7+ Corporate Party Invitation Templates – PSD, AI

Corporate parties are the events that are hosted by a company for its stakeholders. There are different kinds of corporate parties attended by the company’s employees, clients, business partners, prospective market, and other groups of people depending on the purpose of the event.

If you want to create a corporate party invitation for your company’s party, you may download our templates that are made for this specific function. Other than that, our downloadable Invitation Template samples may also help you in creating other invitations for various events and programs that you are tasked to do.

Corporate Retirement Party Invitation Template


 Corporate Cocktail Party Invitation

Corporate Cocktail Party InvitationDownload

Corporate Dinner Party Invitation

Corporate Dinner Party InvitationDownload

Corporate Anniversary Party Invitation Template


Corporate Holiday Party

A corporate holiday party is done by companies and businesses to provide leisure to their employees. Sometimes, an entire team may get to enjoy this event. Also, it can serve as a reward for people who have excelled in their work processes, providing benefits and advantages to the company. A corporate holiday party invitation includes the following details:

  • The holiday to be celebrated during the party.
  • The purpose and reason of the holiday party.
  • The program of the holiday party.
  • The people who are invited to a holiday party.
  • The date, time and location where the party will be held.

Corporate Dinner Party

A corporate dinner party is held for the following purposes:

  • It can be a business dinner where team members talk about a specific business topic while enjoying a dinner party. If you will host this kind of dinner party, make sure that the employees are aware that there is a business to be done while at the dinner party so they can prepare the things that they need to present or they will be knowledgeable of what the discussion will be about.
  • Corporate dinner parties may also serve as a venue for celebrating a particular achievement of the business, announcement of promotions, and celebrating special events where the team members are involved.
  • Corporate dinner parties may be for the celebration of individual milestones and occasions like birthdays, work anniversaries, and other achievements that a team member is celebrating and he or she wants his or her coemployees to celebrate with him or her.

In creating a corporate dinner party invitation, make sure that you include the purpose of the dinner which may be any of the abovementioned items. Aside from our corporate party invitation, you may also be interested to download our Party Invitation Template and Formal Invitation Template samples.

Corporate Farewell Party Invitation

Corporate Farewell Party InvitationDownload

Corporate Bowling Party Invitation Template

Corporate Bowling Party InvitationDownload

Corporate Birthday Party Invitation

Corporate Birthday Party InvitationDownload

Corporate Lunch Party Invitation Template

Corporate Lunch Party InvitationDownload

Corporate Farewell Party

A corporate farewell party is being hosted to bid goodbye to an employee who is set to leave the company for personal or professional reasons. Corporate farewell party invitations include the following information:

  • The name of the person who is resigning from his or her post
  • The job position of the employee and the department where he or she is assigned
  • The effective date of the employee’s resignation
  • The time, date, and location of the farewell party

Other than corporate party invitations, we can also provide you with conference invitation samples. If you want to learn about the layouts, content, and design structures of different conference invitations, you may browse through our downloadable Conference Invitation Template samples for references.

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