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14+ BBQ Birthday Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, ID, Pages, DOC, Publisher

Surrounded by a flavorful smoke and its hunger-inducing smell, a barbecue party is one that people will most likely look forward to. The food and the drinks, the loud, engaging chatters, and the laid-back atmosphere make up for quite an amazing combination for a fun time. Also, you can practically have a BBQ party anywhere. It can be held in your backyard, beach, mountainside, or even at your terrace.

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Since BBQ parties are common, they are held on various occasions, such as an engagement, baby shower, graduation, and birthday. That’s why you should pick the design of your invitation according to the purpose of the BBQ party. With that said, you can choose from any of our gathered BBQ birthday invitation designs that will surely get more than a few nods from your peers. There is a considerable number of options to choose from, so take your time in going over each of them.

BBQ Birthday Celebration Invitation Template

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30th Birthday BBQ Invitation Template

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Free BBQ Birthday Party Invitation Template

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Free BBQ Birthday Invitation Template

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Crawfish Boil BBQ Birthday Invitation Template

Clean BBQ Birthday Invitation Template

Tips For a Fun BBQ Birthday Party

Just like any other event, a BBQ party requires planning. From the grocery list and menu items to the decoration, food, and music, you need to carefully plan them all out before you set the date. Regardless if it’s for a birthday or anything else entirely, you need to go through those things. Here is a quick list for all the key points for your BBQ party. You may also see invitation card designs.

1. Invitation

The invitation serves as the introduction to your BBQ party thus they set the tone for the event. If you are going for a home run in terms of the impression of the recipient, then you definitely should make an effort in designing your invitation. Make it as appealing as it should be. Since this is for a BBQ birthday party, put in all the necessary elements that involve BBQ. Also, you need to put in the necessary information for the birthday, such as the name of the celebrant, the time and date, the address of the venue, and the other options that the recipients can respond to the invitation. And, put in the dress code if you require the guests to have one. You may also like business invitation designs.

2. Games

What is a party without games? Depending on the age group, the games for the birthday celebration can go from simple to alcohol-related. But, there are also games that most of the guests can play, like potato sack races, water guns, pinatas, and corn hole. And to make it worth the effort of the participants, prepare a basket of prizes for the winners and treats for the losers of the games. Doing so will make everybody feel like a winner despite losing the games and make up for a great time even for the spectators. The prizes don’t need to be expensive; you can even buy candies or simple merchandise for it. You may also check out event invitations design.

3. Decoration

The thing about decorations is that they don’t need to be expensive to create a stunning one. You can go to a dollar store and pick up few of the basics to set the mood of the event. But always keep in mind that you need to stick to the theme of the event, which in this case is a BBQ birthday party. You may also see corporate invitation designs.

To start, put a birthday banner in a position that it can be seen clearly and make sure to have lots of balloons to accompany it. You can also make bouquets of balloons to create a better party environment. And if the event is going to be held in the evening, make sure there is enough lighting to cover the whole area. You don’t want your guests to guess what food they are eating or who they are talking to. Aside from that, a great lighting produces gorgeous photos! Instagram and Facebook are waiting for your aesthetically pleasing photos.

Apply color coordination with your tableware and utensils and don’t forget a centerpiece to complete the look. A plastic pail filled with party favors, ice and bottles of beer, sand and sunglasses—the possibilities are endless. If the centerpiece is your cake make sure it is protected from the heat and any bugs. You may also like meeting invitation designs.

4. Food

It won’t be a BBQ party without food! What you grill is just as important as the birthday cake for birthday celebrations. Most of the times, hotdogs and burgers are prepared for the kinds, but you can also offer to make their own pizzas to a little fun and interaction between them. You can buy store-bought pizza dough circles and let the kids have fun putting in a variety of toppings and let them design their own pizza. It will only take minutes to grill, so there’s no need to worry about any tantrums for waiting.

For adults, you can serve burgers, steak, or go all out with lobsters on the grill. And to utilize the time before the meat is grilled, you can prepare salads of fruits and veggies to go with it. You are only limited by your imagination but it’s always a good place to start with the birthday person’s favorite dish and work around that. You may also check out wedding invitation design templates.

If you are going for an evening BBQ, you can keep grilling the meat while the kids have a fun time in making their own S’mores. Just supply some dishes of graham crackers, marshmallows and milk chocolate squares and they are good to go! You may also see conference invitation templates.

5. Cake

The cake can be a simple one or have it designed in line with the free theme. You can leave instructions for the baker about your specific requirements for the look of the cake. This will make the event grander and allows for a great additional element for the aesthetic. Also, you will get to see the look of the celebrant once he/she sees it!

6. Music

As they say, music makes you lose control, but not in a bad way. Music brings in more fun especially if the beats are livey and that heavy bass vibrating everything that the sound waves can reach. Put in the best playlist for the party and let the music take control of your body as you dance the night away! You may also like dinner invitation designs.

Beer BBQ Birthday Invitation Template

Vintage BBQ Birthday Invitation Template

Advantages of Using a Birthday Invitation

In today’s time, invitations are sent through digital mediums such as social media sites and even a simple text or call. However, sending out an invitation can help in a lot of ways. Some of the advantages of using a birthday invitation include the following:

1. A birthday invitation can serve as the souvenir of the guests may they attend the party or not. More so, you can compile birthday invitations in every celebration so that the birthday celebrator will have a record of how he/she was able to celebrate his/her birthdays.

2. It helps you release your creativity. You can play with the design of the invitations as much as you like as long as the final output still sticks to the theme of the event.

3. Having a birthday invitation and sending them out to invited guests can assure you that you have properly disseminated information about the celebration. You may also see attractive retirement invitation designs.

4. Sending a birthday invitation makes it more formal compared to sending a text or chat to the guests.

5. Birthday invitations make the act of party invitation an individual to come to the event more personal. You may also like ceremony invitation designs.

80th BBQ Birthday Invitation Template

Pig Roast BBQ Birthday Invitation Template

Rustic Burlap BBQ Birthday Invitation Template

Guidelines for Creating a Birthday Invitation

There is no standard method for creating a birthday invitation. As we said, you can play with the design of the invitation. But even though there are no rules, you can still refer to some guidelines to obtain some tips that you may not know of. Some of the guidelines that you may follow in making a birthday invitation include the following:

1. Properly format the birthday invitation. A proper layout allows for a neat and clean design and a readable and easy-to-understand content. This helps you properly inform the guests about the birthday celebration. You may also see lunch invitation designs.

2. You need to make sure that the theme that you will apply to the invitation is suitable to the theme of the birthday party and the design of the invitation envelope, if you will use one.

3. Although you have the freedom to do whatever you want in the design, don’t overdo it. Sometimes, too much can be distracting for the guests. Make sure that what you have included in the design are the necessary ones. You may also like amazing cinderella invitation templates & designs.

4. Use a color scheme that blends well and is appropriate to the theme of the birthday celebration. Having a color scheme allows for a better distinction for the event.

These guidelines may be simple but they can help you in ensuring that your birthday invitation is well-designed, properly formatted, and functional. You may also check out seminar invitation designs.

Red BBQ Birthday Invitation Template

Simple BBQ Birthday Invitation Template

Information to Put in a Birthday Invitation

A birthday invitation’s information is as crucial as its design. All the necessary information about the event should be included in the content of the invitation. Otherwise, it will not fulfill its purpose. But aside from a complete information, it should also be accurate. This allows for a better understanding of the event especially if there are important things that the guests need to take note of. Though there are different themes that can be applied to birthday invitations, the basic content requirement of this tool is mostly the same. A few items that should always be seen in a birthday invitation are as follows:

1. The name of the birthday celebrant. Would it be an invitation without the name of the celebrant? It is essential for the name of the person to whom the party is for to have the biggest font or the one that is highlighted the most in terms of formatting. This indicates that he/she is the reason why the event is held. You can put the complete name, nickname, or the first name of the celebrator. You may also see graduation invitation designs.

2. Special dates and time related to the birthday celebration. This is a crucial information about the event. The date and time should be final before printing the invitation and sending them to the guests. Most, if not all of the guests already have appointments prior to the event. So make the event worth taking an absence from their work or school. You may also like black-and-white party invitations.

3. The location of the birthday party. You need to make sure that your guests are well aware of where the party will be held. You can just put the specific location of the event or you may also add landmarks and a location map for your expected guests to have an easier time to navigate to the event’s place. You may also check out fundraising invitation templates.

4. The program that the event will follow. Some birthday parties have programs to follow. This will help guests to know the flow of the party and the things that they can expect from the celebration. If you have a lot of surprises for the guests, you can just specify the expected duration of the birthday program. You might be interested in luncheon invitation designs & templates.

5. The suggested attire. Do you have a certain dress code that you want the guests to follow? Include that in the invitation! It is of utmost importance to make your guests comfortable within the entire birthday celebration. One of the initial things that can make this happen is by letting them wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate to the party’s venue, theme, location, and program. You may also see attractive rustic invitation designs.

6. Other options to reply to the invitation. In today’s generation, communication has been made simpler and easier through texting, calling, and direct messages in social media sites. To make it more convenient for the guests, put in social media handles that the guests can search for so they can contact you for the confirmation and if they have questions regarding the event. You may also like restaurant anniversary invitation designs & templates.

Checkered BBQ Birthday Invitation Template

Cheers and Beers BBQ Invitation Template

Are you ready for the party?

Getting ready for the party is more than just choosing what dress to wear. To have a successful birthday party, you need to plan everything. A proper plan makes it easier to set up the event. And to make the guests anticipate for your special event, sending out an invitation is the way to go. Choose the design of the invitation that fits with the aesthetics that you are going for. You can easily purchase and download these templates so you can customize them to your liking. We hope you have a fun BBQ party for your birthday! Enjoy!

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