catholics, the class will be very brief and will simply talk about baptismal responsibilities. But for those who are non-Catholics, their catechism classes may last a few months in order for them to become members of the Catholic church. This is also applicable for those who are being baptized over seven years old. You may also see free invitation templates.

3. Baptismal forms are required for the ceremony, and these forms can be obtained from the church office. These forms indicate the criteria for each of the sponsors, and this include the age of the sponsor, whether or not they are practicing Catholics, and have received the sacraments of baptism, Holy Eucharist, and confirmation. You may also see invitation templates.

Golden Foil Baptism Invitation Template

golden foil baptism invitation template 788x706

Heart Elements Baptism Invitation Template

heart elements baptism invitation template 788x970

Golden Florist Baptism Invitation Template

golden florist baptism invitation template 788x650

For a more elegant approach to your baptism invitations, the template above may be what you are looking for. The color scheme itself makes for a highly beautiful and elegant invitation design.

Floral Christening Baptism Invitation Template

floral christening baptism invitation template 788x831

Information about the Baptismal Certificate

The baptismal certificate is a document that indicates the date, time, and place that a person has been baptized, this certificate also indicates the priest or the minister that presided the baptism. Also stated on the sample baptismal certificate is the list of names of the baptized person’s sponsors—otherwise known as the godparents. Baptismal certificates are usually required by churches during weddings or first communions for verification purposes that the individual has already received the first sacrament.

Colorful Minimalist Baptism Invitation Template

colorful minimalist baptism invitation template 788x658

Check out the artistic baptism invitation templates above, you can actually choose from among different colors for this template. If the color that you want to use is not present on the sample above, you may be able to change the hue of the template during the editing phase.

Dotted Pattern Baptism Invitation Template

dotted pattern baptism invitation template 788x1043

Baptism Beliefs from Different Religions

  • Seventh-Day Adventist. To them, baptism is the expression of a person’s faith in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sake of our sins. You may also see photo invitation templates.
  • Baptist. They actually do not require baptism for salvation, but if ever a person wishes to be baptized, they must first be a believer. You may also see sample invitation cards.
  • Roman Catholic. Baptism is necessary for the salvation of the person, and it is commonly done while the candidate is still an infant. You may also see invitation card templates.
  • Church of Latter-Day Saints. Considered as the first covenant that a person makes with God, it provides for salvation for the person’s worthiness. Candidates reach the age of eight before they can be baptized, because it is during this age that the child is already accountable for their sins. You may also see invitation samples.
  • Eastern Orthodox. Just like the LDS, their candidates must first reach the age of eight before they are eligible for baptism. They usually do this by immersing the candidate in the water and allowing them to enter the church. You may also see invitation card examples.
  • Jehovah’s Witness. Baptism to them is symbolic of being dead to the old way of life and resurrecting to a new one. However, baptism does not cleanse a person of their sins. Their baptisms are commonly held in lakes or rivers. You may also see invitation cards in PSD.
  • Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian. These three denominations have almost similar practices to baptism, wherein it is performed while the candidate is still an infant. However, while baptism is necessary for the salvation of Lutherans, it is not necessary for Methodists and Presbyterians. You may also see printable invitation templates.
  • Unitarian. They actually do not believe in baptism. In fact, their members are admitted to their church only by the covenant “In the love of truth and spirit of Jesus Christ, we unite for the worship of God and the service of man”. You may also see sample invitation templates.
  • United Church of Christ. Their baptism rites are done at the same time as the confirmation and reception of the candidate into the church. You may also see vintage invitation templates.

Now that you have nearly reached the end of this article, were you able to set your sights on at least one of the invitation templates that you have just seen? After all, each and every single one of these baptism invitation templates have been beautifully-designed. But then again, we’re sure you may have some reservations which are keeping you from clicking on that download button. Thankfully, we are here to provide you with enough reasons to shake off those reservations.

There are probably over a thousand creatively-designed baptism invitation templates on the internet, and we had to make sure to pick out only those that stood out to be able to provide you with products that are worth downloading. These templates were created by professional graphic artists and come in outstandingly crisp resolution. But even with the quality of these templates, they can be downloaded for an inexpensive price, and that alone already makes it a good bargain. You may also see printable invitations.

In addition to that, these templates come in fully editable PSD format, which can be edited only by using Adobe Photoshop or the free graphics editing tool GIMP. As long as you have the required editing tool, we can guarantee a worry-free editing process for you. Now do you still have some reservations with regards to the value of these baptism invitation templates? Would you say that these templates are more than just exceptional? If so, then start downloading one, you definitely won’t regret doing it.

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