9+ Business Event Invitations – PSD, AI, EPS

Formal business events are held when a company has a special occasion to celebrate and share with employees and guests. When a long guest list is expected in these types of occasion, inviting people to the event can be a hefty job even for just one person to handle.

To assist you in this endeavor, we have collected a ton of Business Invitation Templates that are sure to create invitations that are hard for guests to resist. To top that all off, all our templates are easy to customize and is easy to send out through e-mail or hand delivery. Plus, they are all free.

Business Cocktail Event Invitation



Formal Business Event Invitation



Business Seminar Event Invitation



Business Lunch Event Invitation



Different Types of Business Invitation Templates

For Invitation Templates with a formal design, we have got you covered with our collection below:

  • Formal Business Event Invitation. Formal business events require preparations that are more meticulous, including the invitations given to guests. Our templates have a formal design and will give the guests the feel and mood that the party is about to have and thee corresponding dress code and etiquette that the party will require.
  • Business Cocktail Event Invitation. A business cocktail event is less prim than a formal business dinner. Cocktails and drinks are served instead of a multicourse meal with a proper table setting, giving guests more opportunities to get to socialize and network. Our invitation template will definitely fit the bill if you are planning to throw a party of this kind.
  • Invitation E-mail for Business Event. Personally handing over an invitation may sometimes not be possible for countless reasons, so corporations opt for e-mail invitations instead. Our formal event invitations come in a PDF format so that it is easy for you to share through e-mail and even post on social media to reach your guests, without compromising our promised formal design.

Anniversary Business Event Invitation



Business Conference Event Invitation



Business Holiday Event Invitation


Business Christmas Event Invitation



Business Social Event Invitation



Invitation E-mail for Business Event



More Formal Event Invitation Templates

Companies throw formal events to impart a sophisticated and still professional mood even beyond the confines of an office. For events of this type, we have more invitation templates that are well designed and free to use. We even have E-mail Invitation Templates if you wish to send your invitations through email.

  • Business Seminar Event Invitation. A business seminar is an event where employees converge to witness formal presentations by a subject expert (sometimes several subject experts) that are beneficial for the company to improve. These events often require a certain degree of formality and our templates are sure to convey that with your invitees.
  • Business Lunch Event Invitation. A business lunch is a midday meal wherein executives and sometimes clients discuss business matters and most often is held in a restaurant. It is best to invite the people needed in a meeting with our invitation template to ensure that they get to the business lunch on time and be informed of the location.
  • Anniversary Business Event Invitation. To celebrate a company’s milestone, like celebrating another year of service, a formal anniversary event is sure to be held. Formal events like this is best for our invitation template, especially if you are inviting a huge amount of people to join the celebration.

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