9+ Cocktail Party Invitations

A cocktail party is a great way to entertain as it accommodates any kind of guest list. From neighbors to business associates and to friends, such variety can go well with this sort of party. Depending on what crowd you are entertaining, you have to tailor your Party Invitation Template accordingly.

Every party needs an eye-catching invitation card, making it just as essential as your overall party. Through invitations, you are able to communicate important details about the event, allowing your guests to attend conveniently. This article discusses tips and provides samples for you to download for free and use as a reference material, and they are available in PSD, EPS, or AI format.

Holiday Cocktail Party Invitation

Holiday Cocktail Party InvitationDownload

Wedding Cocktail Party Invitation

Wedding Cocktail Party InvitationDownload

Corporate Cocktail Party Invitation

Corporate Cocktail Party InvitationDownload

Cocktail Dinner Party Invitation

Cocktail Dinner Party InvitationDownload

What Is a Cocktail Party?

In a most direct explanation, a cocktail party is an event where cocktails are served and is sometimes called a cocktail reception, while a cocktail party organized for purposes of social or business networking is called a mixer.

Cocktail parties are not just a means of networking for businesses and social purposes as they are also organized as prewedding receptions in which the guests of the bride and groom are able to socialize while drinking and eating appetizers. In hospitality, managers of hotels and restaurants uses the term cocktail hour as a way to attracting patrons between certain hours of the day; most of the time, it is during the hours 4:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m.

Organizing Your Cocktail Party

For events organizer or someone throwig a special cocktail party for a certain crowd, the biggest problem is how to make it a big hit. Throwing a cocktail party worth remembering is not as hard as it may seem. Here are a few tips you should consider when planning for one:

  • Date, time, and place. It is crucial that you hold your event at a day and time where there would be more people available to attend and a place where it is most convenient for the majority of your guests.
  • Theme. Cocktail parties can have different themes, depending on your purpose, making sure you are able to tailor your invitationss as well. For example, if you are organizing a cocktail party for a respected retiring general manager, your invitation’s theme should be something like Farewell Party Invitation, or if your party is to honor the long years of your company’s establishment, then your invitation should be something like an Anniversary Party Invitation.
  • F&B. Food and beverage is one of the highlights of a cocktail party, and having great food and variety of cocktail drinks can make or break your social gathering. It is of importance that you plan every nook of your planned menu as this will also allow you to cut costs on extra expenditures.
  • Complimentary. Offering complimentary drinks such as coffee at the end of the party can help your guests into relaxing from the buzz of wine and dining, but do remember that it does not help in getting sober. Providing complimentary gifts that your guests can keep as a token allows your guests to have an even more special night.

Cocktail Engagement Party Invitation

Cocktail Engagement Party InvitationDownload

Business Cocktail Party Invitation

Business Cocktail Party InvitationDownload

Surprise Cocktail Party Invitation

Surprise Cocktail Party InvitationDownload

The Importance of Your Invitation

As you establish your party’s theme, an invitation becomes a key in making your cocktail an even more eventful time as it is the tool you use to lure and assure your guests’ presence. And every party’s success depends on your guests arriving and enjoying your company. We have samples of cocktail invitation cards if you need a reference material, and you should also check out our Potluck Party Invitation for other various party samples too.

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