15+ Ceremony Invitation Design Templates – PSD, AI

We have all attended at least one special ceremony. Ceremonies do not happen often. They are special occasions in which people gather around for a certain person or event. There are numerous kinds of celebrations each with its own purpose. If you are looking to find ceremony invitation templates to download and customize, we have it all here!

Take a look through our list and download away. We offer all types of occasions with fun and creative designs. But if you are looking to find better invitation samples, we also have many more invitation templates here on our website.

Annual Award Ceremony Invitation Template


Born Naming Ceremony Invitation Template


Death Ceremony Invitation Template


Free Creative Naming Invitation Template


Free Download

Funeral Ceremony Invitation Template


Free Download

Wedding Ceremony Invitation Template



Opening Ceremony Invitation Template



Promotion Ceremony Invitation Template


Funeral Ceremony Invitation Template



Retirement Ceremony Invitation Template



Ceremony Invitation Card Template



Which Invitation to Match The Occasion

  • Wedding Ceremony Invitation Template. Weddings are a celebration to behold. Even before the matrimony begins, we have already experienced the progress of love between the couple. This alone is a magical experience. When they both decide to tie the knot and to spend the rest of their lives together, how can we not celebrate? Two people coming together in love and peace is perfect when they share it with the ones they love.
  • Opening Ceremony Invitation Template. There is a saying that we can accomplish anything if we put our minds into it. With this invitation template, this is all about that special moment. Opening a store or business is a huge accomplishment, and what better way to get started than to invite people all around and your loved ones.
  • Promotion Ceremony Invitation Template. Working hard is not something everyone can easily do. It takes commitment and discipline to achieve something better. When working beyond your limits, every effort will eventually gets paid off. This is what promotions are all about—to celebrate the effort and hard work a person has contributed.
  • Funeral Ceremony Invitation Template. The passing of a loved one can be hard to deal with. But reuniting to send them off is something we all can wish for them one last time—to remember them always.
  • Retirement Ceremony Invitation Template. After years of service and working, a retirement is ideal for those who have aged and can finally kick back and relax. Before packing your bags for the beach, we must all celebrate the achievements of those long years.

For baby-related invitations, you can check out these naming ceremony invitation templates and many more on our archives.

Award Ceremony Invitation Template



Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template



Housewarming Ceremony Invitation Template



Naming Ceremony Invitation Template



Cradle Ceremony Invitation Template


  • Free Ceremony Invitation Template. Here are some invitations you can download without any fees.
  • Award Ceremony Invitation Template. These are great for award ceremonies in which people are chosen to receive distinctions on their contributions.
  • Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template. Graduating is no easy fleet. It takes years of dedication to achieve the next step of your dreams. It is a celebration to congratulate!
  • Housewarming Ceremony Invitation Template. Owning a house is something people have worked long and hard for. It is a symbol of stability and perseverance.
  • Naming Ceremony Invitation Template. Naming a child is a special occasion. Having just been born into this world is a once in a lifetime event and a blessing. They will hold on to that name all their lives.
  • Cradle Ceremony Invitation Template. Cradle ceremonies have a religious or cultural significance. This is usually done to bless the child and the home.

For more award-related invitations, you can check our list of award invitation templates that we offer on our website.

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