11+ Corporate Invitation Templates

Corporate events are attended by businesses whose expertise are focused in providing quality services and products for a specific professional field or industry. Moreover, clients and consumers also go to these events to see updates about the offerings of different companies. Corporate invitations shall be sent out to the people to whom the event is for so that they will be aware of the corporate event and its details.

We can provide you with samples of corporate invitation templates, which you may use as references in creating this kind of invitation. Other than that, we also have other downloadable invitation templates usable for other functions and events.

Corporate Breakfast Invitation Template


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Free Sample Corporate Bowling Invitation Template


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Sample Corporate Event Invitation Template


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Formal Corporate Invitation Template



Sample Corporate Invitation Template



Corporate Event Invitation Template



Corporate Party Invitation Template



Trade Show Invitations

A trade show is a corporate event that creates awareness about different products and services that people may purchase. It also provides a platform for companies to showcase their brand to their target market and new client bases. This is the reason why invitations are sent out to the people who the company thinks will be interested to go to the trade show or those who can provide their help to spread information about the trade show that will happen.

A company may either join or host a trade show for the following purposes:

  • Trade shows provide market lead generation. It is only a few times in a year that consumers go to an event to check out the products and services that are being offered by different companies or the new products of a specific business.
  • Companies also join trade shows so that they can observe the marketing and advertising activities done by their competitors for this specific purpose. Since invites will be given out, this will help the company stand out by having guests who are movers and shakers in the industry where the trade show’s focus is.
  • Businesses also needs to assure that their corporate image is being perceived properly by the people and that their offerings are known by the market that they want to penetrate. This serves as a guideline in creating the design of the invitation that a company will use for a specific trade event.

Aside from our corporate event invitation templates, you may also download our business invitation templates.

Corporate Lunch Invitation Template



Corporate Invitation Template Vector



Corporate BBQ Invitation Template



Corporate Invitation Card Template



Conferences and Seminars

Corporate event invitations can be used for conferences and seminars hosted and organized by a particular company. The goal of a conference and/or seminar invitation is to provide information about the event to the target audience and attendees of a specific function.

Here are a few guidelines that you may follow in creating a corporate event invitation used for this specific purpose:

  • Assure that the expected time duration of the conference or seminar will be stated. Especially in the corporate world, people value their time so much so you need to let them know the starting and ending time of the event as well as how long will it take for an entire seminar to finish.
  • List down all the speakers in the invitation. It is very essential for the invited guests to know who will they listen to as they go to this kind of functions to learn something that will be beneficial to their work processes.
  • Make sure that all the details written in the invitation are accurate and professionally relayed.

Other than our corporate invitation templates, you may also download our formal invitation templates for additional references.

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