7+ Formal E-mail Invitation Templates

With the accessibility of the email to easily (and affordably) communicate with people you are not immediately surrounded with, inviting people to an event is easily done through this medium. E-mailing people is also the fastest way to communicate, making it the most popular choice compared to personally delivering messages and snail mail.

When you are throwing an event and are thinking of inviting a considerable amount of people fast and effectively, then e-mail invitations are the best way to go. Our e-mail invitation templates come in a variety of designs to fit every type pf party and they are free!

Formal Wedding E-mail Invitation Template



Formal Event E-mail Invitation Template



Formal Business E-mail Invitation Template



Formal E-mail Invitation Template for Party



Formal Dinner E-mail Invitation Template



Different Types of E-mail Invitation Templates

Our e-mail invitations do not sacrifice design and is very easy for your guests to spot in their inbox. Plus our templates cater to every type of party. Feel fee to scroll down to see the templates we have in store for you:

  • Formal Wedding Email Invitation Template. E-mail wedding invitations are not only limited for use to tech-savvy couples, it has gained popularity due to its efficiency in inviting guests especially those who live a considerable distance from the wedding venue. This template has a formal design fit for weddings, just like our other options in the formal invitation templates page.
  • Formal E-mail Invitation Template for Party. If you are hosting a kid or adult birthday party or any sort of party really, this template will work just as well with the versatility of its design. Customize the template furthermore by adding your own images and texts for an e-mail invitation that your guests will be delighted to receive.
  • Formal Dinner Email Invitation Template. For formal dinners whether corporate or social, this e-mail invitation template will ensure to inform your guests about the party. E-mail invitations stop from being informal with our highly designed formal dinner template.

Formal E-mail Invitation Template for Lunch



Formal E-mail Accepting Invitation



Formal E-mail Interview Invitation



More E-mail Invitation Templates

We offer more e-mail invitation templates here, from lunch get-togethers to e-mail interviews. Check them out below:

  • Formal E-mail Invitation Template for Lunch. Lunch gatherings for either business meetings or just for a small party can use an e-mail invitation template like this one. Formal lunch events require invitations that match the atmosphere too and will inform guests about where the party will be held and at what time.
  • Formal E-mail Accepting Invitation. It is common etiquette to respond upon receiving a formal invitation. If you are accepting the invitation and confirming your attendance to a party, then this template should be utilized by you. Corresponding to a formal invitation wit this template that is just as formal in design, your host will appreciate your effort of informing him or her and the overall style of your RSVP.
  • Formal E-mail Interview Invitation. When you are in the process of looking for the best person to fit a position in your company, then sending a formal e-mail informing them of their interview will do the job. This template conveys a formal corporate feel and is professionally worded to fit right in with the brand of the company.

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