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6+ Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, Word, Publisher, Apple Pages

It’s that time of the year when somebody is about to turn a year older. Many would say that people are just like wine, the more we get older, the more we become better. While that statement may cause some debate, it always been agreed that a birthdays are indeed worth celebrating not just because a person is about to grow better, but the fact that it commemorates that person’s birth is a good enough reason to throw a party. You can also see sample ticket invitations.

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When it comes to parties, there will also be sample invitations. It’s only proper that the host of the party send out copies of the invitation to inform people that they have been invited to something. While we do have invitation templates below that you can download and use to make you own birthday invitations, these templates heavily resemble boarding passes simply for creativity. Check out the templates below if you’re interested.

Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Template

File Format
  • AI
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • PSD
  • Publisher
  • Outlook


Boarding Pass Invitation

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4×6 inches ,5×7 inches + Bleed


Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket

File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US


Multipurpose Boarding Pass Ticket Invitation

What Is a Birthday Invitation?

A sample birthday invitation is a document used to inform individuals that they are being expected to attend an upcoming birthday celebration that is to be hosted by somebody they know very well. Though the host for the event doesn’t need to be the same person who is celebrating their birthday, the important thing is that whoever is hosting the event should also be the one to send out the invitations.

Just like any other event invitation, birthday invitations bear the name of the person celebrating their birthday, the age that they will be turning, the date of the birthday party (which may or may not be the same as the actual birth date of the celebrant), the time that the party will be held, the venue or location in street address format, the theme of the party, and an RSVP.

Tips on How to Create the Perfect Birthday Invitations

Now that you’re acquainted with what birthday invitations are, now it’s time for you to learn a few tips on how to create the best ones for your birthday party. While these aren’t much, it’s always best to be familiar with what and how you should make birthday party invitations. After all, there’s nothing wrong with knowing how to do it right, isn’t there?

1. Never Forget the Basics of the Invitation

As mentioned earlier, the invitation should contain the name of the birthday celebrant, the date and time of the party, and the address where the event is to be held. These are some of the basic information that you should include on an invitation, and you should never take them for granted. Basics first, creativity after. You may also see ticket invitation templates.

2. Clarify the Theme of the Event

If you plan on throwing a themed event, make it clear on the invitation by not just indicating it, the invitation should also show it either by illustrating the theme or by expressing it through colors. For a formal event, for example, don’t just mention it on the invitation, the wording should also be written in a formal manner—writing the date and time in words rather than in numbers.

3. Write a Personalized Message on the Invitation

Yes, this may take quite some effort to do especially if you plan on inviting a lot of people, but get this, your invitations will become even more meaningful if you write a personalized message for each and every single copy. As much as possible, avoid using the same message on all your invitations, though this has been done by almost everyone. Just try to exert a little more effort if you really want your invitations to end up perfectly. You may also see free ticket templates.

Colorful Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation

What Is a Boarding Pass?

A boarding pass is a document that is issued by an airline officer when a passenger checks in to a flight. When a boarding pass is issued, the individual is then allowed to enter a restricted area in an airport and embark on the airplane. This is entirely different from an airline ticket since boarding passes are the documents that need to be presented to an airport personnel upon boarding the airplane, while the airline ticket is simply to reserve the individual a seat on an airplane for a particular flight on a specified date and time.

Rustic Birthday Boarding Pass Ticket

How to Plan a Birthday Party?

The process of planning a party just the same whether the celebrant is a child or an adult, it basically involves planning the theme, venue, guest list, and more. For some people, they usually plan a different theme every year to keep the guests excited or in anticipation every single time. To keep you organized when planning for a birthday party, you may want to check out the list of guidelines below:

1. Theme

While themes are only commonly seen on children’s birthday parties, you can always incorporate it on parties for grown ups as well, there’s no loss in trying. Actually, having a theme for birthday parties adds to the excitement. Guests may look forward to what the others are wearing, and that alone makes it exciting. For the templates in this article, the theme is obviously traveling and airplanes as evidenced by the boarding pass-inspire invitation designs.

2. Guest List and Invitations

Writing a guest list should always go hand-in-hand with the making of the invitations. The people’s names written on your guest list should be the same ones that you make your invitations for. With regards to the guest list, this should depend on how many people you can accommodate with your budget. And when sending out personal birthday invitations, make sure to give your guests enough time to prepare themselves and their sample schedules.

3. Venue

Would you want to hold the birthday party at the convenience of your own home? You actually can and this may even allow you to save on the simple budget. Your expenses will be focused more on the decorations and the food, you won’t need to pay for the place though you might need to go hands-on with the preparation. However, if you wish to leave it up to other people to prepare the place, then you can always hold the birthday party in a restaurant or a hotel. Here, you may need to spend a lot more since you will need to pay for the food, decorations, and the venue.

4. Decorations

What’s a themed birthday party without decorations? It’s like throwing the party half-baked. If you are indeed going for a themed party, then make sure that the ambiance of the venue is appropriately decorated. You can also see ticket templates.

5. Food and Drinks

You may choose to either prepare the dishes yourself, or hire caterers to do it for you. Either way, you will still need to spend a significant amount of money, though hiring caterers can save you all the stress of having to cook the food yourself. But even if you are the host of the party and the food is on you, there may still be times that your guests will contribute some food or drinks to the table. If this happens, simply accept their contribution since this is their sign of gratitude for having been invited to the celebration. You can also see boarding pass invitation templates.

Circus Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation

Tips to Make Planning a Birthday Party Much Easier

To be honest, planning a birthday party isn’t as hard as planning other events such as weddings or those that really require a lot of preparation time. But if you found the guidelines above to be somewhat complicated or stressful, here are some tips that you may want to take note of to make it easier for you to plan that sample birthday party.

1. Make a Budget Specifically for the Party

This is entirely different to “setting a budget” for the party. What this means is that during the planning phase, you should have already set aside a sample budget that’s specifically intended for the birthday party. When making your budget, you should also know how to allocate it properly according to the different aspects involved in the party. To be more thorough, you should allocate your budget for the invitations, food, drinks, decorations, and venue and entertainment (if applicable). Then again, it is always best not to consume all your budget since it is better to leave some for urgent purposes.

2. Ask Help from Others in the Planning Process

This is quite a no-brainer actually, if you want to be more productive when planning for the birthday party, you should always ask the assistance of others. This way, you may be able to delegate some tasks to them while you focus on other aspects. For example, you can assign another person to call the caterers while you try to look for an available venue. Obviously, having more helping hands can result in being more productive than when you do it alone. You may also like dinner ticket templates.

3. Have a Backup Plan

As much as you want your party to turn out exactly the way you want it, there will always be a chance that it won’t, and it may be due to one or a few factors. This is the reason why you should always have a backup plan ready if in case that happens. A good example for this is planning to hold the birthday party outdoors when it starts to rain. Instead of cancelling or postponing the party, you should already have an alternative venue in mind to push through with the celebration. You may also read wedding boarding pass invitation tickets.

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