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How can you make an event surprising? By making use of some confetti, of course. This is also something that you can use if you want your presentation to end with a “blast” or with “flying colors”. The addition of confetti on something may not be much, but it definitely helps in making something more exciting. You may also see birthday party invitation designs.

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The use of confetti goes beyond that of little cut-outs of colored paper that are being thrown into the air. They can also be applied to designs, illustrations of confetti, at least. Just as actual confetti helps in making a surprise “even more surprising” or a show worth tuning in until the very end, confetti on designs also help to enhance the appearance, making it look livelier and more appealing. You may also see birthday party invitations.

If you are looking for invitations that include confetti elements on the design, then you, my friend, have found the jackpot. Below are a collection of confetti invitation design templates made for various purposes, and these templates were gathered here for your convenience. If you want to check them out yourself, don’t hesitate to scroll down.

The throwing of confetti right after the wedding ceremony—just as the newlyweds are about to leave the ceremony venue—is a very common tradition, some cultures would even throw rice grains or flower petals instead of the regular confetti cut-outs. This tradition is said to bring prosperity and fertility to the newlyweds. As you can see from the design above, the borders are made up of colorful confetti illustrations which also help in enhancing the look of romantic wedding invitation template.

Ribbon Cutting Confetti Invitation Template

ribbon cutting confetti invitation template 788x963

Ribbon cutting ceremonies are commonly held when an industry is about to be started, and it usually involves the use of confetti just as the ribbon is cut, signaling that they are officially in business. To further make the celebration more meaningful, the use of confetti is usually involved, some would even make use of party poppers. Check out the grand opening invitation design above, the most prominent elements include balloons and confetti, which makes the template more colorful considering the solid white background.

Colorful Party Confetti Invitation Template

colorful party confetti invitation template 788x650

Just as the previous template contained various-colored confetti elements over a white background, the same goes with the party invitation template seen above. What’s great about this template is that it can be used for different types of parties—both formal and casual. You may also want to read about the proper ways of writing a formal invitation.

Retro Birthday Confetti Invitation Template

retro birthday confetti invitation template 788x993

If you enjoy looking at illustrations on comic books and cartoons, then you may probably enjoy the birthday invitation template above. This template makes use of various vibrant colors for its elements, which include a birthday cake, a pair of gifts, and a pair of party hats. And, to make this template fit the theme of this article, the design above also contains confetti in different colors, which further adds to the colorfulness of this invitation template.

Minimalist Birthday Confetti Invitation Template

minimalist birthday confetti invitation template 788x737

If you’d rather have something not too fancy or something that’s easy on the eyes, then you’d probably like the birthday party invitation template above. As you may notice, this template only includes the actual invitation message, the relevant details of the birthday party, and a few dots that are made to resemble confetti cut-outs.

Golden Wedding Confetti Invitation Template

golden wedding confetti invitation template 788x740

If you want people to come to your event—particularly, your wedding—then it would be best to make it convenient for them. The template above may be able to provide your invitees with the convenience that they need. This bundle is more than just for making an event invitation, but it also includes a template for making a reception card and an directions card to guide the guest on how to find the venue.

Bridal Shower Confetti Invitation Template

bridal shower confetti invitation template 788x882

If you’re planning on throwing a bridal shower party for someone who is about to get married, then you may want to make use of the bridal shower invitation template above. If you look closely at the design above, the confetti elements are in the shape of heart symbols. The choice of using heart-shaped confetti seems appropriate considering that bridal showers are held to celebrate a woman’s last few days as being single, and it is usually followed by the wedding day.

Vintage Birthday Confetti Invitation Template

vintage birthday confetti invitation template 788x767

Maximize the space provided on your design while keeping the content relevant for the invitee with the vintage-themed birthday invitation template above. The upper half of the design simply consists the confetti elements while the lower half is where the relevant details regarding the event are being listed down. And to make the content easier to read by the invitee, each information is divided into different sections by using dividers of varying thickness and style.

Vintage Bridal Shower Confetti Invitation Template

vintage bridal shower confetti invitation template 788x790

Make the most out of your baby showers by using this golden glittery invitation template. Make it as special as you can for the baby that’s about to be introduced to the world. The baby shower invitation template above does just that with its use of an elegant typography and some glitter or confetti elements around every corner of the design.

Save the Date Confetti Invitation Template

save the date confetti invitation template 788x788

Above is a minimalist wedding invitation template that you would love to use if you prefer something that is not too fancy, but will still make your invitees go “wow”. The simplicity of this template not only lies in the use of a lot of white space, but also on the single-colored confetti. For the design above, the color used for the confetti is red, though you may be able to change it depending on your motif or you can use any color of your own choice. But aside from the attractiveness of the design, the content must always be relevant, and we have tips for you on how to write a great invitation.

Cartoon Animals Birthday Confetti Invitation Template

cartoon animals birthday confetti invitation template 788x665

Check out the adorable girl birthday invitation template above, which contains cute illustrations of cartoon animals at the side, piled up on top of each other. As you can see from the image above, the pile up consists of a dog at the bottom, a koala in the middle, and a hedgehog at the top, and this hedgehog is also responsible in the throwing of the confetti.

Bundled Wedding Confetti Invitation Template

bundled wedding confetti invitation template 788x918

If you want to save yourself all the time and effort in having to find multiple templates that are able to work well together, then you might as well use a template that has already been bundled for your convenience, such as the one used above. This set of confetti wedding templates already includes the invitation card, the RSVP card, the menu card, the thank you card, and a few more.

Floral Wedding Confetti Invitation Template

floral wedding confetti invitation template 788x980

Whether you are looking for a floral wedding invitation template that contains gold elements or flower illustrations, we have got it right here. These are two things that are commonly seen during weddings, the throwing of confetti at the end of the ceremony, and the tossing of the flower bouquet during the wedding reception. If you want either or both of those in one design, then you may want to check out the wedding invitation template above.

The use of confetti and party poppers is usually involved during surprises, and it helps add to the shock value when it goes off. The template above effectively illustrates that, showing an abstract of colorful confetti scattered all over the design, and a text that states that this is indeed a surprise birthday party. This template doesn’t need further explanation, since it already indicates the relevant information regarding the party.

So, what did you think of our collection of confetti invitations? Were you able to set your sights on at east one template that works for you as well as the event that you are planning? We are pretty sure that you noticed how captivating the designs on our templates are and that is because they were designed by actual professional graphic artists who are highly imaginative. You may also see beautiful invitation card designs.

If you’re concerned whether or not these templates allow you to edit them, you may. In fact, you may even be able to isolate each element and edit them individually, all while keeping the quality of the design at its best. Probably the only catch with regards to the editability is that you will need to to have the appropriate editing tool for it—which means Photoshop goes with PSD file and Illustrator for vector and AI files. You may also see free invitation templates.

Lastly, if you are worried with regards to how much you will need to spend to be able to download these templates, worry no more. We assure everyone the convenience and the accessibility of these invitation templates with their reasonable price and the straightforward download process. You don’t need to go anywhere else for outstanding confetti invitation templates, because we already have them here for you. If you already know how to design party invitations, then start downloading a template now.

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