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Excited for someone who’s pregnant with their first child? I’m sure you are, and so are a lot of people. If you are that much excited, why don’t you throw a baby shower in honor of that woman, they’ll probably appreciate your efforts and will even treasure it. You probably already know that baby showers shouldn’t be planned by the expectant woman herself, nor are they allowed to ask someone to throw it for them. The mother-to-be should have no idea with regards to the party, which is why it always comes to them as a surprise.

If ever you already know the baby’s gender—which is a boy—then you’ll be able to easily narrow down the themes that you want to use for the baby shower. Also, if you want to go with a specific motif, then it will most probably be blue since it is the color commonly used to associate with baby boys. What we have gathered here may be a good way for you to start. We have various invitation card templates for baby showers for boys that you can choose from, feel free to look around.

Boy Baby Shower Invitation Template

boy baby shower invitation template

Looking for something simple yet artistic? Check out this invitation template which features an illustration of a teddy bear as well as a pair of blue sneakers.

Simple Baby Shower Invitation

simple baby shower invitation

Creative Boy Baby Shower Invitation Sample

creative boy baby shower invitation sample

What Happens During a Baby Shower?

1. Baby showers will involve a lot of food and drinks since it is a celebration for a welcoming of a new member of the family. When it comes to food, you don’t really have to worry too much about it since it is highly flexible and you can prepare any kind of food depending on the time. But nevertheless, any kind of food will be acceptable, and you may even choose to have the dishes prepared yourself—that is if you have a lot of time on your hands. You may also see best baby shower invitations.

2. Games are also something that is commonly seen during baby showers, and these games will even have something to do with the baby. Common games played during baby showers include trivia questions, chocolate eating contest with the chocolate bars placed on baby diapers, and a fun little game called “Now Bring Me This” which is somewhat like Simon Says. You may also see printable baby shower invitations.

3. And the last but absolutely not the least element included in baby showers are the gifts. While not entirely compulsory, but it is highly expected that guests bring a gift for the baby. These gifts may range from baby clothes to toys, baby bottles, and even a baby crib. Though some guests would even go for something more practical like a gift card or gift certificate.

Simple Boy Baby Shower Invitation

simple boy baby shower invitation

From the header of this invitation design, “Oh baby” indeed. That would most likely be the people’s reaction during the baby shower as well as after the delivery of the baby.

Boy Baby Shower Invitation Design

boy baby shower invitation design

Baby Shower Invitation Template

baby shower invitation template

Baby Shower Invitation Example

baby shower invitation example

Things to Expect from Guests During a Baby Shower

1. Even though most guests may already have an idea when it comes to the expected date of delivery for the baby, there will most likely be some betting involved regarding the actual date of delivery. The game may involve betting on whether the expectant mother will give birth before or after the estimated date, or the participants may throw in their own estimated date and whoever gets closest to the actual date wins. You may also see baby shower invitation templates.

2. There will be a lot of advice or words of wisdom from other women during the baby shower, and these women may or may not have children of their own. This will often result in some hilarious moments of listening to bad advice or those that contradict from one person to another. You may also see free printable baby shower invitations.

3. People around you, most especially your family members and closest friends, will get emotional during the baby shower, but this is actually not a bad thing. All these crying will be the result of excitement, wherein these people can’t wait for you to become a mother and to meet your little one. For the mothers, they will also get very emotional because they can’t wait to be a grandmother and they want to see themselves in you as you try to raise your own child. You may also see baby shower invitation samples.

Bohemian Style Baby Shower Invitation Template

bohemian style baby shower invitation template

There is always something very interesting and unique about bohemian-themed designs, and I’m sure you would agree with us after seeing the beautiful invitation template above.

Vintage Baby Shower Invitation Template

vintage baby shower invitation template

Nautical Themed Baby Shower Invitation

nautical themed baby shower invitation

Modern Baby Shower Invitation Template

modern baby shower invitation template

Baby Shower Invitation for Boy

baby shower invitation for boy

Great Ideas for a Baby Shower

Since you’re trying to plan a baby shower for a boy—considering that you already know the gender of the baby—here are a few awesome ideas to make that baby shower event even more memorable. You may also see sample baby shower invitations.

1. Decorate the venue with blue elements, and you may even want to incorporate the blue color to the cake, the tablecloth, or the ceramics that will be used. And to be more creative, don’t just stick to one shade of blue, there are tons of them that you can have fun with so take advantage of these colors. You may also see baby shower invitation banners.

2. In relation to decorating the venue with blue-colored elements, we also mentioned to go with blue frosting on your cake. To make things even more exciting, fill the table with blue-colored candies, whether these are all-blue M&M’s, or any type of candy with a blue packaging, it’s totally up to you. You may also see baby shower photo invitations.

3. In addition to adding creative touches to the venue, you may want to bring in some balloons with illustrations of blue-colored footprints. You may also add your own twist to this by using blue balloons and making the footprint illustrations black instead. You may also see baby shower invitation postcards.

4. A guest list may also be something that’s both unique and worth treasuring. Of course, it would be best to make your guest list as creative as you want in order to make it really worth keeping. When the child grows up, you can then show this to them and tell them how many people were there during their baby shower. You may also see whale baby shower invitations.

5. Have some fun with how you prepare your utensils, don’t just wrap them in a table napkin. Here’s an idea since you already know the gender of the baby, wrap the spoon and fork (and probably the knife, as well) in a colored table napkin, but wrap it in a way that it ends up looking like a bow tie. One way to do this is to wrap the middle with a ribbon and to spread out the edges to resemble the sides of the bow tie. You may also see sample diaper invitations.

Honestly, there are a lot of other ideas that you can choose to go with for the baby shower, the ones above are only a few of those, but you can actually do more if you just let your creativity flow freely. Don’t settle for less since baby showers are usually thrown only during the woman’s first pregnancy, so give it your all. You may also see baby boy invitations.

Minimalist Baby Shower Invitation Template

minimalist baby shower invitation template

Printable Baby Shower Invitation Template

printable baby shower invitation template

Boy Baby Shower Invitation Sample

boy baby shower invitation sample

Baby Shower Design Invitation

baby shower design invitation

This invitation sample template would be perfect if a lot of people still don’t know the gender of the baby. This way, they’ll also find it easier to decide on what gift to give for the baby.

Baby Boy Shower Invitation

baby boy shower invitation

Baby Shower Mistakes to Avoid

1. Delaying the sending of event invitations is one way to ruin an event, and that is also applicable to baby showers. Give your invitees enough time to look into their sample schedules to see whether or not they have pending or upcoming appointments that might conflict with the baby shower. If so and you have sent them an invitation early enough, at least there would still be a chance for them to set aside other appointments to give priority to your event.

2. The budget is a factor that you should always take note of while prepping for the event. Once you set a budget, stick to it. You may go under it, but never go beyond it. It is even advised that you go under your simple budget to allow you to have extra money for last minute purchases or additions to the party.

3. In relation to the sample budget, you shouldn’t over invite people to the baby shower. This is highly applicable to those baby showers which are going to be held in the pregnant woman’s home. Otherwise, it still isn’t advisable to over invite people to the event even if the budget you set is high. The best thing you can do here is to invite only those who are very close to the pregnant woman, her relatives, and her family, of course.

4. Here’s another thing that you should stick to during the baby shower, the flow of events. To have an organized party, you should know what to do and you should have this written down during the planning phase. Regardless if your level of spontaneity is high, it is best that you don’t just wing it with the party, have a plan and stick to it. You may also see onesie invitation templates.

5. Don’t plan and host the party by yourself, ask for assistance from the sister or the mother of the pregnant woman, they are very likely to offer their help because they’re probably one of the most excited ones. If ever they’re not available, you can ask friends to help you out in planning and hosting the event, and you may even delegate tasks, if possible. You may also see free baby shower party invitations.

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