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8+ Baseball Party Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD , AI

Every baseball fanatic, regardless of the age, would love to hold baseball-themed parties in honor of the sport. You may want to incorporate the theme to your birthday party, or you may also throw a party because your team won the championship round. There are actually a lot of reasons for you to hold a baseball-themed party and there is nothing or no one that can keep yours from doing it.

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If you’re a fan of the Major League yourself or know someone who’s a self-proclaimed baseball enthusiast, you may want to throw a baseball-themed party to make the celebration worth remembering. And of course, to complement the use of the theme on the event, you may also incorporate it onto your invitation designs.

But where you ask? Where will you be able to find samples of these baseball birthday invitations? Even if you’re planning on making invitation cards from scratch, you will still be needing samples to provide you with ideas or inspiration. Below is a collection of various baseball party invitation designs and templates that can inspire you, and what’s great about these templates is that you can actually download them so you won’t have to make your invitation from the ground up.

Baseball Birthday Invitation Template

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Size: 4×6 Inches, 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Free Baseball Birthday Party Invitation

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Size: 5×7 inches + Bleed

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Retro Style Baseball Party Invitations

Want to go retro with the style of your invitation cards? Now you can. With these retro templates, you can turn it any invitation card for any event baseball-themed. Simply check out the sample above, the ones on the upper half are meant for birthday parties while the ones on the bottom are meant for bridal showers. Whoever said that you couldn’t incorporate baseball themes to bridal showers?

What exactly is an End of Season party? Well, the season referred to here is not the one related to the weather, but rather the entire year of the sport which leads to the championship games and ends when a team is being hailed as the overall champion. While a championship party may sound more appropriate to this type of event, an end of season party is open for all teams regardless if they won or not while championship parties are only intended for the team that won. You may also see baseball invitations.

If you’re planning on hosting an end of season party, then you are very much welcome to use the event invitation template above. But before you proceed to download it, you may want to read some tips on how you should go about with your end of season party.

Tips for Throwing an End of Season Party

1. Considering that all players from every team are expected to attend the party, the venue should be able to accommodate all the attendees as well as the elements that will be included in the party. Some of the best venues for holding this kind of party include parks, beaches, or a gymnasium. You may also see sample birthday invitations.

2. While the overall champions will be given a trophy by the association, as the host of the party, you can also give out trophies during the party. You may want to give one for the Most Improved Team for the season, or the Team with the Least Number of Losses. You may also see bachelorette invitation templates.

3. As mentioned earlier, you are very much welcome to download and use the template above when making your invitations. It is very important that you send out invitations in order to formally inform the teams about this party. You may also see ticket invitation templates.

4. And a party would be incomplete without decorating the venue appropriately. In our case here, since the sport that we are highlighting is baseball, you may want to decorate the party venue with baseball-related elements. You may also see vintage party invitations.

Baseball Birthday Party Invitation Template

Here is a highly versatile template that you can use for a variety of sports, ranging from baseball down to football. As you can see from the sample invitations above, this template heavily resembles an actual sports ticket, and the elements are arranged in a rather effective manner.

Baseball Theme Invitation Ticket Template

Brief History of Baseball

When we say the actual “history” of this sport, it will often result in so many debates and arguments because many countries would claim that their ancestors invented baseball. So to keep it from causing any form of argument among different countries, we will only be discussing some notable dates involved in baseball. You may also see vintage party invitations.

Between the 1700‘s to the early 1800‘s, there was a documented sport that involved a small ball that was thrown by one person and was hit with a big piece of wood by another. After hitting the ball, the “batter” would then run towards a “safe base”. You may also see football invitations.

In 1845, a person by the name of Alexander Joy Cartwright published a book that contained the first official rule of baseball. This book was intended for a baseball club in New York called the Knickerbockers. Because of this, Cartwright became known as the “Father of Baseball”. You may also see free printable party invitations.

A year after, in 1846, the first official baseball game was played between two baseball clubs in New York—the Knickerbocker Baseball Club and the New York Baseball Club—the former included Cartwright himself as one of the players. The Knickerbockers lost this game. You may also see printable party invitations.

In 1858, the very first amateur baseball league was organized, and this was called the National Association of Baseball Players. But around two years after, during the civil war, a lot of players and teams dropped off the sport, though the soldiers were able to introduce baseball to other parts of the country. You may also see college party invitation designs.

In 1871, the National Association of Baseball Players was founded, and this became the first professional baseball league. However, after four years, the National Association was replaced by the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs, which was run by businessmen instead of players. You may also see printable party invitation templates.

In 1882, a rival to the National League was formed, and this is called the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball. And almost two decades later, in 1901, another contending league was formed, and this is the American League of Professional Baseball Clubs. This (American League or AL) and the National League (or NL) would later comprise the entire Major League. You may also see summer party invitations.

And finally, in 1903, after over two years of competing for audiences, supporters, and even players, the two rival Leagues made peace and the first World Series was played between the Pittsburg Pirates of the NL and the Boston Americans of the AL. The Americans won over the Pirates for these games and became the very first World Series Champions. You may also see office party invitations.

Sample Baseball Game Invitation Template

Baseball Night Invitation Postcard Template

When sending out invitations to people, you can also have it in the form of postcards so you won’t need to provide individual envelopes for them. We do have a baseball event invitation postcard template above that you might be interested in, so go ahead and download it.

Flyer Style Baseball Party Invitation

If you prefer minimalist designs, then you may enjoy the typographic baseball party invitation template above. This template leans more towards the use of textual elements rather than graphical.

Baseball Party Vector Invitation Template

Make your invitation card format crazy as heck, but in a good way, with this invitation template. This chalkboard inspired design is packed with both textual and graphical elements that make it very exciting to look at. And the best thing about this template is that even with the extent of the elements present here, they are still able to stand out due to its use of different contrasting colors.

Why should you want to download from this collection you might ask? Among all the other websites on the internet that provide the same set of products and services, why should you pick ours? First and foremost, it’s simply all about convenience and preferences. And second of all, our invitation templates are guaranteed to be exceptionally high in quality and are professionally designed, but then again, so is the ones from other websites. You may also see dinner party invitations.

Aside from just being high quality, our event invitation card templates are fully editable, which can help save you all the effort in trying to make your invitations look exactly or almost exactly as you want them to be. The only catch here will probably be the fact that to be able to edit them freely, you will need to use the appropriate graphics editing tool. To put it simply, Adobe Photoshop goes with PSD templates and Adobe Illustrator goes with AI or vector templates.

But even with all those amazing features mentioned above, our baseball invitation templates are still very easy to download, and not to mention, also inexpensive. High quality and customizable templates for a very reasonable price? That’s exactly the bargain that you need and that’s exactly the reason why we think you should download from our website. Now that we’ve done our part, it’s your turn to do yours. Download a baseball party invitation template now. You may also see wedding party invitation templates.

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