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A corporate invitation is sent out by companies and business entities to let people know that they are invited for a specific function that the company hosts. There are a lot of activities that a company may have which lets them invite people from different sectors and walks of life, especially those who are related to the nature of their business processes.

Commonly, stakeholders gather together in the events of the company as it may be used for leisure and business purposes. If you want to create invitations for corporate events, you may use our corporate invitation templates as references. We also have other invitation templates available for download.

Corporate Dinner Invitation


Corporate Retirement Party Invitation Template


Corporate Breakfast Invitation to Edit


Free Corporate Bowling Invitation


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Corporate Event Invitation Template


Corporate Business Invitation Template



Formal Corporate Invitation Template



Sample Corporate Invitation Template



Corporate Event Invitation Template



Corporate Party Invitation Template



Free Corporate Invitation Template



Corporate Invitation for a Product Launch

A product launch is a company’s way to provide information about the new offerings that they can give to their clients and consumers. Corporate invitation for a product launch may be sent to the following entities:

  • People who have great influences in the field where the business is currently at are usually invited as they can serve as the channel for more people to know about the new product of the company.
  • Marketing professionals, columnists, writers, and media practitioners are also invited in product launches as their write-ups and coverage of the event can help in the marketing processes for the new product.
  • Product launches may also be for the target market of the company or the people who are interested to use the product based on their lifestyle and their relation to the product line.

Corporate Invitation for Special Events

There are a lot of special events that a company may hold. A few of these are as follows:

  • Corporate invitations for special events may be sent out by companies to their stakeholders to celebrate holidays and other national celebrations.
  • Companies may also send out corporate invitations for their anniversary celebrations and other dates that is for the celebration of the milestones that they have achieved.
  • Specific corporate invitations may also be for the consumers to purchase the company’s product or service offerings in a discounted rate.

Other than our corporate invitation templates, we can also provide you with samples of business invitation templates.

Corporate Dinner Invitation Template



Corporate Lunch Invitation Template



Corporate Invitation Card Template



Corporate BBQ Invitation Template



Corporate Invitation Email Template



Corporate Luncheon Invitation

A luncheon is usually done by companies for the following purposes:

  • They may welcome a special person in the premises of the business which include ambassadors, celebrities, and people who can promote the offerings of the business.
  • Corporate invitations may also be sent out by companies for a luncheon meeting with the stakeholders of the company, especially if there are specific business agendas that are needed to be done.

Aside from luncheons, dinner programs may also be the purpose of corporate invitations.

Guidelines in Creating a Corporate Invitation

If you are designing a corporate invitation for the events to be hosted by the company, here are a few items that you may consider:

  • Assure that all the items in the corporate invitation are accurate and properly written.
  • Make sure to include the purpose of the corporate invitation and all the information that are needed to be known by the people who are invited in the corporate gathering.
  • Create a design and a layout that is appropriate for the corporate event to be held.
  • Make the design of the corporate invitation simple, appealing, and professional.

Other than our corporate invitation templates, you may also browse through our downloadable meeting invitation templates.

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