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There are many things that employees need to talk about and meet for which may not be done in the work environment as they are busy doing their specific and individual tasks. Also, schedules of people who are supposed to meet may not match depending on the processes that they are tasked to do in the company.

These are the primary reasons why there is a need for a business lunch especially if the topic will only require a short period of time to be discussed. When planning for a business lunch, you need to prepare for a business lunch invitation. We can provide you with a business lunch invitation template and Business Invitation Templates as well.

Free Formal Lunch Invitation Template


Free Simple Lunch Invitation Template


Free Lunch Invitation Template


Business Christmas Lunch Invitation



Business Holiday Lunch Invitation



Sample Business Lunch Invitation



Business Holiday Lunch Invitation

If the parties that are needed to have a meeting cannot truly meet during work days, a business lunch may also be done during the holidays. It is important to have a business holiday lunch invitation for the following reasons:

  • If you are to invite someone for a business lunch during the holidays, it is a way of showing respect to his or her schedule to ask first if he or she is available for the business lunch.
  • People may have already planned their activities for the holidays, which is the reason why you need to assure that they are available for a lunch meeting so that you can already reserve the date where you are to meet to talk about business processes.

Advantages of Having a Business Lunch

Here are a few items that may be considered as advantages in having a business lunch:

  • It allows the people involved to talk about a specific business matter while waiting for their food and while eating, which means that they are very efficient in spending their time.
  • They can go back to their work processes after lunch and there are no time that has been deducted for their personal working needs.
  • It is easier to talk about certain business matters in a more relaxed setting, which can cause the flow and exchange of ideas to be smoother.

Other than our business lunch invitation samples, you may also download our Dinner Invitation Templates.

Business Lunch Thank You Invitation



Business Team Lunch Invitation



Business BBQ Lunch Invitation



Formal Business Lunch Invitation


The Kind of Business Lunch

If you are to invite someone over lunch to talk about business, you need to assure that you are clear with the following items:

  • You need to tell him or her about the food that you are to eat as some people may not like specific kinds of food or they are allergic to some food items.
  • The location of the business lunch is also important as it cannot be too far from the office, and it should cater to the exchange of information, which means that you need to select a restaurant that is conducive for communication.
  • You need to let the person you are to have a meeting with know whether it is just an exchange of ideas and thought or if there are specific documents that he or she needs to bring.

The Design of the Business Lunch Invitation

In creating a design for a business lunch invitation, here are a few things that you may consider:

  • Make it simple and formal.
  • Assure that the information are properly written and that the design does not overpower the information.
  • Make the design suit the purpose of the business lunch.
  • Make sure that the details of your invitation are precise and accurate.

If you are to invite someone for a purpose other than a business lunch, you can actually download our Invitation Templates and select which of them is appropriate for the invitation that you want to create.

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