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7+ Cradle Ceremony Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

Welcoming a new member of the family is a special occasion that needs to be celebrated privately just the members of the family or together with the special people in your life like your family and close friends. If you are looking for templates for the cradle ceremony invitation, then you have come to the right place. We have curated a list of templates with an array of beautiful designs for the cradle ceremony invitation for your child. Check them out!

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Free Simple Cradle Ceremony Invitation Template

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Jewish Cradle Ceremony Invitation Template

What Is a Cradle Ceremony?

The cradle ceremony, or commonly known as the naming ceremony invitation, is an event that gives a child his/her name. This is an alternative to christening or baptism of religious groups, especially for those who don’t belong to any religion and would still want to officially bestow a name upon themselves or for someone else.

Navy Watercolor Poppies Cradle Ceremony Invitation Template

Why Have a Cradle Ceremony?

Everybody deserves to have a name and not just an endearment of some sort. For a parent, it’s important that their child is given a name and be officially acknowledged. A cradle ceremony entails your child’s future development, welfare, and happiness. It is also done for you to affirm that you will do your best to be the best parent as you can. There are no standard rules to follow for this ceremony, so you can create your own structure for it if you like. you may also see Invitation Templates.

A cradle ceremony invitation can be for anyone, even for yourself. For an adopted child, it’s a great way of saying that you, as their parent, welcome them in your life with a warm embrace. This is important as you are just starting to bind the family together and it makes your child feel more like they are part of a family now. Also, being reborn as a new person by being bestowed with a new name is a refreshing feeling that could help your child see things into new perspective and start being hopeful for great tomorrows.

If you and your partner belong to different religious groups or if you are unmarried, holding a cradle ceremony invitation card for your child would be a heartfelt gesture for your child and for your family. It means that you are serious about making your child a part of the family despite having different religions or having none at all.

What Is the Format for the Cradle Ceremony?

Since a cradle ceremony invitation format is based on your personal choice, you can have any format you want for it. Structure the event as to how it suits you best. But in case you need a guide to create one for your own, you can refer to the format below.

1. Opening Reading

Since this does not involve any religion, the parent may read something from a book, a poem, a prose, or even one that you have written yourself. As the parent, the content will depend on how you want it to be. It would be best to read something that will show your love and affection towards your child and how grateful you are that he/she came into your life. This will set the tone for the whole event, so pour your heart out on this one. you may also see sample invitation.

2. Formal Naming & Parents’ Affirmation

After the opening reading follows the formal naming invitation of your child and declarations or promises from the parents. A lot of parents also make an affirmation to each other (or for yourself if you are a single parent) to always put your child’s welfare as the topmost priority and act in the best interest of the child. And, to end the affirmation, you might want to address the gathering, saying how much influence the child has rubbed on you and how it has changed your life. This is an important part not only for you but also for the child especially if the child is adopted or is conceived in special circumstances.

3. Supporting Adults

Once the affirmation is done, the introduction of the ‘supporting adults’ follows shortly after. These people can be your closest of friends and family members who have agreed to as the non-religions equivalent of godparents or guardians. This is an important part of the ceremony as you acknowledge their commitment to become part of your child’s life and to also support you in raising your child. The grandparents are often recognized at this part of the ceremony. you may also see Formal Invitation Templates.

4. Closing Ceremony

You can choose however you want the ceremony to end. You can either end it with another reading by yourself or the celebrant then followed by a toast or any significant action such as burying a time-capsule to make you remember this special moment as you dig it out years later. you may also see Invitation Formats.

Why Should You Make a Cradle Ceremony Invitation Card?

A cradle ceremony is an important celebration for both you and your child as you welcome him/her in your family. To make this moment more special, share it with your family and friends and let them witness this occasion. You can send them a text, an email, or a message on their social media sites to let them know about the event. But, if you want this ceremony to be really special, you should send out an invitation card. Not convinced? Read some of the reasons why should send out a physical invitation.

1. They are informative

The invitation would be useless with just the design in it. For the content of the invitation, you should include all the necessary details such as the time and date of the event, the location of the venue, and a dress code if you require your guests to wear one. This is a crucial part of the invitation that should be set in stone before you send the invitations out. Your guests will be clearing their schedules to make time for the event, so make it worth their time. you may also see Schedule Templates.

2. They make the guests feel valued

We all have received an invitation at least once in our life. The feeling of gratitude for being invited is always exhilarating. As the recipient of the invitation, it makes you think that you are important enough to be invited to witness this special moment in someone’s life. The cradle ceremony invitation template is one of the most important events of a parent’s and child’s life, so being a part of it doubles the feeling of being happy for the parents and for the child.

3. They set the tone for the event

An invitation sets the mood for the event. When one receives an invitation, they would get an idea as to what the event is about and how things are going to be in the event invitation. Also, as the host, if you have a specific theme set for the event, the guests will then have an idea about the theme and would possibly even dress that’s appropriate for the theme if you haven’t set a dress code for it.

4. They create anticipation

Once the guests receive the invitation, they would start looking at their schedule if they are clear for the date and time of the event. If they are, they will start to think about the outfit they are going to wear for the event or what present they are going to bring for the child and even for the parent. This anticipation creates a hype that will only escalate until the day of the event arrives.

5. They are memorable

An invitation isn’t just a messenger for the detials about the event invitation. After the cradle ceremony, the invitation can be kept as a memorabilia for this special occasion. If you are fond of collecting tangible items to make you remember about the event, then you can definitely keep the cradle ceremony invitation if you want to. You can look back at the memories one day as you hold this invitation at one cozy afternoon.

6. You get to let out your creative side

Making an invitation requires creativity and if you like to personally handle the creation of the invitation, then it’s time to wake up your artistic side and let it loose. you may also see invitation card.

Pink and Gold Cradle Ceremony Invitation Template

Who Takes the Cradle Ceremony?

You can choose anyone to lead the naming ceremony. It can either be your grandparent, close family member or friend, or even yourself! As an alternative, you can invite a professional celebrant to lead the ceremony. Regardless of who you choose, their primary role is to ensure that the ceremony runs smoothly and that you have a special and unforgettable day. Having someone to lead the proceedings of the ceremony will help lighten the workload and allow you to enjoy the ceremony.

Painted Floral Cradle Ceremony Invitation Template

Simple Cradle Ceremony Invitation Template

Watercolor Floral Cradle Ceremony Invitation Template

Have you Found the Right Design?

Choosing a design for the invitation isn’t as simple as it sounds. You have to consider the theme of the event (if you have one) so the invitation design would match with it. But even if the design doesn’t match or isn’t as glamorous as the others, what’s important is that you can give out invitation template to special people in your lives to share this important event with them. Congratulations on having a new member of the family!

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